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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Sarah J MaasNew Books17f
Jonathan MaberryNew Books109f,h,m,s
Katie MacAlister62f,h,r
R A MacAvoyNew Books17f
Anne McCaffrey117f,s
Todd McCaffreyNew Books14f
Alexander McCall SmithNew Books130f,m
Dinah McCall17f,r
Brian McClellanNew Books16f
Ed McDonaldNew Books2f
Ian McDonaldNew Books25f,s
Kinley MacGregor14f,r
Jamie McGuireNew Books23f,h,r
Seanan McGuireNew Books38f,h,m,s
D J MacHaleNew Books37f,h
Steve McHughNew Books9f
Fiona McIntoshNew Books25f,r
Juliet E McKenna21f
Lindsay McKennaNew Books193f,m,r,s,t
Dennis L McKiernan29f
Patricia A McKillip40f
Robin McKinley20f
Adrian McKintyNew Books21f,m
Lisa McMannNew Books26f,h,r
Bec McMasterNew Books16f,r
Tahereh MafiNew Books10f
Gregory MaguireNew Books36f,h
H P Mallory30f,h,r
Terry MancourNew Books20f
George MannNew Books41f,h,m,s
Michael G Manning13f,h
Juliet Marillier22f
Ari Marmell42f
Melissa Marr34f,h,r,s
John Marsden27f
Anne MarshNew Books43f,h,r
Alex MarshallNew Books3f
Gail Z MartinNew Books73f
George R R MartinNew Books98f,h,s
Kat MartinNew Books73f,m,r,t
Taran MatharuNew Books6f
M R MathiasNew Books54f
James MaxwellNew Books8f
Lisa MaxwellNew Books5f
Elizabeth MayNew Books3f
Julian May26f,s
Bob MayerNew Books60f,r,s
Dale MayerNew Books124f,h,m,r
Shannon MayerNew Books48f,h,r
Richelle MeadNew Books46f,h,r,s
Jodi MeadowsNew Books12f,h,r
David MealingNew Books2f
Kelly Meding16f,h,r
Maile MeloyNew Books9f,r
Sienna Mercer26f,h
Shannon MessengerNew Books11f
Marissa MeyerNew Books13f
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
China MiévilleNew Books25f,s
Victor MilánNew Books49f,s
Julie MillerNew Books96f,m,r,t
Karen MillerNew Books17f,s
Linda Lael MillerNew Books187f,r,s
Megan MirandaNew Books8f,m,r
L E Modesitt JrNew Books83f,s
Jonathan MoellerNew Books138f
Karen Marie MoningNew Books23f,r
Devon MonkNew Books24f,h,r
Lucy MonroeNew Books137f,m,r
Elizabeth MoonNew Books40f,s
Michael Moorcock176f,s
Addison MooreNew Books45f,r
Christopher MooreNew Books16f,h
James A MooreNew Books42f,h,m,s
Alexis Morgan36f,h,r
Kass MorganNew Books7f,r
Kathleen Morgan31f,r
Richard MorganNew Books13f,s
Gerald Morris14f
Mark MorrisNew Books49f,h,m,s,t
Carole MortimerNew Books367f,m,r
Brandon MullNew Books32f
C E MurphyNew Books27f,h,r
Jill MurphyNew Books39f
Tim MyersNew Books59f,m
Jill Myles13f,r

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