Pamela Macaluso

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Pamela Macaluso, a California romance author, who had some fame as a romance novelist for Silhouette Desire, was a victim of a murder suicide in March 1997.

Pamela Macaluso, a 42-year-old writer who lived by the motto 'love conquers all', was murdered by her husband Joe, a career military man, at their Californian home in 1997. He then turned the gun on their two sons and then himself. According to friends, the author had finally plucked up the courage to tell him she wanted to end their 20-year marriage because of the way he treated her. 

Pamela, who worked on her final novel, The Cowboy Who Came In From The Cold, on the night of her death, told friends she believed 'love will win'.

One said: "Her motto was love would conquer all, but she was out of love with Joe, and Joe wasn't about to let her go."

Pamela's writing came to be seen by her husband as a threat to his position.

Kit Dee, a friend, said: "Joe never acknowledged Pam's writing, even when she bought him a Harley-Davidson motorbike with her first royalty cheque. He called her writing her hobby. She could do it, as long as it didn't interfere with his dinner being on the table on time."

Joe Macaluso shot his wife once, then turned the gun on his two sons, aged 18 and 14, killing them both. He later crawled into bed and lay by his wife's body before shooting himself in the head.

Cleo Barnes, the dead author's mother, has opened a trust fund in her name. All proceeds from future sales of her novels will go towards helping victims of domestic violence.

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