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Lucy Lord is a novelist and journalist who has written for The Times, Guardian, Independent, Evening Standard, Time Out and Arena. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys lying in hammocks, long lunches on beaches, cooking and throwing parties; she's never got the fuss about over-priced handbags. It's probably fair to say that her books reflect her interests.

REVELRY, 'a fresh, funny and honest look at young, professional, urban life in the hippest heart of London' follows the misadventures of Bella - 'Bridget Jones times 10' - and her chums as they gallivant around Ibiza, London and Glastonbury.

VANITY, the sequel, takes the reader from London to Ibiza, New York, LA, Paris, St Tropez, Paxos, the Hamptons. Thailand and Tuscany. 'Exotic, funny and warm, Vanity is a great read with plenty of entertaining characters.'
Bella and Poppy
   1. Revelry (2012)
   1.5. Party Night (2012)
   2. Vanity (2013)
   3. A Girl Called Summer (2012)