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C S PacatNew Books5f,r
Victoria PadeNew Books117m,r
Leonardo Padura7
Maxine PaetroNew Books31r,t
Emma Page19m
Katherine Hall PageNew Books33m
Lynda Page33r
Danielle PaigeNew Books21f
Laurie PaigeNew Books95m,r
Robin Paige12m
Rochelle PaigeNew Books9
Lauran Paine254
Kristen PainterNew Books37f,h,m,r
R J PalacioNew Books11s
Chuck Palahniuk20h
Charles Palliser5
Félix J Palma5s
Joshua PalmatierNew Books18
Ada PalmerNew Books3s
Catherine PalmerNew Books62r
Daniel PalmerNew Books9
Diana PalmerNew Books321m,r,s
Fiona PalmerNew Books13
Linda Palmer5m
Liza PalmerNew Books7
Matthew PalmerNew Books4t
Michael PalmerNew Books26m,t
Pamela Palmer18f,h,r
Stuart Palmer21m
Tom PalmerNew Books32
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson3r
C M Palov4t
Dennis PalumboNew Books8
Mimi Jean PamfiloffNew Books22f,m,r
Tara PammiNew Books61r
Orhan PamukNew Books15
Gigi Pandian8f,m
Allison PangNew Books6f
Mike Pannett8m
Brian PanowichNew Books2
Darlene Panzera16
Christopher Paolini9f
Lisa PapademetriouNew Books36f,r
Cindy Spencer PapeNew Books21
Sharon PapeNew Books12m
Marilyn PappanoNew Books105m,r,t
Sara ParetskyNew Books35m
Edith Pargeter39
Margaret Pargeter56r
B A ParisNew Books3m,t
Herman ParishNew Books53
Peggy Parish26
Barbara Park58
Jessica ParkNew Books10r
Linda Sue ParkNew Books26t
Tony Park14t
Ann Parker5m
Barbara Parker12
C L Parker3
I J Parker31m
Jade Parker4
K J ParkerNew Books41f
Kate ParkerNew Books10m
Olivia Parker3r
Richard ParkerNew Books1m
Robert B Parker90m
T Jefferson ParkerNew Books28m,t
Una-Mary Parker25
Victoria ParkerNew Books17r
Penny ParkesNew Books4r
Adele ParksNew Books24r
Brad ParksNew Books9m
Carrie Stuart ParksNew Books5m
Tim ParksNew Books36
Delia Parr22r
Nancy J ParraNew Books17m
S J ParrisNew Books8m
Leslie Parrish5h,r
P J Parrish17m,t
Robin Parrish17t
Bronwyn ParryNew Books9
Owen Parry8
Craig Parshall17h
Sandra Parshall6m
Julie ParsonsNew Books8m
Kelly Parsons2m
Tony Parsons6
Tony ParsonsNew Books22m
Francine Pascal708f,r
Stephan PastisNew Books25
Ben Pastor7m
Allison PatakiNew Books4
Jessica R PatchNew Books17m,r
Ann Patchett13r
Carrie PatelNew Books3
Katherine Paterson62
Den PatrickNew Books9f
Phaedra PatrickNew Books2
Renee PatrickNew Books2m
Seth PatrickNew Books4
Lewis B Patten127m
Daniel Patterson5
Jack PattersonNew Books38f,m,t
James PattersonNew Books316f,m,r,s,t
Janis Patterson5
Richard North Patterson25m,t
Ty PattersonNew Books23t
Beth Pattillo13m
James Pattinson100m
Eliot PattisonNew Books14m,s
Vicky PattisonNew Books5r
Jack Patton10f
Lisa Patton3r
Donita K Paul16f
Gill PaulNew Books20r
Graham Sharp PaulNew Books7
Paula PaulNew Books21m
T S PaulNew Books29f,s
Laline PaullNew Books2m
Gary Paulsen193t
Bonnie R PaulsonNew Books47
Michelle Paver23f,h
Chris Pavone3t
Renée PawlishNew Books39
Stuart Pawson13m
Diana L Paxson38f
David PeaceNew Books11m
Caro Peacock9m
Shane PeacockNew Books22
Lilian Peake66r
Mervyn Peake29f
