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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Jonathan MaberryNew Books117f,h,m,s
Paul McAuleyNew Books42s
Michael McBride36h,s
Anne McCaffrey117f,s
Todd McCaffrey15f,s
Kelly McCulloughNew Books17f,s
Jack McDevittNew Books32s,t
Ian McDonaldNew Books28f,s
John D MacDonald90m,s
Seanan McGuireNew Books43f,h,m,s
David MackNew Books44f,s
Lindsay McKennaNew Books213f,m,r,s,t
Ken MacLeodNew Books30s
Vasily MahanenkoNew Books16s
Emily St. John MandelNew Books5s
George MannNew Books44f,h,m,s
Melissa MarrNew Books36f,h,r,s
George R R MartinNew Books105f,h,s
A Lee Martinez14f,s
Wendy MassNew Books45r,s
Richard Matheson74h,s
Ann Maxwell15m,r,s
Julian May33f,s
Bob Mayer68f,r,s
Richelle Mead47f,h,r,s
Deon MeyerNew Books14m,s,t
Eric MeyerNew Books103s,t
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Fern MichaelsNew Books183m,r,s,t
China Miéville25f,s
Karen Miller17f,s
Linda Lael MillerNew Books199f,r,s
Steve Miller72s
L E Modesitt JrNew Books91f,s
D J MollesNew Books14h,s
Elizabeth Moon40f,s
Michael MoorcockNew Books179f,s
James A MooreNew Books49f,h,m,s
S J MordenNew Books2s
Kass MorganNew Books8f,r,s
Richard K MorganNew Books13f,s
Liane MoriartyNew Books14m,r,s
David Morrell53h,m,s,t
R N MorrisNew Books12m,s
Mike Moscoe12s
Walter MosleyNew Books63m,s

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