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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Jean RabeNew Books64f,m,r,s
Hannu RajaniemiNew Books6s
Marta Randall14s
Neil Randall13f,s
Robert Rankin39s
John Rankine23s
Zachary Rau7s
Debbi RawlinsNew Books93m,r,s
Melanie RawnNew Books19f,s
Jacqueline RaynerNew Books29s
Scott ReardonNew Books1s,t
James Reasoner106h,s
Michael ReavesNew Books36h,s
Robert Reed27s
Rod Rees8s
Philip ReeveNew Books36f,h,s
Garfield Reeves-Stevens34s
Judith Reeves-Stevens26s
Robert Reginald93m,s
Mickey Zucker Reichert26s
Carmen Reid20r,s
Thomas M Reid18f,s
Gordon Rennie32f,s
Mike ResnickNew Books173f,h,s,t
Beth Revis12r,s
Alastair ReynoldsNew Books34f,s
Anthony Reynolds22f,s
Josh ReynoldsNew Books29f,s
Mack Reynolds63s
Luke Rhinehart11s
Peter L Rice4s
Justin RichardsNew Books99s,t
Matthew RichardsonNew Books1s
Nancy Ann Richardson6s
Chris RiddellNew Books93f,s
David B Riley17s
Eugenia Riley47r,s
John RingoNew Books49f,h,s
Karen RobardsNew Books55m,r,s,t
J D RobbNew Books85m,r,s
Chris RobersonNew Books25f,s
Jennifer Roberson46f,s,t
Adam RobertsNew Books36f,s
Gareth Roberts16m,s
John Maddox Roberts50f,s
Nora RobertsNew Books369f,h,m,r,s,t
Kenneth Robeson235s
Jeremy RobinsonNew Books58f,s,t
Kim Stanley RobinsonNew Books37s
Nigel Robinson40s,t
Spider Robinson37s
Julie Robitaille5s
Justina RobsonNew Books13s
Gene Roddenberry5s
Alan Rodgers13s
Michaela Roessner4s
Chuck Rogers28s,t
Michael Scott Rohan19s
Steven A Roman10h,s
Lloyd Rose4s
Aaron RosenbergNew Books69f,s
Mary Rosenblum7s
William Rotsler22s
Jeff RovinNew Books38s,t
Rebecca Rowe3s
Greg Rucka59s
Rudy Rucker57s
Paul Ruditis46f,h,r,s,t
Matt Ruff6s
Lucy Ruggles6s
K M Ruiz3s
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books409f,h,m,s
Eric Frank Russell23s
Gary RussellNew Books34s
Jay Russell7s
Mary Doria Russell6m,s
Anthony RyanNew Books14f,s
Kevin Ryan16s
Geoff Ryman17s

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