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 Mystery authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Jonathan MaberryNew Books109f,h,m,s
Gillian McAllisterNew Books2m
Jennifer McAndrews5m
Ed McBain102m
Colette McBethNew Books4m
Bonnie MacBirdNew Books2m
Stuart MacBrideNew Books25m
Susan McBrideNew Books23m,r
Keith McCaffertyNew Books6m
Alexander McCall SmithNew Books131f,m
Trish McCallanNew Books7m,r
Luke McCallin4m
Robert R McCammonNew Books54h,m,t
Erin McCarthyNew Books78m,r
Rob McCarthy2m
Monica McCartyNew Books26m,r
Lorena McCourtney38m,r
Judi McCoy20m
Ken McCoyNew Books28m
Shirlee McCoyNew Books68m,r
Kimberly McCreightNew Books5m
Nigel McCreryNew Books25m
Sharyn McCrumbNew Books35m
Colleen McCullough24m
Val McDermidNew Books52m
John D MacDonald92m,s
Megan McDonaldNew Books119m,r
Patricia J MacDonald18m
Ross MacDonald33m
Julie McElwain2m
Michael McGarrity15m
Brian McGillowayNew Books9m
Claire McGowanNew Books8m
Jill McGown19m
Mel McGrathNew Books1m
M J McGrath6m
Seanan McGuireNew Books38f,h,m,s
Laura McHugh2m
Karen MacInerneyNew Books20m
Ralph McInerny108m
Pat McIntosh12m
Malcolm Mackay7m
Lindsay McKennaNew Books194f,m,r,s,t
Shannon McKennaNew Books23m,r
A J MacKenzieNew Books2m
Sophie McKenzieNew Books34m,t
G A McKevettNew Books24m
Jenn McKinlayNew Books30m,r
Clare MackintoshNew Books3m
Adrian McKintyNew Books21f,m
Alistair MacLean40m,t
S G MacLeanNew Books7m
Charlotte MacLeod39m
Torquil MacLeod7m
Patricia McLinnNew Books55m,r
Jennifer McMahon10m
Patrick F McManus40m
Gilly MacMillanNew Books3m
Judith McNaught21m,r
Susan Elia MacNealNew Books10m
Catriona McPhersonNew Books22m
Cricket McRae6m
Molly MacRaeNew Books11m
Meg MacyNew Books1m
Mary Jane Maffini16m
Adrian MagsonNew Books28m,t
Barry Maitland16m
G M MallietNew Books13m
Henning MankellNew Books37m
Catherine MannNew Books158m,r,t
George MannNew Books41f,h,m,s
Antonio Manzini3m
Emily MarchNew Books21m,r
Connie di MarcoNew Books2m
Phillip MargolinNew Books31m
Carol MarinelliNew Books279m,r,t
David MarkNew Books9m
Liza Marklund13m
Mary MarksNew Books6m
Margaret MaronNew Books42m,r
J J Marric23m
John MarrsNew Books4m
Ngaio MarshNew Books55m
Laura MarshallNew Books1m
Michael Marshall9m,t
Angela MarsonsNew Books9m
Edward MarstonNew Books69m,t
Andrew MartinNew Books18m
Faith Martin17m
Kat MartinNew Books73f,m,r,t
Nancy Martin40m,r
Dana MartonNew Books70m,r,t
Alex MarwoodNew Books5m
Robert Masello18h,m,r,t
Sujata MasseyNew Books20m
Becky Masterman3m
Priscilla MastersNew Books31m
Graham MastertonNew Books125h,m
Francine MathewsNew Books12m
A E Maxwell11m
Alyssa MaxwellNew Books8m
Ann Maxwell15m,r,s
Edith MaxwellNew Books16m
Peter MayNew Books30m
Dale MayerNew Books124f,h,m,r
Margaret Mayhew25m
Archer MayorNew Books30m
Wendy MeadowsNew Books25m
The Medieval Murderers10m
Nancy MehlNew Books26m,r
Leslie MeierNew Books30m,r
Marliss Melton28m,r,t
Brad MeltzerNew Books35m,t
Dana MentinkNew Books59m,r
Patrick Mercer12m,t
D R Meredith24m
Victor MethosNew Books47h,m,r
Deon MeyerNew Books12m,s,t
Denzil MeyrickNew Books10m
Barbara Michaels32m
Fern MichaelsNew Books168m,r,s,t
Kasey Michaels144m,r
Cassie MilesNew Books107m,r,t
Mary Miley5m
Julie MillerNew Books96f,m,r,t
Melissa F MillerNew Books24m
Serena B MillerNew Books21m,r
DiAnn MillsNew Books76m,r,t
Mark Mills8m,t
Denise MinaNew Books26h,m
Bernard Minier4m
Megan MirandaNew Books8f,m,r
Lisa Miscione4m
Caroline MitchellNew Books9m
Dreda Say MitchellNew Books13m
Gladys Mitchell87m
Adam MitznerNew Books7m,t
Margaret MizushimaNew Books3m
G J MoffatNew Books5m
Julie Moffett22m
Rick MofinaNew Books33m,t
Lucy MonroeNew Books137f,m,r
Richard MontanariNew Books18m
Chris Mooney12m,t
James A MooreNew Books42f,h,m,s
Jonathan MooreNew Books5m
Terrie Farley Moran7m
Kate MorettiNew Books5m
Tamara MorganNew Books6m,r
Liane Moriarty11m,r,s
David Morrell51h,m,t
Laura Morrigan4m
Mark MorrisNew Books49f,h,m,s,t
Carole MortimerNew Books366f,m,r
Ian MortimerNew Books2m
John Mortimer57m
Kate Morton6m
Mandy MortonNew Books5m
Steve Mosby13m,t
Walter MosleyNew Books62m,s
Robert J MrazekNew Books9m
Liz MugaveroNew Books6m
T F Muir8m
Abir MukherjeeNew Books3m
Julie MulhernNew Books8m,r
Thomas MullenNew Books5m
Marcia MullerNew Books73h,m
Oscar De MurielNew Books5m
Shirley Rousseau MurphyNew Books51m
Amy Myers61m
Cindi MyersNew Books93m,r
Tamar Myers43m
Tim MyersNew Books59f,m
Lauren MyracleNew Books39m

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