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Terror x 3

Three Horror Anthologies
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Terror x 3: Three Horror Anthologies

Now you can get three of A/A Productions' horror anthologies in one "boxed set" ebook!

FORBIDDEN TEXTS: From H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon to The Voynich Manuscript, from the Rongorongo artifacts to The Georgia Guidestones, from The Oerea Linda Book to The Book of Soyga, certain arcane writings, it seems, are not to be read - or at least not fully fathomed - by ordinary mortals. The stories in Forbidden Texts, however, each dealing with a document from beyond the pale, are not only designed to be read - their contents have already proven their ability to creep into the shadows of one's mind and linger, awakening dark visions, etching themselves into your memory. While one of our narratives details a newly discovered work of outre erudition, three of the tales have been brought back to light from relative antiquity. Your humble editor and authors delved past the wards and sigils of obscurity, spelunking into the dungeons and mist-shrouded tombs of classic tomes. At long last we smuggled these forgotten manuscripts back from their time-eroded publications to be unleashed once more upon the waking world, our purpose to shock, thrill and entertain you anew.

SWORD AND ZOMBIE: Four tales of monstrous magic and sorcerous swordplay! Wudewasas - Eric S. Brown, getting medieval with his infamous Bigfoot Wars series! Warlock - by William Meikle. The Work We Have in Hand - A short novel by G. W. Thomas. Silver Daemonsdotter and The Cracked Wax Seal - Rebecca L. Brown

DARK HIGHWAYS - Everyone loves a road trip - but remember the pavement we travel is always black as night, as if it's been collecting shadows... You've just thumbed a ride with five scribes from the dark side of the highway... Damned Potholes - Michael A. Arnzen - Damned potholes ... literally! Black '47 - Lorelei Shannon - A haunted hearse that makes Christine look like The Love Bug... Black Trailer - John A. Burks, Jr. - A demon-possessed semi trailer (or is it?)... Companion - David Bain - A roadside encounter with a bad, bad man... 5:53 - C. Dennis Moore - A quick trip to the pizza shop twists and turns into the unknown...

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November 2013 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Terror x 3: Three Horror Anthologies
Author(s): David Bain, James Newman, C Dennis Moore, Eric S Brown, William Meikle, Nicholas Knight, Michael A Arnzen, John A Burks, G W Thomas
Publisher: a/a Productions
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