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Buried Dreams

A novel by

Cerebral and bookish Caroline Cope is forbidden by her estimable father, America's foremost paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope, to join him at his dig site in Como Bluff in the spring of 1882. Young Caroline, however, longs to dig for giant fossils in the Wyoming wilderness. Aware of some of the dangers that await her, she embarks on a mission of masquerade and deceit determined to become a "true scientist" like her celebrated father. But Othniel Marsh, Edward's chief rival and ruthless competitor, has other plans.

Bart Longacre is a pariah from his old, established Philadelphia family because he's quested after knowledge for its own sake all of his life. He respects and admires Cope even though his family believes the mercurial paleontologist to be a madman. As with his mentor, the study of ancient giants that roamed the earth fascinates Bart '" but not nearly as much as the woman who risks so much in order to make her own discoveries. He undertakes the task of protecting the intrepid girl-woman who's claimed his heart, but he can't begin to guess the deadly extremes to which Marsh will go to keep the secrets of Como all to himself.

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