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 Horror authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Lia Habel3f,h,r
Nancy HaddockNew Books6h,m,r
Mary Downing HahnNew Books37h
Matt HaigNew Books21f,h
Jess HainesNew Books13f,h,r
Peter Haining230f,h,m,s
Wendy Haley8h
John Halkin9h
Connie Hall8f,h,m,r,t
Kathy Hall3h
Tate Hallaway10f,h,r
Barbara HamblyNew Books94f,h,m,r,s
Laurell K Hamilton64f,h,s
Andrew Hammond5h,t
Elizabeth HandNew Books32h,m,s
Stephen Hand8f,h
Vaughn C HardackerNew Books5h
Jude HardinNew Books30h,m,t
Ryan HardingNew Books6h
Traci HardingNew Books25f,h
Frances HardingeNew Books8f,h
Deborah HarknessNew Books10f,h,r
Dani Harper9h,r
Molly HarperNew Books25f,h,r
Steven Harper17f,h,s
Abaghoul Harris1h,r
Ashley Rae Harris9h
Charlaine HarrisNew Books87f,h,m,r,t
Thomas Harris9h
Kate HarrisonNew Books21h
Kim HarrisonNew Books38f,h
Lisi HarrisonNew Books38h,r
Joe HartNew Books18h,m
Alyxandra Harvey17f,h,r
Libby HathornNew Books53h
Gloria E Hatrick2h
Michele HaufNew Books104f,h,m,r
Rick HautalaNew Books43h,m
Candace HavensNew Books36f,h,r
Jason Hawes7h
Simon Hawke67f,h,s
Kerri Hawkins7f,h
Rich Hawkins13h
Erica Hayes14f,h
Griffin Hayes7h
Steve Hayes67h,m
James Haynes1h
Michelle Hazen8h,r
Maria Dahvana Headley11f,h,r,s
Karen Healey4f,h,t
Barb HendeeNew Books31f,h,m,r
J C Hendee17f,h
Alice Henderson9h
C J Henderson64f,h,m,s
Christina HenryNew Books10f,h,r
Mark Henry10f,h
James Herbert28f,h
Gail Herman57f,h
Thomas Olde Heuvelt2h
Laura Hickman11f,h
Tracy Hickman100f,h,s
Charlie Higson25h,s,t
Lynda Hilburn12f,h
Brighton Hill1h,r
Joe HillNew Books53h
Laban Carick Hill6h,t
Susan HillNew Books90h,m
Glen Hirshberg8h
Paul HoblinNew Books5h
Steve HockensmithNew Books23h,m
Amanda Hocking28f,h,m,r
Brian HodgeNew Books22h,s
Michael HodgesNew Books4h
Nina Kiriki Hoffman44f,h
Chuck Hogan13h,s
Diane Hoh62h,r
Nancy HolderNew Books112f,h,m,r,s,t
Belinda Hollyer9h
Jeannie Holmes2f,h,r,s
Simon Holt3h
Joan HolubNew Books62f,h
Nancy Holzner8f,h,m
Andrew Hook10h
Tobe Hooper1h
Kate Horsley2h,m
Gerard Daniel Houarner21h
David Houston11h
Jonathan L HowardNew Books19f,h
Linda HowardNew Books111f,h,m,r,s,t
Hannah HowellNew Books68f,h,r
Trevor Hoyle23h
L Ron HubbardNew Books147f,h,s
Kelly M HudsonNew Books7h
Tanya HuffNew Books52f,h,m,s
Kerrie L Hughes12f,h,r
Kerrie Hughes10f,h,r
Leo HuntNew Books4h
Faith HunterNew Books38f,h,r
Andrew Michael HurleyNew Books5h
Gregg HurwitzNew Books22h,m,t
Shona HuskNew Books29f,h,r,s
William Hussey7h
Barry HutchisonNew Books16h
Shaun Hutson68h
Clare HuttonNew Books3h

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