All authors, surname starts with L Books
Lynda La PlanteNew Books47
Camilla LäckbergNew Books20
Mercedes LackeyNew Books251
Al and JoAnna Lacy40
Linda LaddNew Books32
Sarah E LaddNew Books11
Robin LaFeversNew Books6
David Lagercrantz6
Tim LaHaye103
Terri E LaineNew Books30
Alex LakeNew Books5
Autumn Jones LakeNew Books31
Deryn Lake40
Gina LaMannaNew Books42
Cathy LambNew Books19
Charlotte Lamb185
Wally LambNew Books10
Dewey Lambdin29
Louis L'AmourNew Books250
Mary LancasterNew Books38
Jon LandNew Books62
William Landay3
Jill Marie Landis40
Lauren LandishNew Books64
Derek LandyNew Books32
Andrew LaneNew Books28
Karly LaneNew Books17
Katie LaneNew Books28
Lizzie Lane14
Soraya M Lane5
Soraya LaneNew Books52
Essie LangNew Books2
Eve LanglaisNew Books170
Leslie LangtryNew Books40
Linsey LanierNew Books41
Joe R LansdaleNew Books139
Josh LanyonNew Books104
Shari LapeñaNew Books7
Sarah Lark10
Emily LarkinNew Books23
A K LarkwoodNew Books1
Ward LarsenNew Books13
B V LarsonNew Books73
Sara B LarsonNew Books7
Åsa Larsson5
Stieg Larsson5
Kieran LarwoodNew Books7
William LashnerNew Books19
Kathryn LaskyNew Books147
Owen LaukkanenNew Books12
Keith Laumer110
Christina LaurenNew Books29
Andrea LaurenceNew Books101
Stephanie LaurensNew Books114
Shelly LaurenstonNew Books26
Victoria LaurieNew Books34
Chandelle LaVaunNew Books19
Joyce And Jim Lavene65
Stephen LawheadNew Books55
D H Lawrence132
Kim LawrenceNew Books187
Lucy Lawrence3
Mark LawrenceNew Books22
Mike LawsonNew Books14
John LawtonNew Books16
Richard Laymon88
Ivy Layne18
Lauren LayneNew Books36
John Le CarréNew Books40
Ursula K Le GuinNew Books132
David LeadbeaterNew Books47
Stephen LeatherNew Books118
Tim LebbonNew Books78
Ann Leckie6
Michael LedwidgeNew Books19
Amanda Lee10
Amanda Lee7
Amanda M LeeNew Books143
Edward Lee72
Fonda Lee5
Harper Lee3
Jade Lee47
M J LeeNew Books16
Mackenzi LeeNew Books8
Maureen Lee36
Miranda LeeNew Books196
Nadia LeeNew Books44
Patrick Lee6
Rachel LeeNew Books166
Sharon LeeNew Books86
Tanith LeeNew Books132
Tosca Lee13
Yoon Ha LeeNew Books15
Emma V LeechNew Books42
Gayle LeesonNew Books10
Claire LegrandNew Books11
Con LehaneNew Books6
Dennis Lehane21
Fritz Leiber95
Eva LeighNew Books10
Lora LeighNew Books67
Melinda LeighNew Books30
Prue LeithNew Books38
Simon LelicNew Books9
Pierre LemaitreNew Books9
Elizabeth Lemarchand17
Jessica LemmonNew Books41
Madeleine L'EngleNew Books57
Elizabeth LennoxNew Books173
Judith LennoxNew Books23
Lucy LennoxNew Books30
Donna LeonNew Books43
Elmore Leonard67
Peter LeonardNew Books9
Kristen LepionkaNew Books4
Lois Gladys Leppard78
Peter LerangisNew Books72
John Lescroart37
Doris Lessing70
Natasha LesterNew Books8
Jonathan LethemNew Books33
Tricia LevensellerNew Books4
David Levien6
Laura LevineNew Books23
Paul LevineNew Books27
David LevithanNew Books41
Lawrence H LevyNew Books4
Beverly Lewis132
C S Lewis28
Roy Lewis75
Susan LewisNew Books48
Rosanna LeyNew Books9
Miranda LiassonNew Books12
Alex LidellNew Books26
Katia Lief20
Freda Lightfoot57
Amy LillardNew Books43
Elizabeth LimNew Books4
Harper LinNew Books56
Clayton LindemuthNew Books15
Caroline LindenNew Books34
Megan Lindholm13
John Ajvide Lindqvist8
Douglas LindsayNew Books36
Jeff LindsayNew Books14
Erin LindseyNew Books7
Johanna Lindsey69
Julie Anne LindseyNew Books33
Jane Lindskold34
Al K Line49
Jane LinfootNew Books12
Howard LinskeyNew Books10
Joyce LionaronsNew Books11
Rachael LippincottNew Books2
Laura LippmanNew Books53
David Liss31
Michael ListerNew Books65
Sheryl ListerNew Books32
Robert Littell21
Bentley LittleNew Books40
Emily LittlejohnNew Books4
Ken LiuNew Books9
Marjorie M Liu31
Penelope Lively62
Gemma LivieroNew Books7
Catherine LloydNew Books7
Frances LloydNew Books8
Morgan LlywelynNew Books49
Adriana LockeNew Books27
Attica Locke5
Gytha LodgeNew Books2
Hugh Lofting24
Quinn LoftisNew Books35
Norah Lofts68
Chuck Logan10
Jake Logan447
Kylie LoganNew Books17
Patrick LoganNew Books49
T M LoganNew Books4
Jack London70
Julia LondonNew Books76
Kate London3
Stefanie LondonNew Books57
Heather LongNew Books125
Jeff Long11
Julie Anne LongNew Books23
Kelly LongNew Books24
M L LongworthNew Books8
E C R Lorac71
Emery LordNew Books6
Pittacus Lore41
Roni LorenNew Books6
Vivienne LorretNew Books23
T C LoTempio6
Sarah Lotz9
Jess LoureyNew Books22
Nick LouthNew Books12
Frankie LoveNew Books113
H P Lovecraft105
James LovegroveNew Books69
Merline LovelaceNew Books183
Peter LoveseyNew Books58
London LovettNew Books24
Robert LowNew Books16
Shari LowNew Books23
Tom LoweNew Books14
Elizabeth Lowell71
Nathan Lowell20
Virginia Lowell6
Lois LowryNew Books55
Ken LozitoNew Books26
Marie LuNew Books18
I T LucasNew Books46
Jennie LucasNew Books119
Rachael LucasNew Books9
Jack Ludlow16
Robert Ludlum37
Alex Lukeman26
Brian Lumley73
Louisa LunaNew Books5
Susan LundNew Books7
Jonathan LunnNew Books12
Mike Lunnon-Wood10
Mike LupicaNew Books62
Rosamund LuptonNew Books4
Eric Van LustbaderNew Books58
John Lutz76
Lisa Lutz13
Barry LygaNew Books31
Rachel LynchNew Books7
Scott Lynch8
Sean LynchNew Books9
Robert Lyndon2
Gayle Lynds25
J Lynn18
JB LynnNew Books30
Stacey LynnNew Books15
C J Lyons45
Jenn LyonsNew Books3

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