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 Thriller authors, surname starts with R BooksGenres
Robert RadcliffeNew Books7t
Alan Radnor9t
Rich Rainey22t
Carl Ramm11t
Bonnie Ramthun10t
Robert J Randisi151h,m,t
Kevin RandleNew Books66t
James Wesley Rawles8t
Mario ReadingNew Books17t
Scott Reardon1t
Colleen L ReeceNew Books125r,t
Ralph Reed3t
Emlyn ReesNew Books21m,t
Matt ReesNew Books14m,t
Christopher ReichNew Books11t
Brendan ReichsNew Books10f,t
Kathy ReichsNew Books38f,m,t
Elwood Reid4t
Matthew Reilly24f,m,t
Bob Reiss18t
Ron Renauld25t
Mike ResnickNew Books168f,h,s,t
Douglas E RichardsNew Books16t
Justin RichardsNew Books99s,t
Matthew RichardsonNew Books1t
Caroline Tung Richmond2t
Matt RichtelNew Books9m,t
A G RiddleNew Books6t
Robert Rigby18t
Clifford Riley13t
Felix Riley2t
Paul Rimmasch1t
Rick RiordanNew Books65f,m,t
Timothy Rizzi4t
Karen RobardsNew Books55m,r,s,t
Alain Robbe-Grillet24t
David Robbins125m,s,t
David L Robbins15t
Harold Robbins36t
Jennifer Roberson46f,s,t
Jeyn Roberts5f,r,t
Laura Peyton Roberts28t
Nora RobertsNew Books366f,h,m,r,s,t
Tony RobertsNew Books28f,t
Jeremy RobinsonNew Books60f,s,t
Nigel Robinson40s,t
Patrick Robinson24t
Rick RobinsonNew Books10t
Mark RobsonNew Books18f,t
Luís Miguel Rocha3t
Lee Roddy51t
M J Rodgers28m,r,t
Jack Rogan2t
Chuck Rogers28s,t
Matt RogersNew Books9t
Meghan RogersNew Books2t
David Rollins13t
James RollinsNew Books37t
M J RoseNew Books23t
Patricia RosemoorNew Books89m,r,t
Joel C RosenbergNew Books14t
Joseph Rosenberger87t
Simon Rosser9t
Bruno Rossi14t
Robert Rostand8t
William Rotsler22s,t
Jeff RovinNew Books38s,t
S J Rozan27m,t
Greg Rucka59s,t
Paul Ruditis46f,h,r,s,t
Elizabeth RudnickNew Books23f,t
Jonathan Rush2t
Ted Russ1t
Sean Thomas Russell4t
Mark Russinovich4t
Jenifer A Ruth2f,m,t
Alex RyanNew Books2t
Chris RyanNew Books62t
Jenna Ryan39m,r,t
L T RyanNew Books26m,t
Mike RyanNew Books12t
Thomas Ryan4t

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