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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Sarah J MaasNew Books13f
Jonathan MaberryNew Books111f,h,m,s
Katie MacAlisterNew Books61f,h,r
Ben Macallan2f,h
R A MacAvoy16f
Megan McCafferty12f,r
Anne McCaffrey117f,s
Todd McCaffrey13f
Alexander McCall SmithNew Books129f,m
Bill McCay23f,m,s,t
Brian McClellanNew Books14f
Rachel McClellanNew Books15f
Colin McComb6f
Lyn McConchieNew Books37f,s
Ashley McConnell17f,h,s,t
Carolyn MacCullough5f,r
Kathy McCullough2f
Kelly McCulloughNew Books16f,s
Will McDermott9f
Ian McDonaldNew Books26f
L J McDonald6f,r
Sophia McDougall8f
K D McEntire3f
Myra McEntire4f,r
Oisín McGann37f
Terry McGarry4f
Katharine McGeeNew Books2f
Scott McGough13f
Tom McGowen9f
Alister McGrathNew Books28f
Eloise Jarvis McGraw21f
Kinley MacGregor14f,r
Trish J MacGregor3f
Catherine McGuire2f
Seanan McGuireNew Books35f,h,m,s
D J MacHaleNew Books37f,h
Steve McHughNew Books8f
Fiona McIntoshNew Books24f,r
Neil McIntosh3f
Juliet E McKennaNew Books21f
Lindsay McKennaNew Books188f,m,r,s,t
Richard McKenna5f,s
Kasey MacKenzie6f,h
Ross Mackenzie4f
Dixie Lee McKeone20f,r
Dennis L McKiernan29f
Patricia A McKillip40f
Robin McKinley20f
Teri McLaren3f
Michelle McLean8f,r
Suzanne McLeod6f,h
Lisa McMannNew Books25f,h,r
Bec McMasterNew Books14f,r
Kate McMullanNew Books119f,h
Sean McMullen24f,s
Eoin McNamee13f,t
Gretchen McNeilNew Books8f,h,r,t
Graham McNeillNew Books60f,s
Melissa McPhailNew Books4f
Michelle Maddox2f,r
Shawntelle Madison19f,r
Tahereh Mafi8f
Drew Magary7f
Scott James Magner5f
Trisha Magraw8f
Eden Maguire8f,r
Gregory Maguire35f,h
Karen Mahoney6f
Rebecca Maizel5f,r
Nina Malkin7f,r
H P MalloryNew Books30f,h
James Mallory13f
Paul Malmont4f,s
Geoffrey Malone11f,t
Terry Mancour17f
Marianne Mancusi11f,r
Lisa MangumNew Books9f,r
Evie ManieriNew Books3f
George MannNew Books39f,h,m,s
Lisa MantchevNew Books9f,r
Diana Marcellas3f
Lucy March3f,r
Melina MarchettaNew Books9f,m
John Marco11f
Marshall Ryan MarescaNew Books6f
Annette MarieNew Books8f
Juliet MarillierNew Books22f
Isaac MarionNew Books4f,h
Jeff MariotteNew Books80f,h,m,r,s
Anna MarklandNew Books47f,r
Laurie J Marks8f
Robert B MarksNew Books14f
Ari Marmell42f
Tim MarquitzNew Books41f,h
Melissa MarrNew Books35f,h,r
Zoë Marriott8f
Alex MarshallNew Books3f
Gail Z MartinNew Books71f
George R R MartinNew Books137f,h,s
Madeline MartinNew Books5f,r
Thomas K Martin6f
T Chris Martindale6f
Hanna Martine8f,r
Adrienne Martine-Barnes12f
A Lee MartinezNew Books14f,s
Misty Massey2f
Sophie Masson44f
Taran MatharuNew Books5f
M R MathiasNew Books50f
Hugh Matthews2f
Liz MaverickNew Books12f,r,s
James Maxey17f
James MaxwellNew Books7f
Elizabeth MayNew Books3f
Julian May26f,s
K C May16f
Bob MayerNew Books58f,r,s
Dale MayerNew Books112f,h,m,r
Shannon MayerNew Books42f
Richelle MeadNew Books46f,h,r,s
Jodi MeadowsNew Books12f,h,r
Scott Mebus5f
Kelly MedingNew Books16f,h,r
Shirley Meier6f,s
Jessica MeigsNew Books9f
Colin MeloyNew Books6f
Maile MeloyNew Books9f,r
Sienna Mercer26f,h
Liane Merciel8f
Alan Merrett6f
Shannon MessengerNew Books10f
Kate MessnerNew Books30f
Dawn Metcalf5f,r
Melinda Metz64f,h,m,r,s
Chris Metzen3f
Lena Meydan1f
Marissa MeyerNew Books11f
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Richard Meyers10f,t
Theresa Meyers20f,h,r
Livi Michael19f
Lynn Michaels17f,r
Karen Michalson3f
Mayandree Michel2f,r
Kristen MiddletonNew Books50f,r
China MiévilleNew Books25f,s
Mike MignolaNew Books44f,h,s
Victor MilánNew Books49f,s
Trish MilburnNew Books51f,r
Elizabeth Miles3f,r
Kate MilfordNew Books7f
Martin Millar14f
The Miller Brothers6f,t
John J Miller8f,h,s
Julie MillerNew Books94f,m,r,t
Karen MillerNew Books17f,s
Kirsten Miller9f,r
Kristin MillerNew Books30f,h,r
Sasha Miller14f
Lydia MilletNew Books17f
C J Mills4f
Craig Mills4f
K E Mills5f
Magnus MillsNew Books12f
Robert P Mills7f,s
Alex Milway10f
Megan MirandaNew Books7f,m,r
Sandy Mitchell17f,s,t
Saundra Mitchell9f,r
V E Mitchell6f,h,s
Miyuki Miyabe20f
L E Modesitt, JrNew Books80f,s
Sarah Monette10f
Karen Marie MoningNew Books22f,r
Devon Monk22f,h,r
Lee Monroe4f,r
Lucy MonroeNew Books140f,m,r
R A Montgomery88f,h,t
Elizabeth MoonNew Books39f,s
Michael Moorcock180f,s
Addison MooreNew Books28f,r
C L Moore27f
E S Moore6f,h,r
James A MooreNew Books42f,h,m
Moira J MooreNew Books10f,r
Roger E Moore10f
Sean A Moore4f
Vance Moore2f
Stephen Mooser54f
Katy Moran7f
Silvia Moreno-GarciaNew Books8f
Alexis MorganNew Books36f,h,r
Kass MorganNew Books7f
Kathleen Morgan31f,r
Rhenna MorganNew Books8f,r
Richard MorganNew Books13f,s
Chris Moriarty5f,s,t
A R Morlan14f,s
Alanna Morland2f
Chris Morris21f,s
Gerald Morris14f
Janet Morris54f,s
Kimberly Morris13f
Mark MorrisNew Books48f,h,m,s,t
Susan J Morris2f
Tee MorrisNew Books42f,h
Megan MorrisonNew Books2f
Peter Morwood19f,s
Alice Moss2f,h
Courtney Allison Moulton4f
Jean-Claude Mourlevat3f,h,t
Jaime Lee Moyer3f
Brandon MullNew Books30f
Mike Mullin4f
Zandria Munson3f,r
C E MurphyNew Books26f,h,r
Kevin Andrew Murphy6f
Pat Murphy24f,s
Doug Murray8f
Edward Myers26f
Tim Myers58f,m
Julie Myerson16f,t
Matt MykluschNew Books6f

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