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 Thriller authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Richard L Mabry14t
David McAfee19h,t
Patricia McArdle1t
David McCalebNew Books2t
Robert R McCammonNew Books53h,m,t
Charles McCarry20t
Ava McCarthy4t
Geraldine McCaughreanNew Books159t
Bill McCay23f,m,s,t
Sharron McClellan11m,r,t
Ken McClure27t
Jess McConkey2t
Ashley McConnell17f,h,s,t
Max McCoy21t
Johnston McCulley35t
Peter McCurtin65t
Philip McCutchan101t
Charlie McDade19t
David McDaniel9s,t
Alan McDermott10t
Andy McDermottNew Books18h,t
Jack McDevittNew Books30s,t
Paul McEuen1t
Scott McEwen7t
Cody McFadyen5t
Sean McFateNew Books3t
Rob MacGregor22t
Brian McGrory5t
Helen MacInnes26t
John Macken4t
Lindsay McKennaNew Books191f,m,r,s,t
Sophie McKenzieNew Books34m,t
Steve MacKenzie15t
Alistair MacLean40m,t
Margaret McLean3t
Jane McLoughlin12m,t
Neil McMahon12m,t
Beth McMullenNew Books4m,r,t
Andy McNabNew Books58t
Eoin McNamee13f,t
Gretchen McNeil8f,h,r,t
Alastair MacNeill13t
Mike McQuay29s,t
G V Macrae1t
Stephen Maddock25t
Mike MadenNew Books5t
Adrian MagsonNew Books28m,t
Stephen Maher1t
Paul L Maier24m,t
Bethany Maines11m,r,t
Geoffrey Malone11f,t
Leo J MaloneyNew Books8t
Mack MaloneyNew Books41t
David Manderson1t
Catherine MannNew Books154m,r,t
Don MannNew Books23t
Wil MaraNew Books10t
Richard Marcinko20t
Seth Margolis11t
Scott MarianiNew Books29h,t
Carol MarinelliNew Books281m,r,t
Ted Mark33t
Q R Markham1t
Jack MarsNew Books9t
Michael Marshall9m,t
Edward MarstonNew Books68m,t
Kat MartinNew Books72f,m,r,t
Les Martin22h,t
Tom Martin2t
Steve MartiniNew Books20t
Dana MartonNew Books70m,r,t
Robert Masello18h,m,r,t
Andy MaslenNew Books8t
F Van Wyck Mason69t
Lynn Mason6r,t
Alana Matthews9m,r,t
Jason MatthewsNew Books3t
Jessica Matthews43m,r,t
Lori A May3m,r,t
Dan Mayland4t
J K Mayo6t
Simon Mayo5t
Glenn MeadeNew Books12t
Brian Meehl6t
Marliss Melton28m,r,t
Brad MeltzerNew Books35m,t
Antony Melville-Ross10t
Patrick Mercer12m,t
Stephen MertzNew Books32m,t
Deon MeyerNew Books12m,s,t
Eric MeyerNew Books69s,t
L A Meyer14t
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Richard Meyers10f,t
David Michaels12t
Fern MichaelsNew Books168m,r,s,t
Cassie MilesNew Books107m,r,t
The Miller Brothers6f,t
A D Miller2t
Derek B Miller2t
Hugh Miller60m,t
John Ramsey Miller10m,t
Julie MillerNew Books95f,m,r,t
Susan Martins MillerNew Books26t
DiAnn MillsNew Books75m,r,t
Jenna Mills20m,r,t
Kyle MillsNew Books18t
Mark Mills8m,t
Meesha Mink8r,t
Sandy Mitchell17f,s,t
Adam MitznerNew Books7m,t
Rick MofinaNew Books33m,t
Gerald Montgomery4t
R A Montgomery88f,h,t
Chris Mooney12m,t
Ted Mooney4m,t
Robin Moore55t
Sandra K Moore5m,r,t
Jane Morell17m,t
Jennifer MoreyNew Books46m,r,t
Chris Moriarty5f,s,t
David Morrell51h,m,t
Bryon Morrigan2h,t
Mark MorrisNew Books48f,h,m,s,t
Boyd MorrisonNew Books9t
Steve MosbyNew Books13m,t
Miriam Moss1t
Todd MossNew Books4t
Kate Mosse13t
Anders De La MotteNew Books8m,t
Ahmed Mourad1t
Jean-Claude Mourlevat3f,h,t
Robert MuchamoreNew Books36t
James Mullaney40t
John F Mullins4t
Devin MurphyNew Books2t
Warren Murphy152m,t
Alan Murray2t
Will Murray66s,t
Bill MyersNew Books147t
Julie Myerson16f,t

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