R W PeakeNew Books16
Jackson PearceNew Books13f,r
Kate PearceNew Books11h,r
Mary E Pearce14
Michael Pearce29m
Roger Pearce2t
Matthew PearlNew Books9m,t
Iain Pears13m
Tim PearsNew Books10
Lesley PearseNew Books28m,r
Allison PearsonNew Books3
Mark Pearson6m
Mary E Pearson19f
Ridley PearsonNew Books60f,m,t
Ryne Douglas Pearson15t
Jane Peart62r
Richard Peck57
Peggy O'Neal PedenNew Books1m
Chrissy PeeblesNew Books86f,r
Ben PeekNew Books18
Nicole Peeler13f,r
Mal Peet19h
Alexey Pehov5f
Lincoln PeirceNew Books48
Sarah PekkanenNew Books12
George Pelecanos26m
Marcus Pelegrimas8f
Judith Pella51
Nicky PellegrinoNew Books11r
Margaret Pemberton41
Victor Pemberton18s
Daniel Pembrey8m
Sophie PembrokeNew Books48r
Matt de la PeñaNew Books14f
Joanne PenceNew Books35m
Don PendletonNew Books768
Don Pendleton69t
Jean E PendziwolNew Books2
Sharon Kay PenmanNew Books15f,r
J F PennNew Books19t
Stephen PennerNew Books26m
Stef Penney3
David Penny5m
Louise PennyNew Books19m
Sara PennypackerNew Books29
Andrea PenroseNew Books4m
Hugh Pentecost72m
Otto PenzlerNew Books106h,m
Andrew Pepper6m
Angela PepperNew Books21
Benjamin PercyNew Books8h
Frank PerettiNew Books50
Arturo Pérez-Reverte15
Robin Perini21m,r,t
Stephanie PerkinsNew Books6r
Elizabeth PeronaNew Books3
Kayla PerrinNew Books51r
Jane Myers Perrine13r
Tom PerrottaNew Books13
Stephanie Perry Moore77
Anne PerryNew Books112f,m,t
Carol J PerryNew Books10m
Devney PerryNew Books3
Karen PerryNew Books6m
Kate Perry38
Leigh PerryNew Books4m
Lisa Marie PerryNew Books14r
Marta PerryNew Books84m,r
S D PerryNew Books33s
Sarah PerryNew Books3
Steve Perry75f,s,t
Tasmina PerryNew Books16m,r
Thomas PerryNew Books29m,t
Terri Persons3m
Leif G W Persson7m
Marisha Pessl2
Diana PeterfreundNew Books18f,r,t
Robyn PetermanNew Books21f,r
Elizabeth PetersNew Books47m
Ellis PetersNew Books52m
Maureen Peters84
Ralph PetersNew Books24
Jenna Petersen16r
Jolina PetersheimNew Books5
Alice Peterson12r
Andrew Peterson6t
Ann Voss PetersonNew Books58m,r,t
Holly PetersonNew Books3r
Mark Peterson2
Tracie PetersonNew Books146r
Will Peterson3
Chris PetitNew Books9
Nick PetrieNew Books3m
Vicki Pettersson18f,h
Dani PettreyNew Books11m,r
Elizabeth Pewsey12r
Ralph PezzulloNew Books31m,t
Susan Beth Pfeffer81f,r,t
James PhelanNew Books28f,m,t
Helen PhiferNew Books8h,m
Rodman PhilbrickNew Books28
Gillian PhilipNew Books21f
Carly PhillipsNew Books53r
Clyde Phillips4
Gin PhillipsNew Books5m
Laura Jo Phillips21
Lisa PhillipsNew Books37m,r
Louise Phillips4
Michael PhillipsNew Books72r,t
Richard PhillipsNew Books13s
Susan Elizabeth Phillips25r
Gervase PhinnNew Books54
Adrian Phoenix10f,h
Airicka PhoenixNew Books21
Tom Piccirilli62h,m,s
Liz PichonNew Books38
Nancy Pickard26m
Joan Elliott Pickart110m,r
Andrea Pickens18
Cathy Pickens6
Jodi Picoult36m,r,s,t
Steve Pieczenik34t
Blake PierceNew Books30m
Tamora PierceNew Books40f
Marge Piercy43
Aprilynne PikeNew Books14f,r
Charles R Pike22
Christopher Pike115f,h,r
Penny Pike3
Robin Pilcher7
