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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with L BooksGenres
Mercedes LackeyNew Books242f,h,s
Mur LaffertyNew Books25f,s
John LanchesterNew Books12s
Derek LandyNew Books30f,h,s
Andrew LaneNew Books27f,m,s,t
Joe R LansdaleNew Books140f,h,m,s,t
B V LarsonNew Books66s
Keith Laumer110s,t
Stephen LawheadNew Books54f,s,t
Mark LawrenceNew Books21f,s
Ursula K Le GuinNew Books130f,s
Stephen LeatherNew Books112h,m,s,t
Tim LebbonNew Books74f,h,m,s
Ann LeckieNew Books6f,s
Michael Ledwidge18m,s
Fonda LeeNew Books5f,s
Sharon Lee82f,s
Tanith Lee126f,h,s
Yoon Ha LeeNew Books12s
Fritz LeiberNew Books96f,s
Stephen LeighNew Books28f,s
Peter LerangisNew Books67f,s,t
C S Lewis34f,s
Johanna LindseyNew Books69f,r,s
Jane Lindskold33f,s
David Liss31m,s,t
Ken LiuNew Books8f,s
Marjorie M Liu32f,h,m,r,s
Morgan LlywelynNew Books48f,s
Thomas LockeNew Books20s,t
Jack London69s,t
Julia LondonNew Books66r,s
Pittacus LoreNew Books41s
James LovegroveNew Books64h,m,s,t
Merline LovelaceNew Books183f,m,r,s,t
Shari LowNew Books20s
Nathan Lowell18f,s
Ken LozitoNew Books20s
Marie LuNew Books13f,s
Barry LygaNew Books27s

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