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 Romance authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Jean RabeNew Books65f,m,r,s
Janette Radcliffe16r
Theresa Radcliffe9h,r
Tina RadcliffeNew Books15r
Tessa RadleyNew Books56r
Doris Rae35r
Jennifer Rae12r
Carin Rafferty12r
Kris Rafferty4m,r
Barbara Raffin8r
J R RainNew Books128h,r
Mandy Rain2r
Allison Raine1r
Lee Raintree3r
Rita Rainville25r
Rebecca RaisinNew Books16r
Deborah Raleigh33r
Janette RallisonNew Books24f,r
Susan Ralph4r
Edie RamerNew Books30h,r
Terese Ramin13m,r
Hope RamsayNew Books19r
Erika Rand1m,r
Suzanne Rand12r
Violetta RandNew Books18r
Lyn Randal4r
Lindsay Randall13r
Tara RandelNew Books20m,r
Kimberly Randell2f,r
Anna Randol5r
Elise Randolph5r
Deborah RaneyNew Books42r
Doris Rangel5r
Karen RanneyNew Books49r
Candice RansomNew Books107f,r
Katherine Ransom5r
S C Ransom5r
Gail Ranstrom22r
Jennifer Rardin14h,r
Rebecca Rasmussen2r
Naomi RawlingsNew Books16r
Debbi RawlinsNew Books93m,r,s
Cydney RaxNew Books11r
Francis Ray56r
Michelle Ray3r
Deanna RaybournNew Books21m,r
Tricia Rayburn7f,r
Kimberly RayeNew Books80f,h,m,r
Linda Raye4r
Claire Rayner94m,r
Holly RaynerNew Books66r
Grace Read15r
Livia Reasoner8f,r
Teresa J ReasorNew Books24m,r
Cheryl ReavisNew Books31r
Eliza Redgold9r
Jane Redish2r
J A Redmerski15m,r
Jordyn RedwoodNew Books6m,r
Christy Reece16m,r
Colleen L ReeceNew Books123r,t
Jaime Reed4f,r
Joy Reed22r
Terri ReedNew Books56m,r
Elisabeth ReesNew Books13m,r
Elizabeth M Rees14r
Joanna ReesNew Books5r
Tracy ReesNew Books3r
Cynthia Reese14r
Adrienne Ellis Reeves14r
Katy RegneryNew Books32r
Carmen Reid20r,s
Henrietta Reid39r
Michelle Reid96r
Penny ReidNew Books14r
Ruth ReidNew Books20r
Stacy ReidNew Books11r
Martina Reilly23r
S M Reine7h,r
Liz ReinhardtNew Books15r
Randi Reisfeld28h,r
Eileen RendahlNew Books13f,m,r
Amanda ReneeNew Books18r
Louise Rennison30r
Liz Rettig6r
Katie ReusNew Books62f,m,r
Beth RevisNew Books13r,s
Ginny Reyes2f,r
Abigail Reynolds21r
Anne Reynolds2r
Colleen Rhoads3m,r
Bebe Faas RiceNew Books18h,r
Christopher RiceNew Books8r
Heidi RiceNew Books55r
Kaitlyn Rice6r
Luanne RiceNew Books36r
Molly Rice6m,r
Morgan RiceNew Books62f,h,r
Patricia RiceNew Books89f,m,r
Christina RichNew Books13r
Mary Lou Rich6r
Shannon RichardNew Books8r
Caroline Richards3r
Claire Richards1r
Emilie RichardsNew Books95m,r
Penny RichardsNew Books35r
Ramona RichardsNew Books9m,r
Nancy Richards-Akers13r
Evelyn Richardson16r
Lisa Karon RichardsonNew Books12r
Monica RichardsonNew Books8r
Susan Richardson3r
Lois RicherNew Books75m,r
Cynthia Richey9r
Catherine Richmond4r
Emma Richmond34r
Grace Richmond31r
Alix RickloffNew Books8h,r
Christie RidgwayNew Books78r
Erica RidleyNew Books28h,r
Barbara Riefe24r
Heather Lynn Rigaud1r
Paula Detmer Riggs37r
Leigh RikerNew Books31m,r
