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 All authors, surname starts with N BooksGenres
Magdalen Nabb17m
Barbara NadelNew Books32m
Nancy NaigleNew Books25m,r
V S Naipaul42
John J Nance26t
William Napier7
Sophia Nash13r
Elisabeth NaughtonNew Books41f,m,r
Rhiannon Navin1m
Roz Nay1m
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor143h
Toby NealNew Books43m
Kitty NealeNew Books24r
Betty NeelsNew Books202r
Carla NeggersNew Books101m,r
Andrew Neiderman47m,r
Chloe NeillNew Books27f,h,r
Fiona NeillNew Books6m
James L NelsonNew Books26t
Jo NesbøNew Books29m
Patrick NessNew Books20f,h,s
Håkan NesserNew Books16m
Nele Neuhaus6m
Sylvain NeuvelNew Books4s
Adam Nevill14h
Katherine Neville8f,m,r
Miranda NevilleNew Books20r
Stuart Neville8m
Sheila Newberry28
Vicky NewhamNew Books2m
Emma NewmanNew Books15f,s
Kim NewmanNew Books47f,h,m,s
Peter NewmanNew Books9f
Celeste NgNew Books5
Erin NicholasNew Books39r
John Nicholl6m
Stan Nicholls28f,s
Scott Nicholson88h,s
Chris NicksonNew Books48m
Christopher NicoleNew Books215m,r
Jennifer A NielsenNew Books18f
Audrey Niffenegger11s
Jenny NimmoNew Books67f,h
Larry NivenNew Books98f,s
Garth NixNew Books51f,h
Joan Lowery Nixon139
Elizabeth Noble10
Shelley NobleNew Books13m,r
Joe NobodyNew Books37s
Alyson Noël34f,m,r
Lynette NoniNew Books7f
Ruth Ann NordinNew Books92r
Hilary Norman26m
John Norman43f,s
Claire North10s
Freya North20r
Andre NortonNew Books241f,h,s
Graham NortonNew Books4m
Brenda NovakNew Books95m,r
Naomi NovikNew Books16f,s
Liz Nugent3m
Judy Nunn18
Christopher G NuttallNew Books102f,s
Jody Lynn NyeNew Books59f,s

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