Rosamunde Pilcher49
Dav PilkeyNew Books75s
John Pilkington18m
Paul PilkingtonNew Books7m
Maggie PillNew Books5m
Sarah Pinborough32f,h,m,s
A J PineNew Books11
Caridad PiñeiroNew Books70f,h,m,r
R J PineiroNew Books18t
Jason PinterNew Books11t
Stefanie Pintoff5m
H Beam Piper36m,s
T W PiperbrookNew Books28h
Nick Pirog16m
Jenny Pitman8m
Richard Pitman12
Allison PittmanNew Books18
Jean Plaidy116m
Belva Plain24r
Neil PlakcyNew Books22m
M C Planck4f,s
Sylvia Plath8
Allie PleiterNew Books45r
Amy PlumNew Books9f
Lisa PlumleyNew Books50r
Dan PoblockiNew Books12h,m
Edgar Allan Poe54
Frederik Pohl138s
Daniel Polansky12f,s
Rhonda PolleroNew Books10m,r
Donald Ray Pollock11t
J C Pollock7
Cindy PonNew Books5f
Michael PonsorNew Books2m
James PontiNew Books20f,h,m,t
Gabriella Poole5f
Christine PopeNew Books63f,r,s
Dudley Pope38
Jamie PopeNew Books14r
Robin T Popp10f,r
Donald Clayton Porter35
Henry PorterNew Books7t
Jane PorterNew Books107r
Sarah PorterNew Books7f
Andrea PortesNew Books5
Jay PoseyNew Books5
Ashley PostonNew Books3
Alexandra Potter11r
Beatrix Potter4
Patricia Potter66m,r
Stan Pottinger5
Oliver PötzschNew Books11f,m
David A PoulsenNew Books25m
Sibéal PounderNew Books6f
J R Pournelle1
Jerry Pournelle93s
Anthony Powell49
Laura PowellNew Books6f
Mark PowellNew Books5t
Mark Powell2t
Elizabeth PowerNew Books45r
P S PowerNew Books84
Richard Powers11
Tim Powers27f
David PoyerNew Books39t
Heather Graham Pozzessere43f,m,r
Menna van Praag6r
Terry Pratchett143f,s
Richard S Prather51m
Brian S Pratt20
Scott PrattNew Books18m
T A Pratt18f
Tim PrattNew Books34f,h
James PrellerNew Books101
Michael Prescott24
Summer PrescottNew Books68m
Rose PresseyNew Books54f,h,m,r
Steven Pressfield17m,t
Douglas PrestonNew Books45t
Fayrene Preston59r
Janice PrestonNew Books16r
Natasha PrestonNew Books14m,r
Richard Preston10t
Anthony Price20m
Cate Price3m
Daniel PriceNew Books3
Eugenia Price46
Kalayna PriceNew Books8f,h,r
Katie Price43r
Richard Price10
Sarah PriceNew Books47
Steven Price1m
Susan Price53f,h
Cherie PriestNew Books24f,h,m,s
Christopher Priest28f
Chris PriestleyNew Books30h,t
J B Priestley88m
Emma PrinceNew Books21f,r
Sarah PrineasNew Books13f
Sandra Prior4
Jeff Probst11
Jennifer ProbstNew Books25r
Kristen ProbyNew Books19r
Candice Proctor7
Bill PronziniNew Books227f,h,m,s,t
Annie Proulx22
Marcel Proust24
Amanda ProwseNew Books25m,r
Malcolm Pryce7m
Nicola PryceNew Books2
Lindsay J PryorNew Books8f,r
Mark PryorNew Books10m
Stephen PulestonNew Books11
Natasha PulleyNew Books2f
Philip PullmanNew Books52f,m
Mary Monica Pulver9m
E R Punshon40m
Murray Andrew Pura86
Deirdre PurcellNew Books27m,r
Kathryn PurdieNew Books2f
Alexia PurdyNew Books47f,r
Ann Purser27m
Libby PurvesNew Books29
Cara C PutmanNew Books19m,r
David PutnamNew Books7t
Jonathan F PutnamNew Books2m
M J Putney4f
Mary Jo PutneyNew Books65r,s
Mario Puzo13m
Barbara Pym14
Thomas Pynchon15
Daniel PyneNew Books4m
Andrew PyperNew Books21h

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