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 Mystery authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Jonathan MaberryNew Books117f,h,m,s
Gillian McAllisterNew Books5m
Ed McBain101m
Stuart MacBrideNew Books27m
Susan McBride23m,r
Keith McCafferty7m
Alexander McCall SmithNew Books141f,m
Trish McCallanNew Books10m,r
Luke McCallin4m
Robert R McCammonNew Books55h,m,t
Erin McCarthyNew Books92f,m,r
Monica McCartyNew Books28m,r
Terrence McCauleyNew Books9m
Lorena McCourtneyNew Books53m,r
Ken McCoy28m
Shirlee McCoyNew Books84m,r
Kimberly McCreight5m
Nigel McCreryNew Books27m
Sharyn McCrumb35m
Colleen McCullough24m
Val McDermidNew Books66m
Alan McDermottNew Books13m,t
Fleur McDonaldNew Books14m,r
John D MacDonald90m,s
Megan McDonaldNew Books127m,r
Patricia MacDonaldNew Books20m,r
Ross MacDonald34m
Caimh McDonnellNew Books5m
Julie McElwainNew Books4m
Michael McGarrityNew Books16m
Chris McGeorgeNew Books2m
Brian McGilloway9m
Nancy McGovernNew Books44m
Claire McGowan8m
Jill McGown19m
Jamie McGuireNew Books25f,h,m,r
Seanan McGuireNew Books43f,h,m,s
Liam McIlvanney6m
Karen MacInerneyNew Books25m
Pat McIntosh12m
Malcolm MackayNew Books9f,m
Dawn Lee McKennaNew Books14m,r
Lindsay McKennaNew Books213f,m,r,s,t
Shannon McKennaNew Books25m,r
A J MacKenzie3m
Catherine McKenzieNew Books9m
Sophie McKenzieNew Books35m,t
G A McKevettNew Books26m
Jenn McKinlayNew Books34m,r
Clare MackintoshNew Books5m
Adrian McKintyNew Books22f,m
James A McLaughlin1m
Alistair MacLean40m,t
S G MacLeanNew Books9m
Charlotte MacLeod39m
Torquil MacLeod8m
Jennifer McMahonNew Books12m
Patrick F McManus40m
Gilly MacMillanNew Books5m
Judith McNaughtNew Books22m,r
Susan Elia MacNeal11m
Catriona McPhersonNew Books27m
Cricket McRae6m
Molly MacRaeNew Books12m
Dervla McTiernanNew Books2m
Meg Macy2m
J M MaddenNew Books37m,r
Mary Jane Maffini16m
Adrian MagsonNew Books29m,t
Sarah Maine3m
Barry MaitlandNew Books17m
G M Malliet12m
Henning Mankell37m
Catherine MannNew Books180m,r,t
George MannNew Books44f,h,m,s
Antonio ManziniNew Books4m
Emily MarchNew Books30m,r
Helena MarchmontNew Books4m
Phillip MargolinNew Books33m
Carol MarinelliNew Books313m,r,t
Loretta MarionNew Books2m
David MarkNew Books11m
Liza Marklund12m
Mary MarksNew Books8m
Margaret Maron42m,r
John MarrsNew Books6m
JJ MarshNew Books10m
Ngaio Marsh55m
Laura MarshallNew Books3m
Michael Marshall9m,t
Angela MarsonsNew Books15m
Edward MarstonNew Books73m,t
Andrew MartinNew Books19m
Faith MartinNew Books21m
Kat MartinNew Books84f,m,r,t
Nancy Martin40m,r
Dana MartonNew Books74m,r,t
Alex MarwoodNew Books6m
Robert MaselloNew Books19h,m,r,t
Sujata MasseyNew Books20m
Becky MastermanNew Books5m
Priscilla MastersNew Books32m
Graham MastertonNew Books129h,m
Francine Mathews12m
Alyssa MaxwellNew Books11m
Ann Maxwell15m,r,s
Edith MaxwellNew Books17m
Peter MayNew Books31m
Dale MayerNew Books145f,h,m,r
Margaret Mayhew25m
Andrew MayneNew Books18m
Archer MayorNew Books31m
Wendy MeadowsNew Books61m
The Medieval Murderers10m
Kate Medina4m
Nancy MehlNew Books33m,r
Leslie MeierNew Books35m,r
William MeikleNew Books81h,m
Mindy MejiaNew Books4m
Deborah Fletcher MelloNew Books53m,r
Marliss Melton31m,r,t
Brad Meltzer17m,t
Stephanie Merritt4m
Victor MethosNew Books49m
Sarah MeulemanNew Books1m
Deon MeyerNew Books14m,s,t
Denzil MeyrickNew Books11m
Alex MichaelidesNew Books1m
Barbara Michaels32m
Donna MichaelsNew Books48m,r
Fern MichaelsNew Books183m,r,s,t
Kasey Michaels146m,r
Kris MichaelsNew Books19f,m,r
Margaret Millar30m
Danny Miller4m
Julie MillerNew Books103f,m,r,t
Melissa F MillerNew Books35m
Serena B MillerNew Books25m,r
DiAnn MillsNew Books80f,m,r,t
Mark Mills8m,t
A A Milne42m
Denise MinaNew Books27h,m
Bernard MinierNew Books5m
Megan MirandaNew Books10f,m,r
Liz MistryNew Books6m
Caroline MitchellNew Books11m
Dreda Say Mitchell14m
Gladys Mitchell87m
Adam MitznerNew Books8m,t
Margaret MizushimaNew Books4m
Julie MoffettNew Books30m
Rick MofinaNew Books35m,t
Meghan Scott MolinNew Books2m
J S MonroeNew Books3m
Lucy MonroeNew Books149f,m,r
Richard Montanari17m
Chris MooneyNew Books13m,t
Addison MooreNew Books83f,m,r
Christopher Moore16f,h,m
James A MooreNew Books49f,h,m,s
Jonathan MooreNew Books6m
Syd MooreNew Books8f,h,m
Terrie Farley MoranNew Books8m
Kate MorettiNew Books6m
Alexis MorganNew Books40f,h,m,r
Phoebe MorganNew Books2m
Liane MoriartyNew Books14m,r,s
David Morrell53h,m,s,t
Laura Morrigan4m
Carole MortimerNew Books374f,m,r
John Mortimer57m
Kate MortonNew Books7m
Mandy Morton6m
Steve Mosby13m,t
Walter MosleyNew Books63m,s
Patricia Moyes20m
Liz MugaveroNew Books7m
T F MuirNew Books9m
Abir MukherjeeNew Books7m
Julie MulhernNew Books13m,r
Thomas Mullen5m
Marcia Muller75h,m,r
Paula MunierNew Books2m
Oscar De MurielNew Books7m
Shirley Rousseau MurphyNew Books52m
Warren Murphy157m,t
Amy MyersNew Books63m
Cindi MyersNew Books114m,r
Tamar Myers43m
Tim Myers59f,m

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