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Surname: H

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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Anna HackettNew Books57f,m,r,s
Margaret Peterson HaddixNew Books51f,s,t
David HagbergNew Books50s,t
Joe HaldemanNew Books50s
James W HallNew Books28m,s
Barbara HamblyNew Books97f,h,m,r,s
Laurell K HamiltonNew Books67f,h,s
Peter F HamiltonNew Books47f,s
Elizabeth Hand32h,m,s
Nick HarkawayNew Books8s
Joanne HarrisNew Books38f,m,s
Harry Harrison122f,m,s
M John HarrisonNew Books21s
A J HartleyNew Books20f,s
Simon Hawke67f,h,s
Kevin HearneNew Books25f,s
Robert Heinlein65s
John G Hemry7s
Vaughn HeppnerNew Books67f,s
Brian Herbert48f,s
Frank HerbertNew Books56s
Tracy HickmanNew Books101f,h,s
Wendy HigginsNew Books12f,s
Charlie HigsonNew Books26h,s,t
Jim C HinesNew Books25f,s
Chuck Hogan13h,s
James P Hogan38s
Nancy Holder113f,h,m,r,s,t
Tom Holt55f,s
Isaac HookeNew Books37s
G Michael HopfNew Books14h,s
Jason M HoughNew Books9s
Linda HowardNew Books117f,h,m,r,s,t
Michelle HowardNew Books20f,r,s
Robert E Howard142f,s
Hugh HoweyNew Books55s
L Ron HubbardNew Books148f,h,s
Tanya HuffNew Books53f,h,m,s
Kameron HurleyNew Books18f,s
Shona HuskNew Books30f,h,r,s
Aldous Huxley65s
Katherine Bolger HydeNew Books4m,s

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