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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Anna HackettNew Books71f,m,r,s
Margaret Peterson HaddixNew Books53f,s,t
David HagbergNew Books71s,t
Joe Haldeman50s
James W Hall29m,s
Barbara HamblyNew Books101f,h,m,r,s
Laurell K Hamilton67f,h,s
Peter F HamiltonNew Books47f,s
Elizabeth HandNew Books34h,m,s
Nick Harkaway8s
Joanne HarrisNew Books34m,s
T R HarrisNew Books37s
Harry HarrisonNew Books120f,m,s
M John Harrison21s
Simon Hawke67f,h,s
Simon HaynesNew Books39s
RR HaywoodNew Books34h,s
Kevin HearneNew Books27f,s
Robert Heinlein65s
Peter HellerNew Books7m,s,t
John G Hemry7s
Vaughn HeppnerNew Books71f,s
Brian HerbertNew Books49f,s
Frank HerbertNew Books57s
Tracy Hickman101f,h,s
Wendy HigginsNew Books14f,s
Charlie Higson27f,h,s,t
Joe HillNew Books34h,s
Jim C HinesNew Books26f,s
Nancy HolderNew Books117f,h,m,r,s,t
Tom HoltNew Books57f,s
Isaac HookeNew Books53s
Franklin HortonNew Books11s
Linda HowardNew Books119f,h,m,r,s,t
Hugh HoweyNew Books56s
S W HubbardNew Books12s
Tanya HuffNew Books54f,h,m,s
Jack HuntNew Books30s,t
Kameron HurleyNew Books16f,s
Dave HutchinsonNew Books9s
Aldous Huxley65s
Nathan HystadNew Books13s
Julie HyzyNew Books26m,s

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