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Surname: R

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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Irene RadfordNew Books45f,s
Ayn Rand12s
Robert Rankin39f,s
Melanie Rawn19f,s
James Reasoner197h,s
Robert ReedNew Books58s
Philip ReeveNew Books40f,h,s
Mickey Zucker ReichertNew Books28s
Mike ResnickNew Books171f,h,s,t
Alastair ReynoldsNew Books37f,s
Jason ReynoldsNew Books13s
Douglas E RichardsNew Books17s,t
Chris RiddellNew Books97f,s
John RingoNew Books51f,h,s
Karen RobardsNew Books64m,r,s,t
J D RobbNew Books89f,m,r,s
David Robbins126m,s,t
Jennifer Roberson46f,s,t
Adam RobertsNew Books41f,s
John Maddox Roberts50f,m,s
Nora RobertsNew Books376f,h,m,r,s,t
Edward W Robertson35f,s
Jeremy RobinsonNew Books64f,s,t
Kim Stanley RobinsonNew Books38s
Spider Robinson38s
Mary Rosenblum11s
Jeff RovinNew Books46s,t
Laura Ruby10s
Greg Rucka20s,t
Kristine Kathryn RuschNew Books451f,h,m,s
Eric Frank Russell23s
Mary Doria Russell6m,s
Anthony RyanNew Books16f,s

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