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 Thriller authors, surname starts with L BooksGenres
Linda LaddNew Books31m,r,t
Dewey LambdinNew Books29t
Louis L'AmourNew Books249t
Jon LandNew Books59h,m,t
Andrew LaneNew Books27f,m,s,t
Joe R LansdaleNew Books140f,h,m,s,t
Ward LarsenNew Books12t
Chris LarssonNew Books1t
William LashnerNew Books17m,t
Owen LaukkanenNew Books10m,t
Keith Laumer110s,t
Stephen LawheadNew Books54f,s,t
Mike LawsonNew Books13t
John Lawton15m,t
John Le CarréNew Books40t
David LeadbeaterNew Books35t
Stephen LeatherNew Books112h,m,s,t
Patrick LeeNew Books6t
Rachel LeeNew Books155h,m,r,t
Tosca LeeNew Books12f,t
Simon LelicNew Books7m,t
Peter LerangisNew Books67f,s,t
John LescroartNew Books37m,t
David Liss31m,s,t
Thomas LockeNew Books20s,t
Chuck Logan10m,t
Jack London69s,t
James LovegroveNew Books64h,m,s,t
Merline LovelaceNew Books183f,m,r,s,t
Robert Low12t
Tom LoweNew Books12m,t
Elizabeth Lowell71m,r,t
Jack Ludlow16t
Robert Ludlum37t
Alex Lukeman23t
Eric Van LustbaderNew Books57f,m,t
John LutzNew Books75m,t
Gayle Lynds25m,t
C J LyonsNew Books46m,r,t

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