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Sara RaaschNew Books4f
Honor RaconteurNew Books26f
Robert RadcliffeNew Books7t
Cay RademacherNew Books5m
Irene RadfordNew Books36f
T R RaganNew Books11m
Theresa Ragan12
J R RainNew Books138f,h,r
Caro RamsayNew Books10m
Danielle Ramsay6m
Eileen Ramsay19
Hope RamsayNew Books20r
Ayn Rand12s
Robert J RandisiNew Books153h,m,t
Deborah RaneyNew Books45r
Ian RankinNew Books61m
Robert RankinNew Books39f,s
Karen RanneyNew Books51r
Arthur Ransome35
Ron Rash21
Jaime RavenNew Books4m
Jo RavenNew Books15r
James Wesley Rawles8t
Melanie Rawn19f,s
Deanna RaybournNew Books22m,r
Kimberly Raye79f,h,m,r
Derek Raymond14m
Sarah Rayne28h,m
Holly RaynerNew Books86r
Miss Read79
James ReasonerNew Books106h,s
Robert V S RedickNew Books5f
C J RedwineNew Books9f
Christy Reece17m,r
Hannah Reed8m
Terri ReedNew Books61m,r
Douglas Reeman39
Joanna Rees5r
Matt Rees14m,t
Tracy ReesNew Books5r
Philip ReeveNew Books39f,h,s
Lisa ReganNew Books6m
Ben RehderNew Books20m
Christopher ReichNew Books12t
Mickey Zucker ReichertNew Books28s
Brendan ReichsNew Books11f,t
Kathy ReichsNew Books40f,m,t
Michelle ReidNew Books96r
Penny ReidNew Books27r
Ruth ReidNew Books22r
Stacy ReidNew Books16r
Terri ReidNew Books45m
Linda ReillyNew Books6m
Matthew Reilly24f,m,t
S M ReineNew Books68f,h,r
E H ReinhardNew Books20
Ruth RendellNew Books90m
Jonathan Renshaw1f
Laura Resnick15f
Mike ResnickNew Books169f,h,s,t
Katie ReusNew Books66f,m,r
Nancy RevellNew Books4
Alastair ReynoldsNew Books36f,s
Amanda ReynoldsNew Books2m
Jason ReynoldsNew Books10
Nicholas Rhea66m
John Rhode95m
Kate RhodesNew Books10m
Morgan RhodesNew Books11f
Rachel RhysNew Books2m
Anne RiceNew Books42h
Christopher RiceNew Books10h,m,r
Heidi RiceNew Books63r
Luanne Rice36r
Morgan RiceNew Books72f,h,r
Patricia Rice94f,m,r
Shannon Richard8r
Douglas E RichardsNew Books17t
Dusty RichardsNew Books55
Emilie Richards94m,r
Neil RichardsNew Books38m
Kat Richardson12f,h,m
Sara RichardsonNew Books10r
Anthony RichesNew Books15
Marnie RichesNew Books9m
Alyson Richman8
Michelle Richmond10m
Phil RickmanNew Books29m
Eric RickstadNew Books5m
Chris RiddellNew Books97f,s
A G RiddleNew Books6t
Christie RidgwayNew Books89r
Erica RidleyNew Books29h,r
Michael Ridpath20m
Cynthia RiggsNew Books16m
Ransom Riggs10f
James RileyNew Books10
Lia RileyNew Books15r
Lucinda RileyNew Books13r
Stella RileyNew Books14
Stella RimingtonNew Books12m
Christine RimmerNew Books189m,r
Mary Roberts Rinehart53m
John RingoNew Books50f,h,s
Kate RiordanNew Books5r
Rick RiordanNew Books52f,m,t
Mike Ripley25m
Krysten Ritter1m
William Ritter5f
K Arsenault RiveraNew Books2f
Carol RiversNew Books22r
Francine RiversNew Books45r
Karen RobardsNew Books63m,r,s,t
Candace Robb16m
J D RobbNew Books88f,m,r,s
David Robbins126m,s,t
David L Robbins15t
