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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Sara Raasch3f
Jean Rabe65f,m,r,s
Christy Raedeke2f
J R RainNew Books129f,h,r
Janette RallisonNew Books24f,r
Matt Ralphs2f
Neil Randall13f,s
Kimberly Randell2f,r
Robert Rankin39f,s
Candice Ransom107f,r
Sarah RaughleyNew Books3f
Melanie RawnNew Books19f,s
Tricia Rayburn7f,r
Kimberly Raye79f,h,m,r
Jim Razzi99f,h
Livia Reasoner7f,r
Robert V S Redick4f
C J RedwineNew Books9f
Jaime Reed4f,r
Teresa Reed9f
Philip ReeveNew Books37f,h,s
Robert Reginald87f,m,s
Katy RegneryNew Books33f,r
Mickey Zucker ReichertNew Books27f,s
Brendan ReichsNew Books10f,t
Kathy ReichsNew Books38f,m,t
Thomas M Reid18f,s
Matthew Reilly24f,m,t
Katya Reimann4f
S M ReineNew Books8f,h,r
Andy Remic25f,h
Eileen Rendahl13f,m,r
Gordon Rennie31f,s
Jonathan Renshaw1f
Laura Resnick16f
Mike ResnickNew Books168f,h,s,t
Katie ReusNew Books63f,m,r
Ginny Reyes2f,r
Alastair ReynoldsNew Books36f,s
Anthony Reynolds21f,s
Josh ReynoldsNew Books34f,s
Jenna RhodesNew Books4f
Morgan RhodesNew Books11f
Natasha Rhodes9f,h,m
Morgan RiceNew Books66f,h,r
Patricia RiceNew Books91f,m,r
Kitty RichardsNew Books51f
Kat RichardsonNew Books12f,h,m
Chris RiddellNew Books96f,s
John Ney Rieber14f
Ransom Riggs10f
John Ringo49f,h,s
Rick RiordanNew Books65f,m,t
William RitterNew Books5f
J F Rivkin6f
Abbie RoadsNew Books3f,r
J D RobbNew Books87f,m,r,s
Chris Roberson24f,s
Jennifer Roberson46f,s,t
Adam RobertsNew Books37f,s
Jeyn Roberts5f,r,t
John Maddox Roberts50f,m,s
Katherine Roberts31f
Kerry Daniel Roberts3f
Nora RobertsNew Books365f,h,m,r,s,t
Tony RobertsNew Books28f,t
Edward W RobertsonNew Books32f,s
Linda Robertson7f
R García y Robertson9f
Lane Robins6f
Madeleine E Robins11f
Eden Robinson4f
Jeremy RobinsonNew Books60f,s,t
Cecy RobsonNew Books19f,r
Mark RobsonNew Books18f,t
Marsheila RockwellNew Books7f
Emily RoddaNew Books93f
Sara C RoethleNew Books25f
Evelyn Rogers36f,r
Jonathan Rogers7f
Michael Scott Rohan19f,s
Danielle RollinsNew Books2f,m
Zan RomanoffNew Books2f
Lev AC Rosen3f
Aaron Rosenberg69f,s
Joel Rosenberg29f
Deborah J RossNew Books41f
Phil Rossi8f
Veronica RossiNew Books8f,r
Nico Rosso13f,r
Arthur Roth25f
Veronica Roth20f
Patrick Rothfuss5f
Christopher RoweNew Books3f
Stephanie RoweNew Books53f,h,m,r
Diana RowlandNew Books14f,h,r
Christopher RowleyNew Books27f
J K RowlingNew Books33f
Carter RoyNew Books4f
James Roy23f
Lauren M Roy3f
Rebecca RoyceNew Books48f,r
Brian Ruckley8f,h
Dave RuddenNew Books2f
Jessica RuddickNew Books5f
Paul Ruditis46f,h,r,s,t
Elizabeth RudnickNew Books23f,t
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books414f,h,m,s
Salman RushdieNew Books29f
E J RussellNew Books6f,r
Randy Russell11f,h,m,r
Romina RussellNew Books4f
Jenifer A Ruth2f,m,t
Marie Rutkoski10f
Amy Kathleen Ryan6f
Anthony RyanNew Books15f,s
Carrie RyanNew Books20f,h,r
R C RyanNew Books15f,r
Chris Rylander8f

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