Bella Riley2r
Eugenia Riley47r,s
Kelly Ann Riley1m,r
Lia RileyNew Books12r
Lucinda RileyNew Books11r
Christine RimmerNew Books181m,r
Connie Rinehold6r
Margaret Ripy10r
Shelly Ritthaler7r
Natalie Rivers11r
Nikki Rivers11r
Donna Rix8r
Abbie RoadsNew Books3f,r
Karen RobardsNew Books55m,r,s,t
J D RobbNew Books85f,m,r,s
Kate RobbinsNew Books12r
Sandra RobbinsNew Books37m,r
Myretta Robens3r
Alison RobertsNew Books149r
Caroline RobertsNew Books5r
Doreen Roberts29m,r
Janet Louise Roberts34r
Jeyn Roberts5f,r,t
Kelsey Roberts35m,r
Lisa Brown RobertsNew Books6r
Monica Roberts1r
Nora RobertsNew Books358f,h,m,r,s,t
Sheila RobertsNew Books35r
Shellee Roberts1r
Suzanne Roberts29r
Victoria RobertsNew Books11r
Willo Davis Roberts88m,r
Patricia Robertson7r
Kristen Robinette5m,r
Denise Robins176r
Cheryl Robinson9r
Fay Robinson7r
Gina RobinsonNew Books46r
Lauri RobinsonNew Books69r
Maggie RobinsonNew Books21r
Suzanne Robinson15r
Cecy RobsonNew Books19f,r
Lucia St. Clair Robson11r
Kimberla Lawson RobyNew Books26r
Marie RochelleNew Books25r
Farrah RochonNew Books40r
Joanne RockNew Books121r
Karen RockNew Books19r
Maya RodaleNew Books20r
Anne Marie Rodgers5m,r
M J Rodgers28m,r,t
Frances Roding6r
Paula Roe23r
Betsy Rogers3r
Evelyn Rogers36f,r
Martha RogersNew Books44r
Rosemary Rogers27r
Shirley Rogers22r
Lee Roland8h,r
Paula Roland2r
Talli Roland14r
Roberta Roleine8m,r
Elizabeth Rolls35r
Kristine Rolofson54r
Theresa RomainNew Books16r
Margaret Rome44r
Gayle Roper31m,r
Elizabeth RoseNew Books81r
Emilie RoseNew Books101r
Jennifer Rose9r
Karen RoseNew Books23m,r
Katie RoseNew Books11r
Sierra RoseNew Books50r
Patricia RosemoorNew Books87m,r,t
Jane L Rosen1r
Lindsey Rosin1r
Wendy Rosnau18m,r
Carol RossNew Books16r
JoAnn RossNew Books110m,r
Kathryn Ross64r
Mia RossNew Books26r
Stella Ross28r
Veronica RossiNew Books8f,r
Clare Rossiter7r
Nan Parson RossiterNew Books12r
Nico RossoNew Books13f,r
Renee Roszel44r
Ann Roth33r
Kathleen Bittner RothNew Books8r
Hilda Rothwell6r
Kaira RoudaNew Books21r
Abigail Roux19r
Melanie Rowe2r
Myra Rowe9r
Stephanie RoweNew Books50f,h,m,r
Patricia Frances Rowell6r
Rainbow Rowell8r
Michelle Rowen29h,r
Diana RowlandNew Books14f,h,r
Lauren RoyalNew Books32r
Susan Rubin2r
Paul Ruditis46f,h,r,s,t
Lisa Ruff4r
Jaime Rush21h,r
Mallory Rush20r
Allison Rushby20r
Patricia H Rushford55r
Rosie Rushton49r
Chris RussellNew Books2r
E J Russell5f,r
Lyndsay Russell3r
Randy Russell11f,h,m,r
Roxanne RustandNew Books47m,r
Eva Rutland24r
Cynthia Rutledge16r
Amy RuttanNew Books47r
Allyson Ryan3r
Carrie RyanNew Books19f,h,r
Jenna Ryan42m,r,t
Jennifer RyanNew Books20m,r
Patricia Ryan26r
R C RyanNew Books15f,r
Reese RyanNew Books7r
Renee RyanNew Books29r
Sydney Ryan1m,r
Taylor Ryan4r
Alex Ryder5r
Lucy RyderNew Books13r

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