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 Romance authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Molly McAdamsNew Books16r
Katie MacAlister62f,h,r
Anne McAllister122r
Susan McBrideNew Books23m,r
Amanda McCabeNew Books80r
Dinah McCall17f,r
Trish McCallanNew Books7m,r
Fiona McCallum6r
Erin McCarthyNew Books78m,r
Monica McCartyNew Books26m,r
Heather McCollumNew Books16r
Lorena McCourtney38m,r
Shirlee McCoyNew Books67m,r
Lurlene McDanielNew Books90r
Cathy McDavidNew Books59h,r
Megan McDonaldNew Books119m,r
Vickie McDonoughNew Books50m,r
Mhairi McFarlane8r
Katie McGarryNew Books14r
May McGoldrickNew Books33r
Janna MacGregorNew Books3r
Kinley MacGregor14f,r
Jamie McGuireNew Books23f,h,r
Monica McInerneyNew Books15r
Fiona McIntoshNew Books25f,r
Lindsay McKennaNew Books193f,m,r,s,t
Shannon McKennaNew Books23m,r
Sally MacKenzieNew Books21r
Jenn McKinlayNew Books30m,r
Tamara McKinley14r
LuAnn McLaneNew Books31r
Sharlene MacLarenNew Books20r
Cressida McLaughlinNew Books18r
Julianne MacLeanNew Books50r
Sarah MacLeanNew Books11r
Patricia McLinnNew Books55m,r
Barbara McMahonNew Books154r
Lisa McMannNew Books26f,h,r
Bec McMasterNew Books16f,r
Ali McNamaraNew Books8r
Judith McNaught21m,r
Mary McNearNew Books6r
Gil McNeil14r
Debbie MacomberNew Books362r
Jennifer McQuiston7r
Margo Maguire26r
Ann Major127r
Susan MalleryNew Books244r
Anne Mallory11r
H P Mallory30f,h,r
Margaret MalloryNew Books12r
Sarah MalloryNew Books54r
Chrissie ManbyNew Books34r
Mari MancusiNew Books25h,r
Catherine MannNew Books158m,r,t
Sarra Manning23r
Jill MansellNew Books34r
Emily MarchNew Books21m,r
Carol MarinelliNew Books279m,r,t
Mia Marlowe30r
Margaret MaronNew Books42m,r
Melissa Marr34f,h,r,s
Anne MarshNew Books43f,h,r
Deborah Martin11r
Holly MartinNew Books18r
Kat MartinNew Books73f,m,r,t
Laura MartinNew Books16r
Laura MartinNew Books13r
Nancy Martin40m,r
Dana MartonNew Books70m,r,t
Sandra MartonNew Books170r
Robert Masello18h,m,r,t
Connie Mason68r
Debbie MasonNew Books14r
Susan Anne MasonNew Books10r
Wendy MassNew Books39r,s
Anne MatherNew Books221r
Beryl Matthews20r
Carole MatthewsNew Books38r
Ann Maxwell15m,r,s
Cathy MaxwellNew Books46r
Sarah MayberryNew Books68r
Bob MayerNew Books60f,r,s
Dale MayerNew Books124f,h,m,r
Shannon MayerNew Books48f,h,r
Melissa Mayhue17r
Janice MaynardNew Books107r
Leila Meacham7r
Richelle MeadNew Books46f,h,r,s
Kate MeaderNew Books12r
Jodi MeadowsNew Books12f,h,r
Róisín MeaneyNew Books17r
Teresa Medeiros23r
Kelly Meding16f,h,r
Nancy MehlNew Books26m,r
Leslie MeierNew Books30m,r
Deborah Fletcher MelloNew Books44r
Maile MeloyNew Books9f,r
Marliss Melton28m,r,t
Dana MentinkNew Books59m,r
Christine MerrillNew Books63r
Victor MethosNew Books47h,m,r
Barbara Metzger71r
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Eleanor MeyersNew Books14r
Charis MichaelsNew Books4r
Fern MichaelsNew Books168m,r,s,t
Kasey Michaels144m,r
Elizabeth MichelsNew Books6r
Courtney Milan31r
Melanie MilburneNew Books207r
Ava MilesNew Books44r
Cassie MilesNew Books107m,r,t
Olivia MilesNew Books15r
Emma MillerNew Books39r
Judith Miller51r
Julie MillerNew Books96f,m,r,t
Linda Lael MillerNew Books187f,r,s
Serena B MillerNew Books21m,r
DiAnn MillsNew Books76m,r,t
Brenda MintonNew Books52r
Megan MirandaNew Books8f,m,r
Sarah MlynowskiNew Books47r
Lisa MondelloNew Books51r
Karen Marie MoningNew Books23f,r
Devon MonkNew Books24f,h,r
Lucy MonroeNew Books137f,m,r
Mary MonroeNew Books23r
Mary Alice MonroeNew Books23r
Max MonroeNew Books12r
Keira MontclairNew Books22r
Santa MontefioreNew Books21r
Sue MoorcroftNew Books19r
Addison MooreNew Books45f,r
Laura Moore11r
Margaret Moore67r
Meg Mitchell MooreNew Books4r
Alexis Morgan36f,h,r
Kass MorganNew Books7f,r
Kathleen Morgan31f,r
Sarah MorganNew Books181r
Tamara MorganNew Books6m,r
Liane Moriarty11m,r,s
Gilbert Morris274r
Lynn Morris22r
Mary B MorrisonNew Books24r
Pamela Morsi35r
Carole MortimerNew Books367f,m,r
Nancy MoserNew Books38r
Jojo MoyesNew Books17r
Julie MulhernNew Books8m,r
C E MurphyNew Books27f,h,r
Monica MurphyNew Books29r
Victoria Christopher MurrayNew Books30r
Cindi MyersNew Books93m,r
Jill Myles13f,r

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