Harold Robbins35t
Jennifer Roberson46f,s,t
Adam RobertsNew Books39f,s
Caroline RobertsNew Books5r
Gillian Roberts28m
Gregory David Roberts2
J R RobertsNew Books453
John Maddox Roberts50f,m,s
Les Roberts31m
Mark RobertsNew Books6m
Nora RobertsNew Books374f,h,m,r,s,t
Sheila RobertsNew Books39r
Victoria Roberts11r
Wendy RobertsNew Books9m
Craig RobertsonNew Books9m
Edward W RobertsonNew Books35f,s
Imogen Robertson7m
Michael RobertsonNew Books6m
Jeremy RobinsonNew Books63f,s,t
Kim Stanley Robinson37s
Marilynne RobinsonNew Books12
Patrick Robinson24t
Peter RobinsonNew Books56m
Spider Robinson38s
Steve Robinson6m
Michael RobothamNew Books16m
Cecy RobsonNew Books19f,r
Jennifer Robson6
Kimberla Lawson RobyNew Books27m,r
Farrah RochonNew Books42r
Joanne RockNew Books139r
Maya RodaleNew Books21r
Emily Rodda93f
Sara C RoethleNew Books27f
Bill RogersNew Books16m
Matt RogersNew Books13t
Rosemary Rogers27r
Margaret Rogerson1f
Sax Rohmer64m
Al RokerNew Books12m
David Rollins13t
James RollinsNew Books39t
Elizabeth RollsNew Books36r
Theresa RomainNew Books20r
Angela RoquetNew Books21
Jacqui RoseNew Books10m
Karen RoseNew Books24m,r
M J RoseNew Books25m,t
Willow RoseNew Books68h,m
Joel Rosenberg29f
Joel C RosenbergNew Books18t
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg14m
Hjorth & Rosenfeldt4m
David RosenfeltNew Books30m
Sara RosettNew Books28m
Roslund & Hellström7m
Tatiana De RosnayNew Books7
Ann B RossNew Books25m
Barbara RossNew Books10m
Dana Fuller Ross42
Ian RossNew Books5
JoAnn RossNew Books113m,r
LJ RossNew Books7m
Veronica Rossi8f,r
Robert Rotenberg5m
Mandy M RothNew Books24f,h,m,r
Philip Roth44
Veronica RothNew Books22f
Patrick RothfussNew Books6f
Howard Roughan14m
Madeleine RouxNew Books14h
Rosemary RoweNew Books18m
Stephanie RoweNew Books61f,h,m,r
Rainbow RowellNew Books9r
Michelle Rowen29h,r
Diana Rowland14f,h,r
Laura Joh RowlandNew Books23m
J K Rowling33f
Pauline Rowson18m
Priscilla RoyalNew Books18m
Rebecca RoyceNew Books64f,r
S J Rozan27m,t
Cynthia Ruchti14
Greg Rucka20s,t
Ann Rule40
James Runcie12m
Katherine RundellNew Books5
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books444f,h,m,s
Salman Rushdie27f
Craig RussellNew Books13m
Craig Russell2
Leigh RussellNew Books19m
Michael Russell5m
Rachel Renée RussellNew Books29
Sean Thomas Russell4t
Sean RussellNew Books11
Richard Russo17
Alex Rutherford7
Edward RutherfurdNew Books9
Marie Rutkoski10f
Annelise RyanNew Books9m
Anthony RyanNew Books16f,s
Carrie RyanNew Books22f,h,r
Chris RyanNew Books62t
Estelle RyanNew Books13m
Hank Phillippi RyanNew Books12m
Jennifer RyanNew Books22m,r
Lori RyanNew Books31r
L T RyanNew Books27m,t
Mike RyanNew Books16t
R C RyanNew Books16f,r
Renee RyanNew Books30r
Robert Ryan17m
Sofie RyanNew Books6m
William Ryan4m

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