JJ Pike

Mike Kraus arrived on the fiction scene in 2012 with the surprise smash hit Final Dawn, an episodic post-apocalyptic series that sold over 250,000 copies. After a year of success he "retired" from writing for a few years to pursue other work (programming, web design and marketing) before returning to his true passion: writing.

With a follow-up trilogy to Final Dawn already having been released, two more post-apocalyptic series ongoing and a planned military scifi series and urban fantasy series (the latter of which appears under the pen name of 'MJ Kraus') he likes quoting a line from one of his favorite movies to the amusement and annoyance of his wife: "Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back."

You can follow Mike's books on his website (MikeKra.us) or on Facebook (facebook.com/MikeKrausBooks).

Genres: Science Fiction
Melt (with Mike Kraus)
   1. Melt (2019)
   2. Sink (2019)
   3. Bury (2019)
   4. Burn (2019)
   5. Raze (2019)
   6. Purge (2019)
   7. Flee (2019)
   8. Hold (2019)
   9. Charge (2020)
   10. Chase (2021)