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 Romance authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Anne Ha3r
Lia Habel3f,h,r
Anna HackettNew Books46f,m,r,s
Nancy HaddockNew Books6h,m,r
Liza Hadley5r
Stephanie Haefner13r
Patricia Hagan38r
Lorinda Hagen16r
Jean Hager24m,r
Jennifer Haigh9r
Shirley HailstockNew Books55r
Jess HainesNew Books12f,h,r
Christine Hainsworth4r
Nafisa Haji2r
Cathy Marie HakeNew Books64r
Kelly Eileen HakeNew Books38r
Arlene Hale100r
Deborah HaleNew Books43r
Jenny HaleNew Books9r
Shannon HaleNew Books38f,r
Connie Hall8f,h,m,r,t
Diana Hall3r
Gimone Hall10r
Linda Hall22m,r
Linsey HallNew Books19f,r
Maggie HallNew Books3r
Marie-Louise Hall7r
Patty Smith HallNew Books23r
Teri Hall5f,r
Tate Hallaway10f,h,r
Phyllis Halldorson38r
Candy Halliday12r
Emily Hallin16r
Julie HalpernNew Books8r
Brendan Halpin15r
Carole Halston35r
Colleen Halverson2f,r
Barbara HamblyNew Books94f,h,m,r,s
Jan Hambright15m,r,t
Celeste Hamilton26r
Diana Hamilton85r
Eva Maria Hamilton1r
Kiki Hamilton6f,r
Lucy Hamilton13r
Maria Hamilton1r
Rebecca HamiltonNew Books18f,r
Sharon HamiltonNew Books44f,m,r
Violet Hamilton18r
J L Hammer3m,r,t
Melinda HammondNew Books21r
Rosemary Hammond32r
Anne Hampson130r
Brenda HamptonNew Books40r
Susanne HamptonNew Books26r
Barb HanNew Books44m,r
Jenny HanNew Books14r
Peggy Hanchar13r
Barbara J HancockNew Books11f,m,r,t
Lucy Agnes Hancock37r
Cynthia HandNew Books7f,r
Lori HandelandNew Books67f,r
Janice Hanna20m,r
Kristin HannahNew Books33r,t
Barbara HannayNew Books105r
Irene HannonNew Books64m,r
Kim Hansen5r
Ron Hansen17r
Valerie HansenNew Books64m,r
Pam Hanson9r
Cathy HapkaNew Books146f,r,s,t
Maeve HaranNew Books17r
Cristin HarberNew Books25m,r
Beth HarbisonNew Books15r
Elizabeth Harbison28r
Audra Harders4r
Mollie Hardwick45r
Kate HardyNew Books175r
Kristin Hardy34r
Deborah HarknessNew Books10f,h,r
Brenda HarlenNew Books96m,r
Karin Harlow2f,r
Melanie HarlowNew Books6r
Sharon Harlow5r
Danelle HarmonNew Books19r
Kelly Harms2r
Cheryl HarperNew Books26r
Dani Harper9h,r
Ella HarperNew Books5r
Fiona HarperNew Books51r
Karen HarperNew Books67f,m,r
Madeline Harper20m,r
Molly HarperNew Books25f,h,r
Janice Harrell50r
Stephen Harrigan11r
Alexis HarringtonNew Books16r
Anna HarringtonNew Books7r
Hannah Harrington3r
Nina HarringtonNew Books50r
Abaghoul Harris1h,r
Charlaine HarrisNew Books86f,h,m,r,t
Leann Harris24m,r
Lisa HarrisNew Books15m,r
Lisa HarrisNew Books35m,r,t
Lori L Harris8m,r
Lynn Raye HarrisNew Books75m,r
Rosie HarrisNew Books37r
Yvonne Harris2r
Allie HarrisonNew Books15r
Barbara Harrison14r
Claire Harrison17r
Cora HarrisonNew Books56m,r
Emma HarrisonNew Books27f,r,t
Lisi HarrisonNew Books38h,r
Mette Ivie HarrisonNew Books15f,m,r
Thea Harrison22f,r
Cynthia Harrod-EaglesNew Books98m,r,t
Miranda Harry1r
Barbara Hart7r
Catherine Hart20r
Jessica HartNew Books98r
Jillian HartNew Books128r
Liliana HartNew Books23m,r
Lily Harper HartNew Books65m,r
Pamela HartNew Books3r
Regina Hart13r
