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 Mystery authors, surname starts with L BooksGenres
Lynda La PlanteNew Books44m
Brianna LabuskesNew Books4m,r
Camilla Läckberg18m
Linda LaddNew Books31m,r,t
David LagercrantzNew Books6m
Alex LakeNew Books5m
Deryn Lake35m,r
Rita LakinNew Books14m
Gina LaMannaNew Books36f,m
Jon LandNew Books59h,m,t
Andrew LaneNew Books27f,m,s,t
Essie LangNew Books1m
Ruth Langan90f,m,r
Leslie LangtryNew Books35m,r
Joe R LansdaleNew Books140f,h,m,s,t
Shari LapeñaNew Books6m
Jens LapidusNew Books5m
Åsa Larsson5m
Stieg Larsson5m
William LashnerNew Books18m,t
Owen LaukkanenNew Books10m,t
Victoria LaurieNew Books32f,m
Joyce And Jim Lavene65m
Liz LawlerNew Books2m
Carole LawrenceNew Books3m
Caroline LawrenceNew Books45m
Lucy Lawrence3m
Peter LawsNew Books4m
John Lawton15m,t
Stephen LeatherNew Books113h,m,s,t
Tim LebbonNew Books75f,h,m,s
Michael Ledwidge18m,s
Amanda Lee10m
Amanda M LeeNew Books118f,m,r
M J Lee11m
Maureen Lee36m,r
R J LeeNew Books1m
Rachel LeeNew Books156h,m,r,t
Gayle LeesonNew Books8m,r
Dennis Lehane21m
Leena LehtolainenNew Books14m
Allison LeighNew Books118m,r
Melinda LeighNew Books27m,r
Simon LelicNew Books7m,t
Pierre LemaitreNew Books9m
Elizabeth Lemarchand17m
Donna LeonNew Books42m
Elmore LeonardNew Books67m
Peter Leonard8m
John LescroartNew Books37m,t
Jonathan LethemNew Books33m
David Levien6m
Elaine LevineNew Books24m,r
Gail Carson Levine30f,m
Laura LevineNew Books23m
Paul Levine28m
David Levithan40f,m,r
Beverly LewisNew Books136m,r
Roy Lewis76m
Susan LewisNew Books45m,r
Katia Lief20m
Martin LimónNew Books15m
Harper LinNew Books49m
Douglas LindsayNew Books35m
Jeff Lindsay12m
Erin LindseyNew Books6f,m
Howard LinskeyNew Books9m
Laura LippmanNew Books52m
David Liss31m,s,t
Michael ListerNew Books64m
Robert Littell21m
Emily LittlejohnNew Books4m
Marjorie M Liu32f,h,m,r,s
Amy LloydNew Books2m
Catherine LloydNew Books6m
Attica LockeNew Books5m
M Louisa LockeNew Books17m
Gytha LodgeNew Books1m
Chuck Logan10m,t
Kylie LoganNew Books16m
Patrick LoganNew Books36h,m
T M LoganNew Books3m
Kate LondonNew Books3m
M L Longworth7m
E C R Lorac71m
T C LoTempioNew Books6m
Jess LoureyNew Books20m
Nick LouthNew Books10m
Frankie LoveNew Books80m,r
James LovegroveNew Books66h,m,s,t
Merline LovelaceNew Books183f,m,r,s,t
Peter LoveseyNew Books56m
London LovettNew Books15m
Tom LoweNew Books12m,t
Elizabeth Lowell71m,r,t
Virginia Lowell6m
Louisa Luna4m
Mike LupicaNew Books54m
Rosamund LuptonNew Books4m
Eric Van LustbaderNew Books57f,m,t
John LutzNew Books76m,t
Lisa LutzNew Books13m
Dixie LyleNew Books5m
H B Lyle2m
Rachel LynchNew Books4m
Gayle Lynds25m,t
JB Lynn25m
Judi LynnNew Books9m
C J LyonsNew Books46m,r,t

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