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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Jonathan MaberryNew Books111f,h,m,s
Darko Macan4s
Paul McAuleyNew Books39s
Anne McCaffrey117f,s
Jesse Leon McCann45s
T C McCarthy6s
Wil McCarthy11s
Bill McCay23f,m,s,t
Michael McCollum19s
Mary Kay McComas32r,s
Lyn McConchieNew Books37f,s
Ashley McConnell17f,h,s,t
Una McCormackNew Books15s
Kelly McCulloughNew Books16f,s
David McDaniel9s,t
Jack McDevitt29s,t
James D Macdonald51s
John D MacDonald92m,s
Sandra McDonald19s
Steven E McDonald4s
Richard S McEnroe7s
Todd McFarlane36h,s
Mark Wayne McGinnisNew Books18s
Charles G McGraw4s
Seanan McGuireNew Books35f,h,m,s
David A McIntee28h,s
J T McIntosh24s
Will McIntoshNew Books11s
Vonda N McIntyre27s
David MackNew Books61s
R W Mackelworth5s
Lindsay McKennaNew Books188f,m,r,s,t
Richard McKenna5f,s
Roger McKenzie9h,s
Carolyn Mackler9r,s
Jay MacLarty4s
Iain McLaughlin6m,s
Ken MacLeodNew Books29s
Chris McMahon5s
Sean McMullen24f,s
Graham McNeillNew Books60f,s
Patricia Lee Macomber11s
Mike McPhailNew Books9s
Mike McQuay29s,t
Tom MacRae4s
Mark W McVeigh2s
Elliot S Maggin4s
Paul MagrsNew Books56h,s
Kurt Mahr36s
Sally MalcolmNew Books10s
Gemma Malley7s
Paul Malmont4f,s
Barry N Malzberg66m,s
Emily St. John Mandel4s
Andy Mangels19s
George MannNew Books39f,h,m,s
Paul ManneringNew Books15h,s
Reed Manning2s
Christopher MariNew Books2s
Jeff MariotteNew Books80f,h,m,r,s
Stephen Marley7s
Sondra Marshak8s
A J MarshallNew Books7s
Ian Marter11s
George R R MartinNew Books137f,h,s
Michael A Martin21s
Michael J Martineck4s
A Lee MartinezNew Books14f,s
Michael J Martinez4s
Jane B Mason73r,s
Wendy MassNew Books38r,s
Richard Matheson74h,s
Susan R MatthewsNew Books11s
Liz MaverickNew Books12f,r,s
Ann Maxwell15m,r,s
Julian May26f,s
Andrew P Mayer6s
Bob MayerNew Books58f,r,s
Ardath Mayhar71m,s
Richelle MeadNew Books46f,h,r,s
John Meaney10s
Shirley Meier6f,s
Paul Melko4s
R M Meluch18s
Douglas Menville11s
Judith Merril36s
Sam Merwin Jr24s
Simon Messingham7s
Gabriel Mesta3s
Melinda Metz64f,h,m,r,s
Jamie MetzlNew Books4m,s
Eric MeyerNew Books63s,t
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Yves Meynard7s
Robert Miall6s
Fern MichaelsNew Books166m,r,s,t
Mark Michalowski6h,s
China MiévilleNew Books25f,s
Mike MignolaNew Books44f,h,s
Victor MilánNew Books49f,s
Lawrence Miles13h,s
John Jackson MillerNew Books14s
John J Miller8f,h,s
Jon de Burgh Miller3m,s
Karen MillerNew Books17f,s
Linda Lael MillerNew Books183r,s
Steve MillerNew Books69s
Walter M Miller15s
Pat Mills16s
Robert P Mills7f,s
Brian Minchin2s
Kirk Mitchell19m,s
Sandy Mitchell17f,s,t
V E Mitchell6f,h,s
Laura J Mixon6s
L E Modesitt, JrNew Books80f,s
Doug Moench13s
Rebecca Moesta37h,s
Steve Mollmann4s
Thomas F MonteleoneNew Books45h,m,r,s
Elizabeth MoonNew Books39f,s
Michael Moorcock180f,s
Alan Moore2s
Deborah D Moore9s
Caiseal Mór14s
Simon MordenNew Books15h,s
Dan Morgan13s
Richard MorganNew Books13f,s
Chris Moriarty5f,s,t
A R Morlan14f,s
Chris Morris21f,s
Dave Morris75h,s
Janet Morris54f,s
Jonathan Morris13s
Mark MorrisNew Books48f,h,m,s,t
Grant Morrison63s
Lennox Morrison3s
James MorrowNew Books24s
Jim Mortimore17m,s
Peter Morwood19f,s
Mike Moscoe12s
Walter MosleyNew Books61m,s
M S Murdock9s
Pat Murphy24f,s
Will Murray66s,t

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