Shirley Hart10r
Virginia Hart13r
Sarah Harte2r
Sharon HartleyNew Books9r
Ellen Hartman9r
Cynthia Hartwick2r
Alyxandra Harvey21f,h,r
Emily Sue Harvey7r
Mary Haskell12r
Brooke Hastings25r
Regan Hastings3f,r
Meg HastonNew Books4r
Robin Lee HatcherNew Books82r
Meagan Hatfield7f,r
Amy HatvanyNew Books7r
Rachel HauckNew Books38r
Michele HaufNew Books103f,h,m,r
Pete HautmanNew Books34r
Anne Haven4r
Candace HavensNew Books36f,h,r
Charlotte HawkesNew Books10r
Lauren Hawkeye41f,r
Alexandra HawkinsNew Books14r
Karen HawkinsNew Books39r
Mary Hawkins17r
Alaina Hawthorne5r
Rachel Hawthorne22f,r
Elizabeth Hay9r
Laura HaydenNew Books19r,t
Corey Ann HayduNew Books6r
Allison Hayes4r
Cassie HayesNew Books10r
Morgan Hayes7m,r
Sally Tyler Hayes15r
Elizabeth HayleyNew Books11r
Jennifer Haymore24r
Betsy Haynes106r
Jasmine Haynes9r
Jennifer HaywardNew Books46r
Jesse Hayworth7r
Lynne Hayworth3r
Barbara Hazard46r
Michelle Hazen8h,r
Bette R Headapohl2r
Maria Dahvana Headley11f,h,r,s
Pamela HearonNew Books17r
Lorraine HeathNew Books51r
Sandra Heath78r
Virginia HeathNew Books15r
Emma HeatheringtonNew Books6r
Felicity HeatonNew Books56f,r
Louisa HeatonNew Books24r
Carolyn HectorNew Books10r
Jody HedlundNew Books21r
Sarah HeggerNew Books12r
Eileen Hehl12r
Lisa Heidke5r
Rosemary Heim5m,r
Susan Gee Heino16r
Anita HeissNew Books14r
Elizabeth HeiterNew Books20m,r
Kristen Heitzmann27m,r,t
Nicole HelmNew Books35m,r
Venita Helton3r
Anne Heltzel2r
Amanda Hemingway8m,r
Rosalie Henaghan13r
Barb HendeeNew Books31f,h,m,r
Beth Henderson18r
Dee HendersonNew Books30m,r
Lauren Henderson22m,r
Lorraine Henderson1f,r
Emily Hendrickson46r
Lisa Hendrix9f,r
Shirl HenkeNew Books48m,r
Karyn HenleyNew Books9f,r
Virginia Henley41r
Meg Hennessy6r
Betty Henrichs9r
Stacy HenrieNew Books13r
Christina HenryNew Books10f,h,r
Joe Henry1r
Patti Callahan HenryNew Books13r
Veronica HenryNew Books24r
Holly HepburnNew Books11r
Heather Hepler6r
Debbie HerbertNew Books23f,r
Julia Herbert4r
Nancy HerknessNew Books12r
Treasure HernandezNew Books31r,t
Ruth Logan HerneNew Books52r
Anne HerriesNew Books126r
Terri Herrington14r
Rachael HerronNew Books18r
Rita HerronNew Books129m,r,t
Lori HerterNew Books24r
Joan HessNew Books53m,r
Joan Hessayon14r
Rita HestandNew Books100r
Elizabeth Hewitt14r
Kate HewittNew Books164r
Georgette Heyer66m,r
Brenda HiattNew Books37f,r
Cynthia HickeyNew Books145r
Barbara Jean Hicks22r
Heather HiestandNew Books30r
Lisa Higdon7r
Chris HigginsNew Books22r
Kristan HigginsNew Books19r
Marie HigginsNew Books47r
Rachel HigginsonNew Books50f,r
Kendra C HighleyNew Books16r
Anita HigmanNew Books56r
Tes Hilaire7f,r
Elin HilderbrandNew Books26r,t
Brighton Hill1h,r
Donna HillNew Books92r
Georgia HillNew Books13r
Gerri HillNew Books31r
Grace Livingston Hill131r
Melissa HillNew Books35r
Meredith Hill4r
Pamela Hill78r
Sandra HillNew Books58f,r
Teresa HillNew Books32r
Nerina Hilliard9r
Erica Hilton10r,t
Laura V HiltonNew Books18r
Linda Hilton8r
Margery Hilton28r
