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Lee Lamothe is a journalist and novelist. He is the author of Global Mafia, Criminal Acts II, Angels, Mobsters and Narco-terrorists, as well as the bestsellers Bloodlines: The Rise and Fall of the Mafia's Royal Family, The Sixth Family: The Collapse of the New York Mafia and the Rise of Vito Rizzuto and The Last Thief, a novel. He lives in Toronto.
Ray Tate and Djuna Brown Mystery
1. Free Form Jazz (2010)
2. Picasso Blues (2011)
3. Presto Variations (2013)
Ray Tate and Djuna Brown Mysteries (omnibus) (2013)
Charlie Tate & Elodie Gray Mystery
The Glass Pieces (2012)
Non fiction
Global Mafia (2000) (with Antonio Nicaso)
Bloodlines (2001) (with Antonio Nicaso)
New Global Mafia (2004)
Angels, Mobsters & Narco-terrorists (2005) (with Antonio Nicaso)
The Sixth Family (2006) (with Adrian Humphreys)