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 Horror authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Jonathan MaberryNew Books111f,h,m,s
David McAfee19h,t
Katie MacAlisterNew Books62f,h,r
Ben Macallan2f,h
Brett McBean8h
Michael McBrideNew Books37h
Tracie McBride7h
Sean McCabe2h
Robert R McCammonNew Books53h,m,t
Rebecca McCarthy16h
Annette McCleave5h,r
Ashley McConnell17f,h,s,t
Mimi McCoy9h
Tiffany McDaniel1h
Cathy McDavidNew Books59h,r
Andy McDermottNew Books18h,t
L J McDonald6f,h,r
Todd McFarlane36h,s
Linda Watanabe McFerrin7h
Gordon McGill14h
Jamie McGuireNew Books23f,h,r
Seanan McGuireNew Books38f,h,m,s
D J MacHaleNew Books37f,h
David A McIntee26h,s
Allie MackayNew Books9h,r
Kirsty McKay6h
Dave McKeanNew Books15h
Kasey MacKenzie6f,h
Paige McKenzieNew Books3h
Roger McKenzie9h,s
Shane McKenzie28h
Joe McKinney31h
Iain McKinnon5h
Gill McKnight14h,r
Bracken MacLeodNew Books8h
Suzanne McLeod6f,h
Gary McMahon32h
Lisa McMannNew Books26f,h,r
Kate McMullanNew Books120f,h
Gretchen McNeil8f,h,r,t
Cliff McNish12h
Frank D McSherry21h
Justin R Macumber14h
Paul MagrsNew Books56f,h,s
Gregory MaguireNew Books36f,h
Jahnna N Malcolm76h
Josh MalermanNew Books5h
Ronald MalfiNew Books25h
H P Mallory30f,h,r
Michael J MaloneNew Books9h,m
Alan MalrauxNew Books8h,r
Nick Mamatas26h,m
Mari MancusiNew Books24h,r
Kerri ManiscalcoNew Books2h
George MannNew Books40f,h,m,s
Paul ManneringNew Books16h,s
Michael G ManningNew Books13f,h
Adam MansbachNew Books18h
Scott MarianiNew Books29h,t
Isaac Marion4f,h
Jeff MariotteNew Books81f,h,m,r,s
Jeffrey Mariotte1h
Jan Mark86h
Graham Marks17h
Tim MarquitzNew Books44f,h
Melissa Marr34f,h,r,s
Anne MarshNew Books42f,h,r
George R R MartinNew Books136f,h,s
Les Martin22h,t
Jonathan Mary-Todd5h
Robert Masello18h,m,r,t
Marie Mason14h,r
Elizabeth MassieNew Books48h,m,r
Anthony Masters81h
Graham MastertonNew Books130h,m
Adriana MatherNew Books2h
Richard Matheson73h,s
Peter Mark May10h
Dale MayerNew Books122f,h,m,r
Shannon MayerNew Books46f,h,r
Stephfordy Mayo2h,r
Richelle MeadNew Books46f,h,r,s
Jodi MeadowsNew Books12f,h,r
Stephen Measday9h
Kelly Meding16f,h,r
William MeikleNew Books64h,m
Carlton Mellick IIINew Books57h
Paul Melniczek13h
Jeff Menapace16h
A J Menden4h,m,r
Sienna Mercer26f,h
Amy Meredith4h
Jon F MerzNew Books43h
Victor MethosNew Books46h,m,r
Melinda MetzNew Books65f,h,m,r,s
Lois Metzger11h
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Theresa Meyers20f,h,r
Ben MezrichNew Books20h
Ai Mi1h,r
Mark Michalowski6h,s
Mike MignolaNew Books45f,h,m,s
Trish MilburnNew Books55f,h,r
Keith Miles43h
Lawrence Miles13h,s
John J Miller8f,h,s
Kristin MillerNew Books31f,h,r
Rex Miller11h
Denise MinaNew Books25h,m
Barbara Mitchelhill39h
Briar Lee Mitchell17h
V E Mitchell6f,h,s
Rebecca Moesta37h,s
D J MollesNew Books12h,s
James Moloney25h
Susie Moloney21h,m
Hillary MonahanNew Books4h
Tony Monchinski10h
Devon MonkNew Books24f,h,r
Jill Monroe28h,r
Nessi Monstrata6h,r
Thomas F Monteleone42f,h,m,r,s
R A Montgomery88f,h,t
David MoodyNew Books26h
Christopher MooreNew Books16f,h
E S Moore6f,h,r
James A MooreNew Books41f,h,m,s
Syd MooreNew Books4f,h,m
Simon Morden14h,s
Alexis MorganNew Books36f,h,r
Lou MorganNew Books5h
Michael MorpurgoNew Books176h
David Morrell51h,m,t
Bryon Morrigan2h,t
Dave Morris75h,s
Mark MorrisNew Books48f,h,m,s,t
Paula Morris10h,r
Tee Morris41f,h
Hannah Moskowitz11h,r
Alice Moss2f,h
Jean-Claude Mourlevat3f,h,t
Janet Mullany13h,r
Marcia MullerNew Books73h,m
Brad MunsonNew Books9h
C E MurphyNew Books27f,h,r
Lee MurrayNew Books7h

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