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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with P BooksGenres
Danielle PaigeNew Books24f
Kristen PainterNew Books44f,h,m,r
Pamela Palmer18f,h,r
Mimi Jean PamfiloffNew Books31f,m,r
Gigi PandianNew Books12f,m
Christopher PaoliniNew Books10f
K J ParkerNew Books27f
Natalie C Parker4f
Francine Pascal708f,r
R J Patterson39f,m,t
James PattersonNew Books356f,m,r,s,t
Edith PattouNew Books7f
T S PaulNew Books71f,s
Michelle PaverNew Books24f,h
Mary E PearsonNew Books21f
Ridley PearsonNew Books67f,m,r,t
Matt de la PeñaNew Books17f
Sharon Kay PenmanNew Books16f,r
Anne PerryNew Books120f,m,t
Steve PerryNew Books78f,s,t
Robyn PetermanNew Books29f,r
Vicki Pettersson18f,h
Susan Beth Pfeffer80f,r,t
James Phelan28f,m,t
Adrian Phoenix10f,h
Tamora Pierce39f
Aprilynne Pike14f,r
Christopher Pike115f,h,r
Signe PikeNew Books1f
Michelle M PillowNew Books64f,m,r,s
Sarah Pinborough34f,h,m,s
Amy Plum10f
Oliver Pötzsch14f,m
Tim PowersNew Books29f,s
Heather Graham PozzessereNew Books45f,m,r
Terry Pratchett145f,s
Tim PrattNew Books37f,h,s
Rose PresseyNew Books66f,h,m,r
Kalayna Price9f,h,r
Cherie PriestNew Books27f,h,m,s
Christopher PriestNew Books33f
Emma PrinceNew Books27f,r
Sarah PrineasNew Books15f
Bill PronziniNew Books230f,h,m,s,t
Natasha PulleyNew Books3f
Philip Pullman50f,m

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