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Caryl Hart

Caryl is the author of The Princess and the Peas, illustrated by Sarah Warburton. Caryl is a full time childrens writer, who also runs creative workshops with local schools. Her first picture book, Dont Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate! won two regional awards, and was shortlisted for a third. She lives on the top of a windy hill in the Peak District with her guitar-playing husband, two cheeky daughters, one extremely fluffy black cat, a goldfish, four hens and she used to have an invisible dog called Paddy, but now she has a real one called Roo. As well as writing, Caryl loves walking in the hills, swimming, snuggling, baking, weeding, running, sleeping, chatting, watching talking cats on YouTube, sitting in cafes, and playing Top Cat on the piano. She hates getting up in the morning, brushing her childrens knotty hair and being cold. Her favourite places are the local library because its warm and full of books, and the Hide-and-Seek Field, because she can lie down in the long grass and nobody can see her.