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 Romance authors, surname starts with L BooksGenres
Rachel LaceyNew Books14m,r
Linda LaddNew Books31m,r,t
Sarah E LaddNew Books10r
Autumn Jones LakeNew Books23m,r
Deryn Lake35m,r
Cathy LambNew Books18r
Charlotte Lamb183r
Jill Marie Landis40r
Laura LandonNew Books36r
Sydney Landon12r
Karly LaneNew Books14r
Katie LaneNew Books27r
Leslie LangtryNew Books33m,r
Sarah LarkNew Books9r
Emily Larkin20r
Christina LaurenNew Books28r
Stephanie LaurensNew Books109f,r
Shelly LaurenstonNew Books6f,h,r
Kim LawrenceNew Books183r
Lauren LayneNew Books35r
Day Leclaire123r
Amanda M LeeNew Books115f,m,r
Jade Lee47f,r
Maureen Lee36m,r
Miranda LeeNew Books190r
Rachel LeeNew Books155h,m,r,t
Emma V LeechNew Books28r
Gayle LeesonNew Books7m,r
Allison LeighNew Books118m,r
Eva LeighNew Books7r
Melinda LeighNew Books27m,r
Prue LeithNew Books35r
Jessica LemmonNew Books32r
Judith Lennox22r
Marion LennoxNew Books226r
Ann LethbridgeNew Books68r
David LevithanNew Books40f,m,r
Marc LevyNew Books10r
Beverly LewisNew Books135m,r
Susan LewisNew Books45m,r
Rosanna LeyNew Books8r
Miranda LiassonNew Books11r
Freda Lightfoot59r
Amy LillardNew Books43r
Caroline LindenNew Books31r
Johanna LindseyNew Books69f,r,s
Jane Linfoot10r
Rachael LippincottNew Books1r
Marjorie M Liu32f,h,m,r,s
Penelope Lively62r
Catherine LloydNew Books31r
Adriana LockeNew Books21r
Quinn LoftisNew Books29f,r
Norah Lofts68r
Julia LondonNew Books66r,s
Stefanie LondonNew Books40r
Julie Anne LongNew Books22r
Kelly LongNew Books23r
Vivienne LorretNew Books21r
Frankie LoveNew Books67m,r
Kathy Love25f,h,r
Merline LovelaceNew Books183f,m,r,s,t
Elizabeth Lowell71m,r,t
I T LucasNew Books30f,r
Jennie LucasNew Books108r
C J LyonsNew Books46m,r,t

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