Sarah Hines-StephensNew Books64r,s
Metsy Hingle37m,r
Sandy Hingston5r
Victoria Hinshaw14r
Lynne Hinton16r
Vicki HinzeNew Books37m,r,t
Burt Hirschfeld49r
Victoria Hislop15r
Martha HixNew Books18r
Willa Hix7f,r
Tami HoagNew Books45m,r
Elisabeth HobbesNew Books11r
Karla Hocker23r
Amanda HockingNew Books28f,h,m,r
Colby Hodge5f,r
Rosamund Hodge4f,r
Cheris HodgesNew Books28r
Amanda Hodgkinson3r
Mona HodgsonNew Books21r
B J Hoff35m,r
Kate HoffmannNew Books158m,r
Faith HoganNew Books2r
Diane Hoh62h,r
Joan Hohl87r
Alice Holden12r
Christine Holden5r
Kim Holden5r
Wendy HoldenNew Books20r
Mary Kate Holder2r
Nancy HolderNew Books112f,h,m,r,s,t
Jenny Holiday8r
Kristi Holl42r
Debra HollandNew Books30r
Lillie Holland7r
Sarah Holland22r
Suellen Holland4r
Lucy Holliday4r
Christina Hollis41r
Kristal HollisNew Books6f,r
Shannon Hollis11r
Stef Ann Holm26r
Dee Holmes21r
Jeannie Holmes2f,h,r,s
Kate Holmes7f,r
Lucy-Anne Holmes5r
Steena HolmesNew Books32r
Valerie HolmesNew Books38m,r
Cheryl Holt46r
Kristin HoltNew Books15r
Margaret Holt7r
Samantha HoltNew Books40r
Victoria Holt35m,r
Cathy Holton7r
Brenda Honeyman15r
Kay Honeyman2r
Ann HoodNew Books31f,r
Fiona Hood-Stewart15r
Kay HooperNew Books84m,r
Mary Hooper109r
Colleen HooverNew Books17r
Cathy HopkinsNew Books78r
Ellen HopkinsNew Books44m,r
Molly Hopkins3r
Christina Hopkinson5r
Rachel Hore8r
Susan Hornick1r
Laurie HorowitzNew Books3r
Heather HorrocksNew Books39r
Naomi Horton26r
Colleen HouckNew Books10f,r
Elizabeth Houghton11r
Frances HousdenNew Books16m,r
A G HowardNew Books8f,r
Amalie HowardNew Books12f,r
Dane Anthony Howard1r
Linda HowardNew Books111f,h,m,r,s,t
Mary Howard57r
Michelle HowardNew Books19f,r,s
Stephanie Howard36r
Susan Howatch21r
Hannah HowellNew Books68f,h,r
Meg HowreyNew Books3r,s
Elizabeth Hoy45r
Elizabeth HoytNew Books23r
Charlotte HubbardNew Books27r
Crystal Hubbard24r
Judy Lynn Hubbard7r
Kirsten Hubbard5r
Mandy Hubbard8f,r
Amy Huberman2r
Dane HuckelbridgeNew Books3m,r
Anna Hudson20r
Carrie Hudson2r,s
Harriet Hudson18r
Jan Hudson36r
Janis Reams Hudson50r
Tara Hudson3f,r
Linda Hudson-Smith32r
Anita HughesNew Books12r
Charlotte Hughes46m,r
Faye Hughes7r
Karen Hughes7m,r
Kerrie L HughesNew Books12f,h,r
Kerrie Hughes10f,h,r
Tracy Hughes17r
Carolyn Hughey10r
Lynne Hugo8r
Aileen Humphrey3r
Anna HumphreyNew Books5r
Phyllis Humphrey16r
Sara HumphreysNew Books16f,r
Angela HuntNew Books143r
April HuntNew Books3m,r
Diann Hunt30r
Jena Hunt6r
C C Hunter17f,r
Denise HunterNew Books51r
Elizabeth Hunter47r
Elizabeth HunterNew Books28f,r
Faith HunterNew Books38f,h,r
Jillian Hunter28r
Kelly HunterNew Books59r
Kristi Ann HunterNew Books5r
Madeline HunterNew Books35r
Samantha HunterNew Books48r
Kate Huntington16r
Ann Hurley7r
Tonya Hurley7f,r
Shona HuskNew Books28f,h,r,s
Siri Hustvedt14r
Bobby HutchinsonNew Books103m,r,s,t
Callie HuttonNew Books36r
Sandra HyattNew Books19r
Catherine Ryan HydeNew Books31r
Tara Hyland2r

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