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Richard Lawson is the film critic for Vanity Fair and a co-host of V.F.'s Little Gold Men podcast. He has written for The Guardian, The Atlantic Wire, Gawker, and Out magazine, and has contributed to the Dinner Party Download radio show. Though currently living in New York City, Richard was born and ...

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
Richard Lawson recommends
Broken People (2020)
Sam Lansky
"Sam Lansky's debut novel Broken People goes spelunking into the caves of one man's insecurities. He's written a piercing book about many topical things--gay sex and love; addiction; real estate; the dumb binary of American coastal identity--while also tapping into something frighteningly universal. Lansky's book is a harrowing taxonomy of want, the material and the metaphysical gnawing away in bitter chorus. We've all ached like Sam, despite the foreign and rarefied circumstances of his experience. Both grim satire and nourishing, empathetic cri de coeur, Broken People is among the strangest and most thrilling reading experiences I've had this year. What terrible, selfish lives we all lead--and how beautiful our struggle to transcend them can be."

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