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 Mystery authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Cay RademacherNew Books5m
T R RaganNew Books12m
Caro RamsayNew Books11m
Danielle Ramsay6m
Shari RandallNew Books2m
Robert J RandisiNew Books213h,m,t
Ian RankinNew Books62m
Jaime RavenNew Books4m
Deanna RaybournNew Books22m,r
Kimberly Raye79f,h,m,r
Derek Raymond14m
Sarah Rayne35h,m
Lissa Marie RedmondNew Books1m
Christy ReeceNew Books18m,r
Hannah Reed8m
Rick ReedNew Books7m
Terri ReedNew Books61m,r
Brandi ReedsNew Books1m
Matt Rees14m,t
Lisa ReganNew Books7m
Ben Rehder20m
Kathy ReichsNew Books40f,m,t
Terri ReidNew Books44m
Linda ReillyNew Books7m
Matthew ReillyNew Books25f,m,t
Ruth Rendell90m
Katie ReusNew Books66f,m,r
Nicholas Rhea66m
J D RhoadesNew Books14m
John Rhode95m
Kate RhodesNew Books10m
Rachel RhysNew Books2m
Christopher RiceNew Books12h,m,r
Patricia RiceNew Books96f,m,r
Emilie Richards94m,r
Neil RichardsNew Books40m
Kat Richardson12f,h,m
Marnie RichesNew Books9m
Michelle Richmond10m
Phil RickmanNew Books29m
Eric RickstadNew Books5m
Michael RidpathNew Books23m,t
Cynthia RiggsNew Books16m
Stella RimingtonNew Books12m
Christine RimmerNew Books192m,r
Mary Roberts Rinehart53m
Rick RiordanNew Books53f,m,t
J R RipleyNew Books19m
Mike Ripley25m
Peter RitchieNew Books4m
Karen RobardsNew Books63m,r,s,t
Candace RobbNew Books17m
J D RobbNew Books88f,m,r,s
David Robbins126m,s,t
Sandra RobbinsNew Books41m,r
David Roberts10m
Gillian Roberts28m
John Maddox Roberts50f,m,s
Les Roberts31m
Mark RobertsNew Books6m
Nora RobertsNew Books375f,h,m,r,s,t
Wendy RobertsNew Books9m
Craig RobertsonNew Books9m
Imogen Robertson7m
Michael RobertsonNew Books6m
Peter RobinsonNew Books56m
Steve RobinsonNew Books7m
Michael RobothamNew Books16m
Kimberla Lawson RobyNew Books27m,r
Bill Rogers16m
Sax Rohmer64m
Gayle Roper30m,r
Jacqui RoseNew Books10m
Karen RoseNew Books25m,r
M J RoseNew Books25m,t
Willow RoseNew Books76h,m
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg14m
Hjorth & Rosenfeldt4m
David RosenfeltNew Books30m
Sara Rosett28m
Roslund & Hellström7m
Ann B RossNew Books25m
Barbara RossNew Books11m
JoAnn RossNew Books127m,r
LJ RossNew Books7m
Loretta RossNew Books4m
Robert Rotenberg5m
Mandy M RothNew Books26f,h,m,r
Howard Roughan14m
Robin RoughleyNew Books18m
Rosemary Rowe18m
Stephanie RoweNew Books60f,h,m,r
Laura Joh RowlandNew Books23m
Pauline Rowson18m
Ron RoyNew Books88m
Priscilla RoyalNew Books18m
S J Rozan27m,t
Katie RuggleNew Books11m,r
James Runcie12m
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books449f,h,m,s
Alan Russell15m
Craig RussellNew Books13m
Kirk RussellNew Books10m
Leigh RussellNew Books19m
Mary Doria Russell6m,s
Annelise RyanNew Books9m
Estelle RyanNew Books13m
Hank Phillippi RyanNew Books12m
Jennifer RyanNew Books22m,r
L T RyanNew Books28m,t
Robert Ryan17m
Sofie RyanNew Books6m
William Ryan4m

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