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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with H BooksGenres
Karen Haber27s
Anna HackettNew Books45f,m,r,s
Margaret Peterson HaddixNew Books51f,s,t
David HagbergNew Books48s,t
Peter Haining230f,h,m,s
Jack C Haldeman II8s
Joe Haldeman49s
Guy HaleyNew Books29f,s
James W HallNew Books27m,s
Mags L Halliday3s
Marty Halpern2s
Barbara HamblyNew Books92f,h,m,r,s
Julia Hamilton17s
Laurell K HamiltonNew Books64f,h,s
Peter F HamiltonNew Books46f,s
Warren Hammond4s
Elizabeth HandNew Books31h,m,s
Cathy HapkaNew Books146f,r,s,t
Kevin HardmanNew Books11s
Jason M Hardy7f,s
Nick HarkawayNew Books8s
Thomas Harlan7f,s
Charles Harness14s
Steven Harper17f,h,s
Joanne Harris36f,m,s
T R HarrisNew Books24s
Harry Harrison122f,m,s
M John Harrison20s
Scott HarrisonNew Books11s
Alix E HarrowNew Books3s
A J HartleyNew Books19f,s
William K Hartmann14s
David G Hartwell67f,m,s
Richard Hatch9s
Simon Hawke67f,h,s
Brian Hayles11s
RR HaywoodNew Books31s
Maria Dahvana Headley11f,h,r,s
Tim Heald48m,s
Kevin HearneNew Books23f,s
Peter J Heck10m,s
Robert Heinlein65s
John HelfersNew Books40f,m,s,t
Michael Helm4m,s
Joseph HelmreichNew Books2s
Michael Hemmingson14f,m,s
John G Hemry7s
C J Henderson64f,h,m,s
Jason Henderson12f,s,t
Zenna Henderson7s
Steve Hendry2s
Vaughn HeppnerNew Books56f,s
Brian Herbert47f,s
Frank Herbert55s
David Herter8s
Homer Hickam19s
Tracy Hickman100f,h,s
Wendy HigginsNew Books11f,s
Philip E High18m,s
Charlie Higson25h,s,t
Philip Hinchcliffe4s
Sarah Hines-StephensNew Books64r,s
Craig Hinton8s
Christopher Hinz7s
Jeff HirschNew Books6s,t
Andy HoareNew Books14f,s
Brian Hodge20h,s
Chuck Hogan13h,s
James P Hogan38s
Nancy HolderNew Books112f,h,m,r,s,t
Jen Holling10s
J Kent HollowayNew Books14s
Jeannie Holmes2f,h,r,s
John Eric Holmes3s
Tom HoltNew Books54f,s
H Paul Honsinger5s
Isaac HookeNew Books29s
G Michael HopfNew Books11s
Nalo Hopkinson14s
Rik Hoskin25s
Robert Hoskins25s
Jason M HoughNew Books9s
Linda HowardNew Books111f,h,m,r,s,t
Michelle HowardNew Books19f,r,s
Robert E Howard142f,s
Hugh HoweyNew Books55s
Meg HowreyNew Books3r,s
Fred Hoyle66s
Sarah A HoytNew Books25s
Alan Hruska4m,s
L Ron HubbardNew Books147f,h,s
S W HubbardNew Books9s
Carrie Hudson2r,s
Tanya HuffNew Books52f,h,m,s
Alex Hughes7s
Matthew Hughes24f,m,s
Malcolm Hulke14s
E Mayne Hull4s
Walter H Hunt6s
Kameron HurleyNew Books17f,s
Shona HuskNew Books30f,h,r,s
Bobby HutchinsonNew Books103m,r,s,t
Dave Hutchinson6s
Shaun David HutchinsonNew Books7s
Aldous Huxley65s
Katherine Bolger HydeNew Books4m,s

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