All authors, surname starts with O Books
*Eden O'Neill14
*Joyce Carol Oates202
**Patrick O'Brian44
*Anne O'Brien35
*Jenny O'Brien19
*Kevin O'Brien23
Megan O'Brien14
*Carol O'Connell15
Bryce O'Connor12
**Carlene O'Connor13
Karen Odden5
Scott Oden8
*Tee O'Fallon10
*Maggie O'Farrell14
*Chris Offutt9
**Sheila O'Flanagan38
G J Ogden41
Axie Oh4
Kate O'Hearn23
*Kristina Ohlsson10
***Janette Oke107
*Molly O'Keefe71
Nnedi Okorafor24
Daniel José Older27
Nick Oldham35
*Beth O'Leary5
Caitlyn O'Leary44
*Lauren Oliver26
*Lisa Oliver94
SM Olivier10
Ollie Ollerton4
**Gregg Olsen62
*Melissa F Olson20
Peter O'Mahoney27
*Tricia O'Malley43
*Mike Omer10
Stewart O'Nan24
*Barbara O'Neal14
Louise O'Neill6
Kenneth Oppel42
*Bill O'Reilly36
*Diana Orgain39
**Emily Organ33
George Orwell67
Alexey Osadchuk15
Jaclyn Osborn37
*K E Osborn67
*Bella Osborne31
*Erin Osborne68
**Mary Pope Osborne110
Kirsten Osbourne220
***Alice Oseman12
Perri O'Shaughnessy15
****Richard Osman3
Aaron Oster39
Ronnie O'Sullivan5
***James Oswald17
Sean Oswald13
C M Owens50
**Delia Owens1
*Robin D Owens36
Sandra Owens27

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