Cathryn Hankla

   Phenomena (poems) (1983)
   Learning the Mother Tongue (1987)
   Afterimages (poems) (1991)
   Negative History (poems) (1997)
   Texas School Book Depository (poems) (2000)
   Poems for the Pardoned (poems) (2002)
   Emerald City Blues (poems) (2002)
   Last Exposures (poems) (2004)
   Fortune Teller Miracle Fish (2011)
   Great Bear (poems) (2016)
   Galaxies (poems) (2017)
Cathryn Hankla recommends
Horse (2018)
Talley English
"Talley English is a writer of power and perception. Horse is a word of one syllable like the titles of most chapters in this novel, which together compile a kind of lexicon of simplicity—a language of reference points for a girl who’s tuned in to baby goose and barn cat and dog—but, as Teagan says of her relationship with her parents, it’s ‘complicated,’ too. The language spoken between human and horse is English, better than semiotics, a way of reading signs so supple that after much training together, the horse can sense the command if the human merely thinks it. Into this landscape where boundaries erase, must, of course, come grief to make a way for us to bridge beyond. This is a nuanced portrayal of the world we might remember wandering once, a memoir of a novel that gives us a language for our grief over the world we miss, the one in which animals were our brothers and sisters, when the world was big enough to hold all of us at once."