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 Horror authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Jonathan MaberryNew Books117f,h,m,s
Katie MacAlisterNew Books67f,h,r
Michael McBride36h,s
Robert R McCammonNew Books55h,m,t
Andy McDermottNew Books21h,t
Jamie McGuireNew Books25f,h,m,r
Seanan McGuireNew Books43f,h,m,s
D J MacHaleNew Books39f,h
Lisa McMannNew Books28f,h,r
Gregory Maguire36f,h
Josh MalermanNew Books7h
Ronald Malfi24h
Kerri ManiscalcoNew Books4h
George MannNew Books44f,h,m,s
Michael G Manning16f,h
Scott MarianiNew Books32h,t
Melissa MarrNew Books36f,h,r,s
Anne MarshNew Books53f,h,r
Gail Z MartinNew Books86f,h
George R R MartinNew Books104f,h,s
Robert MaselloNew Books19h,m,r,t
Graham MastertonNew Books129h,m
Richard Matheson74h,s
Dale MayerNew Books145f,h,m,r
Shannon MayerNew Books55f,h,r
Richelle Mead47f,h,r,s
Jodi MeadowsNew Books15f,h,r
Kelly MedingNew Books18f,h,r
William MeikleNew Books81h,m
Sienna Mercer26f,h
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Keith Miles56h
Denise MinaNew Books27h,m
D J MollesNew Books14h,s
Devon MonkNew Books30f,h,r
David MoodyNew Books29h
Christopher Moore16f,h,m
James A MooreNew Books49f,h,m,s
Syd MooreNew Books8f,h,m
Alexis MorganNew Books40f,h,m,r
Louisa MorganNew Books2h
Michael MorpurgoNew Books185h
David Morrell53h,m,s,t
Marcia Muller75h,m,r
C E MurphyNew Books30f,h,r

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