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 Romance authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
J R RainNew Books139f,h,r
Deborah Raleigh33r
Hope RamsayNew Books22r
Deborah RaneyNew Books48r
Karen RanneyNew Books51r
Jennifer Rardin14h,r
Deanna Raybourn22m,r
Kimberly Raye79f,h,m,r
Holly RaynerNew Books100r
Christy ReeceNew Books19m,r
Terri ReedNew Books61m,r
Tracy ReesNew Books5r
Amy E ReichertNew Books5r
Michelle ReidNew Books97r
Penny ReidNew Books29r
Ruth ReidNew Books22r
Stacy ReidNew Books19r
S M ReineNew Books68f,h,r
Louise Rennison30r
Katie ReusNew Books67f,m,r
Christopher RiceNew Books12h,m,r
Heidi RiceNew Books63r
Luanne RiceNew Books37r
Morgan RiceNew Books75f,h,r
Patricia RiceNew Books96f,m,r
Emilie Richards94m,r
Sara RichardsonNew Books11r
Hannah Richell3r
Christie RidgwayNew Books90r
Erica RidleyNew Books31h,r
Lia RileyNew Books15r
Lucinda RileyNew Books22r
Christine RimmerNew Books197m,r
Kate RiordanNew Books5r
Carol RiversNew Books23r
Francine RiversNew Books45r
Caris Roane50f,r
Karen RobardsNew Books65m,r,s,t
J D RobbNew Books90f,m,r,s
Sandra RobbinsNew Books41m,r
Caroline RobertsNew Books6r
Nora RobertsNew Books377f,h,m,r,s,t
Sheila RobertsNew Books37r
Victoria Roberts11r
Cecy RobsonNew Books20f,r
Kimberla Lawson RobyNew Books27m,r
Farrah Rochon41r
Joanne RockNew Books140r
Maya RodaleNew Books22r
Sara C RoethleNew Books30f,r
Rosemary Rogers27r
Elizabeth Rolls36r
Theresa RomainNew Books21r
Karen RoseNew Books25m,r
Lila RoseNew Books5r
M J RoseNew Books25m,r,t
JoAnn RossNew Books128m,r
Veronica Rossi8f,r
Mandy M RothNew Books27f,h,m,r
Stephanie Rowe60f,h,m,r
Rainbow Rowell9r
Michelle Rowen28h,r
Diana Rowland14f,h,r
Lauren RoyalNew Books36r
Rebecca RoyceNew Books65f,r
Katie RuggleNew Books11m,r
Carrie RyanNew Books22f,h,r
Jennifer RyanNew Books23m,r
Lori RyanNew Books35m,r
R C RyanNew Books16f,r
Renee RyanNew Books30r

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