All authors, surname starts with N Books
Barbara NadelNew Books34
Nancy NaigleNew Books37
Anita Nair22
NakoNew Books51
John J Nance27
R K Narayan43
B T NarroNew Books23
Elisabeth NaughtonNew Books51
Toby NealNew Books35
Kitty NealeNew Books27
Betty Neels218
Barbara Neely5
Carla Neggers104
Andrew Neiderman47
Chloe NeillNew Books30
James L Nelson28
Edith NesbitNew Books45
Jo NesbøNew Books29
Patrick Ness20
Håkan NesserNew Books17
Nele Neuhaus6
K M NeuholdNew Books43
Adam NevillNew Books16
Miranda Neville20
Stuart NevilleNew Books9
J NewNew Books8
Sheila NewberryNew Books33
Kim Newman48
Peter NewmanNew Books10
Olivia NewportNew Books41
Jessie NewtonNew Books5
Michael NewtonNew Books185
Sara NeyNew Books28
Celeste NgNew Books6
Natasha NganNew Books5
Erin NicholasNew Books72
Adam NichollsNew Books34
David Nicholls5
Barbara NicklessNew Books5
Chris NicksonNew Books54
Jennifer A NielsenNew Books24
Jenny Nimmo67
Jennifer NivenNew Books10
Larry NivenNew Books108
Garth NixNew Books56
Elise NobleNew Books58
Elizabeth NobleNew Books11
Shelley NobleNew Books18
Alyson Noël33
Sarah NoffkeNew Books81
Kait NolanNew Books38
Lynette NoniNew Books10
Ruth Ann NordinNew Books117
August NormanNew Books2
John Norman45
Stephanie Nicole NorrisNew Books45
Alex NorthNew Books2
Claire NorthNew Books13
Lauren NorthNew Books2
Leslie NorthNew Books293
Andre Norton245
Graham NortonNew Books5
Brenda NovakNew Books105
Zara NovakNew Books19
Naomi NovikNew Books18
Liz NugentNew Books4
Sigrid NunezNew Books9
Judy Nunn20
Kayte NunnNew Books5
Christopher G NuttallNew Books125

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