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 Romance authors, surname starts with J BooksGenres
A L JacksonNew Books23r
Brenda JacksonNew Books264m,r
Joshilyn JacksonNew Books10r
K J JacksonNew Books22r
Lisa JacksonNew Books168m,r,t
Melissa JagearsNew Books15r
Allyson James13f,r
Elle JamesNew Books149f,h,m,r,s,t
Eloisa JamesNew Books47r
Erica JamesNew Books31r
Julia JamesNew Books107r
Julie James9r
Samantha James39r
Sophia JamesNew Books52r
Tate JamesNew Books12f,r
Becca JamesonNew Books38m,r
Diane JanesNew Books12m,r
Ashley & JaQuavis29r,t
Amy JareckiNew Books34m,r
Jenna JaxonNew Books22r
Sabrina JeffriesNew Books60r
Beverly JenkinsNew Books54r
Pam JenoffNew Books16r
Carolyn Jewel35f,r
Lisa JewellNew Books17m,r
Sarah JioNew Books10r
Iris JohansenNew Books126m,r,t
Rachael Johns30r
Debbie JohnsonNew Books17r
Janice Kay JohnsonNew Books139m,r
Jean Johnson31f,r,s
Liz JohnsonNew Books23m,r
Maureen JohnsonNew Books29f,m,r
Milly JohnsonNew Books22r
Susan Johnson27r
Joan JohnstonNew Books100r,s
Linda O JohnstonNew Books78f,h,m,r,t
Julie JohnstoneNew Books29r
Robin Jones GunnNew Books107r
Carrie JonesNew Books16f,r
Christina JonesNew Books36r
Darynda JonesNew Books21f,h,r
Lisa Renee JonesNew Books34f,h,m,r
Maryann JordanNew Books47m,r
Nicole Jordan32r
Penny Jordan338m,r
Sophie JordanNew Books40f,r
Brenda Joyce62f,m,r
Shirley JumpNew Books108r
Julia JustissNew Books52r

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