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 Romance authors, surname starts with P BooksGenres
Maxine PaetroNew Books33r,t
Lynda PageNew Books35r
Kristen PainterNew Books44f,h,m,r
Catherine PalmerNew Books66r
Diana PalmerNew Books369m,r,s
Pamela Palmer18f,h,r
Mimi Jean PamfiloffNew Books31f,m,r
Tara PammiNew Books85r
Sharon PapeNew Books13m,r
Marilyn PappanoNew Books109m,r,t
Penny ParkesNew Books5r
Adele ParksNew Books23m,r
Francine Pascal708f,r
Ann PatchettNew Books15r
James PattersonNew Books356f,m,r,s,t
Gill PaulNew Books22r
Gary Paulsen193r,t
Kate PearceNew Books18h,r
Lesley PearseNew Books29m,r
Ridley PearsonNew Books67f,m,r,t
Nicky PellegrinoNew Books13r
Joanne PenceNew Books39h,m,r
Sharon Kay PenmanNew Books16f,r
Stephanie PerkinsNew Books7r
Devney PerryNew Books11r
Marta PerryNew Books94m,r
Tasmina PerryNew Books18m,r
Robyn PetermanNew Books29f,r
Tracie PetersonNew Books152r
Dani PettreyNew Books15m,r
Susan Beth Pfeffer80f,r,t
Carly PhillipsNew Books80r
Michael Phillips72r,t
Susan Elizabeth Phillips25r
Jodi PicoultNew Books37m,r,s,t
Aprilynne Pike14f,r
Christopher Pike115f,h,r
Michelle M PillowNew Books64f,m,r,s
A J PineNew Books14r
Belva Plain24r
Meara PlattNew Books21r
Jane PorterNew Books124r
Patricia PotterNew Books75m,r
Heather Graham PozzessereNew Books45f,m,r
Rose PresseyNew Books65f,h,m,r
Natasha PrestonNew Books17m,r
Kalayna Price9f,h,r
Katie PriceNew Books45r
Emma PrinceNew Books27f,r
Jennifer ProbstNew Books30r
Kristen ProbyNew Books25r
Amanda ProwseNew Books32m,r
Cara C PutmanNew Books24m,r
Mary Jo Putney68r,s

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