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Molly has always had a love affair with books. As a child in Toronto, Canada, she was fascinated by her local public library. It was a round building in a neighborhood of square bungalows and two-story homes. She was convinced that because of its unusual shape there had to be secret rooms and treasures inside the library. Despite the fact that she got a job there when she was fourteen, she never found the secret rooms - but she found lots of treasure: the books.

The books Molly enjoyed reading the most were the stories that also included a great romance. She spent one very delightful summer at her family's cottage devouring Harlequin doctor/nurse romance stories. Convinced she didn't want to be a librarian - after all you had to be quiet - Molly decided to pursue her love affair with the printed word by working in publishing. Since graduating from university she has worked as an editor, sales representative, publicist, and as an Internet producer.

It was during her publishing career that Molly took great admiration and courage from the many people who wrote manuscripts and sent them off to a publisher's slush pile, and decided to try her own hand at writing a Harlequin Temptation novel. Four years later, with a manuscript that was so very different from what she had started with, she sold her first book to the Harlequin Temptation line.

Since then she has delighted in being able to combine her passion for books by working on both sides of the business.

Genres: Romance
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