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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Anna HackettNew Books62f,m,r,s
Margaret Peterson HaddixNew Books52f,s,t
David HairNew Books19f
Shannon HaleNew Books35f,r
Linsey HallNew Books33f,r
Craig HalloranNew Books79f
Barbara HamblyNew Books97f,h,m,r,s
Alwyn Hamilton3f
Laurell K HamiltonNew Books67f,h,s
Peter F HamiltonNew Books47f,s
Sharon HamiltonNew Books48f,m,r
Graham Hancock24f
Cynthia HandNew Books8f,r
Lori Handeland67f,r
M L N Hanover6f
Frances Hardinge8f,h
Deborah HarknessNew Books9f,h,r
Jennifer Harlow18f,m
Amy HarmonNew Books12f,r
Helen HarperNew Books37f
Karen HarperNew Books76f,m,r
Molly HarperNew Books27f,h,r
Charlaine HarrisNew Books92f,h,m,r,t
Joanne M HarrisNew Books5f
Harry Harrison120f,m,s
Kim Harrison38f,h
Thea HarrisonNew Books30f,r
Jennifer L HartNew Books25f,m
A J HartleyNew Books22f,s
Rachel HartmanNew Books3f
Alyxandra HarveyNew Books18f,h,r
Michele HaufNew Books114f,h,m,r
Sam HawkeNew Books1f
Simon Hawke67f,h,s
Karen HawkinsNew Books40f,r
Rachel HawkinsNew Books11f,r
Elizabeth Haydon15f
Lian Hearn17f
Kevin HearneNew Books25f,s
Felicity HeatonNew Books61f,r
Markus HeitzNew Books22f
Barb HendeeNew Books35f,h,m,r
Christina Henry11f,h,r
Vaughn HeppnerNew Books69f,s
Brian Herbert48f,s
James Herbert27f,h
Tracy Hickman101f,h,s
Rachel HigginsonNew Books55f,r
Charlie HigsonNew Books26f,h,s,t
Sandra HillNew Books61f,r
Will HillNew Books11f
Jim C HinesNew Books26f,s
Robin Hobb33f
Amanda HockingNew Books31f,h,m,r
Mark Hodder14f
P C Hodgell13f
Michelle HodkinNew Books6f
Paul Hoffman6f
Mitchell HoganNew Books8f
Nancy HolderNew Books118f,h,m,r,s,t
Robert Holdstock51f,m
Sara HollandNew Books2f
Jon HollinsNew Books3f
Chris Holm8f,t
Charlie N HolmbergNew Books9f
D K HolmbergNew Books83f
Tom Holt55f,s
Joan HolubNew Books65f,h
Nancy Holzner7f,h,m
Anthony HorowitzNew Books101f,m,t
Colleen HouckNew Books12f,r
Lucy Hounsom3f
A G HowardNew Books10f,r
Jonathan L Howard19f,h
Linda Howard118f,h,m,r,s,t
Michelle HowardNew Books23f,r,s
Robert E Howard142f,s
Hannah HowellNew Books69f,h,r
Sarah A HoytNew Books25f,s
L Ron HubbardNew Books149f,h,s
Tanya HuffNew Books54f,h,m,s
Douglas Hulick2f
M K HumeNew Books16f
C C HumphreysNew Books17f,m,t
Sara Humphreys18f,r
C C HunterNew Books24f,r
Elizabeth HunterNew Books33f,r
Erin HunterNew Books128f
Faith HunterNew Books41f,h,r
McKenzie HunterNew Books12f,r
Kameron HurleyNew Books17f,s
Charlie Huston14f
Elicia HyderNew Books13f,r

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