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 Thriller authors, surname starts with M BooksGenres
Robert R McCammonNew Books55h,m,t
Charles McCarry20t
Ken McClure28t
Philip McCutchan128t
Alan McDermottNew Books13m,t
Andy McDermottNew Books21h,t
Jack McDevittNew Books32s,t
Scott McEwenNew Books10t
Cody McFadyen5t
Sean McFateNew Books4t
Helen MacInnes25t
Lindsay McKennaNew Books213f,m,r,s,t
Sophie McKenzieNew Books35m,t
Alistair MacLean40m,t
Andy McNabNew Books59t
Mike MadenNew Books7t
Adrian MagsonNew Books29m,t
Leo J MaloneyNew Books11t
Catherine MannNew Books180m,r,t
Don MannNew Books26t
Tom MarcusNew Books3t
Scott MarianiNew Books32h,t
Carol MarinelliNew Books313m,r,t
Ted Mark33t
Jack MarsNew Books12t
Michael Marshall9m,t
Edward MarstonNew Books73m,t
Kat MartinNew Books84f,m,r,t
Steve Martini21t
Dana MartonNew Books74m,r,t
Robert MaselloNew Books19h,m,r,t
Andy MaslenNew Books16t
Jason Matthews4t
Simon Mawer12t
Simon Mayo6t
Glenn MeadeNew Books13t
Marliss Melton31m,r,t
Brad Meltzer17m,t
Deon MeyerNew Books14m,s,t
Eric MeyerNew Books103s,t
L A Meyer14t
Stephenie MeyerNew Books21f,h,r,s,t
Fern MichaelsNew Books183m,r,s,t
Julie MillerNew Books103f,m,r,t
DiAnn MillsNew Books80f,m,r,t
Kyle MillsNew Books19t
Mark Mills8m,t
Adam MitznerNew Books8m,t
Rick MofinaNew Books35m,t
Chris MooneyNew Books13m,t
David Morrell53h,m,s,t
Boyd MorrisonNew Books10t
Steve Mosby13m,t
Kate MosseNew Books16t
Robert MuchamoreNew Books38t
Warren Murphy157m,t

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