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 Horror authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
William Rabkin35h
Theresa Radcliffe9h,r
J R RainNew Books128h,r
Stephen Mark Rainey16h
Gary Raisor4h
Edie RamerNew Books30h,r
Edogawa Rampo1h
Robert J RandisiNew Books151h,m,t
Christopher Ransom6h
Jennifer Rardin14h,r
Pete Rawlik4h
Kimberly RayeNew Books80f,h,m,r
Sarah Rayne27h,m
Jim Razzi99f,h
James Reasoner106h,s
Michael ReavesNew Books36h,s
Joanne Reay1h
Z A RechtNew Books5h
Philip ReeveNew Books37f,h,s
S M Reine7h,r
Randi Reisfeld28h,r
Mike ResnickNew Books174f,h,s,t
Rich RestucciNew Books5h
Adam RexNew Books13h
Dan Rhodes8h
Natasha Rhodes9f,h,m
Anne RiceNew Books40h
Bebe Faas RiceNew Books18h,r
Morgan RiceNew Books62f,h,r
Bruce Richards9h
Kel Richards27h,m
Frederick Louis Richardson3h
Kat RichardsonNew Books12f,h,m
Tarn RichardsonNew Books4h
Alix RickloffNew Books8h,r
Erica RidleyNew Books28h,r
John RingoNew Books49f,h,s
Nora RobertsNew Books358f,h,m,r,s,t
Kelly RobsonNew Books2h
Cameron Rogers2h
Lee Roland8h,r
Gord Rollo21h,m
Steven A Roman10h,s
George RomeroNew Books6h
Luke RomynNew Books16h
Stephen Roos27h
Willow RoseNew Books59h,m
Marilyn Ross101h
Madeleine RouxNew Books13h
Stephanie RoweNew Books50f,h,m,r
Michelle Rowen29h,r
Diana RowlandNew Books14f,h,r
Jaye Roycraft11h
Nicholas RoyleNew Books38h
Lois RubyNew Books19h
Brian Ruckley8f,h
Paul Ruditis46f,h,r,s,t
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books413f,h,m,s
Jaime Rush21h,r
Randy Russell11f,h,m,r
John Russo41h
Alan Ryan11h
Carrie RyanNew Books19f,h,r

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