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The Dark ForestThe most controversial book of 2017 ~ Carolyn Faulkner
Enjoy seven wicked tales from seven bestselling authors, each moredeliciously deviant than the last! This anthology breaks every rule andis extremely taboo. It is so dark that it's actually black, anddefinitely not for the faint of heart. This anthology is not yourtypical romance. You have been warned.

Nothing is as it seems inour dark and twisted fairyland. Princes are not charming and the path to happily ever after is paved with creative punishments and supplication. Do not fret for our fair maidens. These are still fairytales. Love will conquer all in the end.

A Beauty and the Beast tale by Zoe Blake
A cursed maiden, a prince in disguise, a savage hunger that would not bedenied. He will use her own wild nature to show her how beautifullyprimal love can be. Will Beatrice respond to his rough handling or deny them both their destiny?

A Sleeping Beauty story by Alta Hensley
The powerful Maleficent army is marching through the destroyed landcollecting all the young women to add to his collection of sleepingbeauties. Briar Rose has one choice. Submit or die. In a world cast inan apocalyptic nightmare, is it possible for one woman to find herhappily ever after?

A Cinderella tale by Tabitha Black
Trapped in a life of endless drudgery and servitude for her stepmother and
siblings, Ella has just one joy; her poster of the rock god Zainon Matthews. Shehas no idea how close she is to getting that wish... or the dark,sadistic desires Zainon will expose her to. As the saying goes: becareful what you wish for.

A Little Red Riding Hood story by Maggie Ryan
Regina Redd is a young professional woman during the week... and becomesLittle Red when with her Dom/daddy, Drake Wolffe. How will Master Wolffe guide his Little Red through this erotic, intimate journey to push herlimits, to learn she can soar so much higher than she ever dreamed?

A Goldilocks story by Maren Smith
She is an independent career woman with a penchant for the seamy undersideof life. Breaking into that house was every bit as easy as she'd beenled to believe. What it wasn't, was empty and shifters (particularlywere-bears) were not known to be forgiving. What she doesn't know iswhich might be worse: the inevitable pain as they work in tandem tobreak her down...or the incredible pleasure that pain brings.

A Rapunzel story by Jennifer Bene
Rebecca 'Rapunzel' Sinclair has spent her entire life in The Tower. But whileher father has kept her sheltered and safe, he has also made enemies,and when one of them takes her prisoner she is dropped into a nightmareof pain and pleasure. As her masked captor works to break her down willshe be able to face the darkness in her past, and the dangerous desiresshe's discovering inside herself?

An Alice in Wonderland tale by Addison Cain
When darkness falls, Alice hears the tick-tock of the grandfather clock, and the hosts of Wonderland come out to play. Of all who haunt Alice, onedevil's false friendship is far more insidious. The Hatter has all thepower, loves to twist and taunt, and is eager to draw sweet Alice into a never-ending nightmare of degradation and fun. Tea anyone?

*Publisher's Warning - This anthology is extremely dark, twisted, and will push your comfort level. There are taboo, and high kink level acts, graphic sex,anal play, menage, age play, and whatever else your darkest mind canthink of. Do not buy this book if you are expecting your typical heartsand flowers romance.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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January 2017 : USA Paperback

Title: The Dark Forest: A Collection of Erotic Fairytales
Author(s): Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley, Tabitha Black, Maren Smith, Addison Cain, Jennifer Bene
ISBN: 1-68259-986-8 / 978-1-68259-986-0 (USA edition)
Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Availability: Amazon   Amazon AU