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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Sara RaaschNew Books5f
Honor RaconteurNew Books32f
Irene Radford44f,s
J R RainNew Books137f,h,r
Robert Rankin39f,s
Melanie Rawn20f,s
Kimberly Raye79f,h,m,r
Robert V S Redick5f
C J RedwineNew Books10f
Philip ReeveNew Books41f,h,s
Katy RegneryNew Books44f,r
Mickey Zucker Reichert28f,s
Brendan ReichsNew Books12f,t
Kathy ReichsNew Books40f,m,t
Stacy ReidNew Books23f,r
Matthew ReillyNew Books26f,m,t
S M ReineNew Books67f
Jonathan Renshaw1f
Laura Resnick15f
Mike ResnickNew Books173f,h,s,t
Katie ReusNew Books70f,m,r
Beth RevisNew Books15f,r,s
Alastair ReynoldsNew Books37f,s
Morgan RhodesNew Books11f
Morgan RiceNew Books93f,h,r,s
Patricia RiceNew Books101f,m,r
Ava RichardsonNew Books19f
Kat Richardson12f,h,m
Chris RiddellNew Books98f,s
Ransom RiggsNew Books11f
John RingoNew Books53f,h,s
Rick RiordanNew Books54f,m,t
William RitterNew Books6f
Caris Roane50f,r
J D RobbNew Books91f,m,r,s
Jennifer Roberson46f,s,t
Katee RobertNew Books35f,m,r
Adam RobertsNew Books42f,s
John Maddox Roberts50f,m,s
Nora RobertsNew Books385f,h,m,r,s,t
Edward W Robertson36f,s
Jeremy RobinsonNew Books67f,s,t
Cecy RobsonNew Books22f,r
Emily Rodda94f
Sara C RoethleNew Books36f,r
Joel Rosenberg29f
Rebecca RossNew Books2f
Rena RossnerNew Books1f
Mandy M RothNew Books19f,m,r
Veronica Roth24f
Patrick RothfussNew Books6f
Stephanie Rowe60f,h,m,r
Diana Rowland14f,h,r
J K RowlingNew Books21f
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books460f,h,m,s
Salman Rushdie27f
Sean RussellNew Books12f
Anthony RyanNew Books18f,s
Carrie RyanNew Books22f,h,m,r
R C RyanNew Books17f,r

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