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 Romance authors, surname starts with K BooksGenres
Julie KagawaNew Books31f,m,r
Andrea KaneNew Books35m,r
Stacia Kane16f,h,r
Virginia Kantra37f,m,r
Tonya KappesNew Books66m,r
Lauren KateNew Books13f,r
Donna KauffmanNew Books83f,r
Marguerite KayeNew Books86r
Robin Kaye15r
Susanna Kearsley14f,r
Lindsey KelkNew Books22r
Carla KellyNew Books74r
Cathy KellyNew Books30r
Julia KellyNew Books13r
Mira Lyn KellyNew Books30r
Vanessa KellyNew Books25r
Brigid KemmererNew Books13f,r
Ronie KendigNew Books31m,r,t
Beth KendrickNew Books16r
Sharon KendrickNew Books271r
Elle KennedyNew Books46m,r,s,t
Jeffe KennedyNew Books29f,r
Julie Kenner71f,m,r
Alison KentNew Books66r
Julia KentNew Books23r
Sherrilyn KenyonNew Books112f,h,m,r
Rebecca KertzNew Books30r
Beth Kery12r
Marian Keyes27m,r
Heather Killough-WaldenNew Books39f,h,r
Josi S KilpackNew Books42m,r
Kimberly KincaidNew Books28m,r
Catherine King13r
Katie KingNew Books4r
Karen KingsburyNew Books117m,r
Thomas Kinkade17r
Karpov KinradeNew Books28f,h,r
Laura Kinsale14r
Sophie KinsellaNew Books27r
Jane KirkpatrickNew Books38r
Caitlin KittredgeNew Books23f,h,r
Julie KlassenNew Books14r
Lisa KleypasNew Books64r
Angela KnightNew Books30f,r
Eliza KnightNew Books53f,r
Gini KochNew Books27f,r,s
Dorothy KoomsonNew Books21m,r,s
Betina KrahnNew Books37r
Kieran Kramer15r
Judith Krantz14r
Roberta KrayNew Books25m,r,t
Jayne Ann KrentzNew Books155f,h,m,r,s
Susan Krinard50f,h,r
Lynn Kurland45f,r

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