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Day of the Drone

(The first book in the Drone Wars series)
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Revised & Edited Edition - Oct. 2015

From international bestselling action/adventure author T.R. Harris comes:
Book #1 of The Drone Wars Series...

DAY of the DRONE

T.R. Harris introduces his latest novel, a techno-thriller set in the very near future, at a time when drones - as you see everywhere these days - are being weaponized and used by terrorists to rain death and destruction down on a traumatized population.

To counteract these deadly attacks, America has established the Rapid Defense Center, a high-tech government agency tasked with blasting the threat out of existence using their own fleet of powerful combat UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles). Xander Moore is the top drone pilot at the RDC, and every day he and his team face-off against enemy units, while seated at sophisticated video consoles where the game is real--as is the body count.

The RDC is our frontline defense against the killer drones... and they're very good at what they do.

Yet when the RDC is itself taken out by a massive drone strike, the country is left wide-open to an overwhelming onslaught of unopposed UAV attacks, and with each day the raids continue, America moves ever-closer to complete psychological and economic collapse. Now Xander and his reluctant companion--stunning broadcast reporter Tiffany Collins--are thrust into a life-or-death race against time, not only to save the country, but also to stay one step ahead of the terrorist hit squads out to stop them.

Day of the Drone is a non-stop rollercoaster ride across the country and around the world, as Xander and Tiffany rush to gather a rag-tag gang of rebellious drone jockeys from Xander's past, the only people left who can save America from what amounts to death-by-a-thousand-tiny-cuts. That's if Xander and his team don't become victims of the deadly drones first....

As with all the books by T.R. Harris, this one is non-stop action from beginning to end, interlaced with street-wise humor and down-to-earth characters the reader can identify with - and cheer for!

Yet the thing that sets this book apart from the others... this could really happen!

In fact, just pick up any newspaper or watch a newscast and you'll see a story about drones. They're everywhere... and this is just the beginning.

Pick up your copy today, and then lock the doors and pull the shades. They'll be no interruptions allowed until you've read every last word of Day of the Drone!
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Genre: Thriller

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Title: Day of the Drone: (Book 1 of the Drone Wars Series)
Author(s): T R Harris
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