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 Romance authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Anna HackettNew Books58f,m,r,s
Nancy HaddockNew Books6h,m,r
Jean Hager59m,r
Carolyn HainesNew Books44m,r
Cathy Marie Hake64r
Kelly Eileen HakeNew Books38r
Deborah HaleNew Books42r
Jenny Hale10r
Shannon HaleNew Books40f,r
Linsey HallNew Books28f,r
Tate Hallaway10f,h,r
Karina HalleNew Books39r
Barbara HamblyNew Books97f,h,m,r,s
Sharon HamiltonNew Books51f,m,r
Jenny Han14r
Cynthia HandNew Books8f,r
Lori HandelandNew Books68f,r
Kristin HannahNew Books36r,t
Irene HannonNew Books65m,r
Cristin HarberNew Books29m,r
Beth HarbisonNew Books14r
Deborah HarknessNew Books9f,h,r
Melanie HarlowNew Books7r
Danelle HarmonNew Books21r
Karen HarperNew Books68f,m,r
Molly HarperNew Books27f,h,r
Anna HarringtonNew Books9r
Charlaine HarrisNew Books91f,h,m,r,t
Lisa HarrisNew Books40m,r,t
Lynn Raye HarrisNew Books81m,r
Rosie HarrisNew Books37r
Cora HarrisonNew Books58m,r
Lisi HarrisonNew Books38h,r
Sarah Harrison34m,r,t
Thea HarrisonNew Books29f,r
Cynthia Harrod-EaglesNew Books100m,r,t
Jillian Hart120r
Liliana HartNew Books32m,r
Lily Harper HartNew Books79m,r
Alyxandra HarveyNew Books18f,h,r
Robin Lee HatcherNew Books82r
Rachel HauckNew Books40r
Michele HaufNew Books115f,h,m,r
Alexandra Hawkins14r
Karen Hawkins39r
Rachel HawkinsNew Books11f,r
Felicity Hayes-McCoyNew Books11r
Elizabeth HayleyNew Books15r
Jennifer Haymore24r
Jennifer HaywardNew Books54r
Lorraine HeathNew Books53r
Virginia HeathNew Books19r
Felicity HeatonNew Books60f,r
Jody HedlundNew Books24r
Elizabeth HeiterNew Books21m,r
Kristen Heitzmann27m,r,t
Nicole HelmNew Books38m,r
Barb HendeeNew Books34f,h,m,r
Dee HendersonNew Books32m,r
Virginia Henley41r
Christina HenryNew Books11f,h,r
Patti Callahan Henry13r
Veronica HenryNew Books28r
Holly HepburnNew Books16r
Nancy HerknessNew Books13r
Ruth Logan HerneNew Books60r
Anne HerriesNew Books129r
Rachael HerronNew Books19r
Rita HerronNew Books136m,r,t
Joan HessNew Books54m,r
Kate HewittNew Books180r
Georgette Heyer66m,r
Kristan HigginsNew Books20r
Rachel HigginsonNew Books53f,r
Elin HilderbrandNew Books27r,t
Donna HillNew Books97r
Grace Livingston Hill131r
Melissa HillNew Books37r
Sandra HillNew Books61f,r
Laura V HiltonNew Books24r
Lynne HintonNew Books17r
Victoria Hislop15r
Tami HoagNew Books50m,r
Amanda HockingNew Books30f,h,m,r
Cheris HodgesNew Books31r
B J HoffNew Books36m,r
Wendy HoldenNew Books21r
Nancy Holder113f,h,m,r,s,t
Cheryl HoltNew Books50r
Desiree HoltNew Books17h,m,r
Samantha HoltNew Books46r
Victoria Holt35m,r
Kay HooperNew Books86m,r
Colleen HooverNew Books19m,r
Cathy HopkinsNew Books78r
Ellen HopkinsNew Books45m,r
Rachel HoreNew Books9r
Colleen HouckNew Books11f,r
A G HowardNew Books9f,r
Linda HowardNew Books117f,h,m,r,s,t
Michelle HowardNew Books21f,r,s
Susan Howatch21r
Hannah HowellNew Books69f,h,r
Elizabeth HoytNew Books24r
Charlotte HubbardNew Books29r
Charlotte Hughes46m,r
Sara Humphreys18f,r
Angela HuntNew Books145r
April HuntNew Books4m,r
C C HunterNew Books23f,r
Denise HunterNew Books52r
Elizabeth Hunter47r
Elizabeth HunterNew Books32f,r
Faith HunterNew Books41f,h,r
Jillian Hunter28r
Kelly HunterNew Books68r
Kristi Ann HunterNew Books7r
Madeline HunterNew Books36r
McKenzie Hunter9f,r
Shona HuskNew Books33f,h,r,s
Callie HuttonNew Books37r
Catherine Ryan HydeNew Books33r

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