All authors, surname starts with S Books
Fred Saberhagen81
Daniela SacerdotiNew Books16
Louis SacharNew Books29
Eva García SáenzNew Books5
Michelle SagaraNew Books43
Angie SageNew Books41
May SageNew Books74
Riley SagerNew Books5
Brittney SahinNew Books31
Ellie St. ClairNew Books46
Georgette St. ClairNew Books49
Roxanne St ClaireNew Books98
Kelly St. ClareNew Books33
Harper St GeorgeNew Books30
Dorothy St JamesNew Books10
Simone St James7
Emily St. John Mandel6
Nic SaintNew Books114
Cheryl St. John70
Lilith SaintcrowNew Books66
Marcus Sakey16
Sharon SalaNew Books134
James Sallis34
Susan Sallis41
R A SalvatoreNew Books118
Orlando A SanchezNew Books58
Amy SandasNew Books20
Angela M SandersNew Books18
Ben SandersNew Books7
Jill SandersNew Books98
Lawrence Sanders55
S J SandersNew Books36
Brandon Sanderson65
John SandfordNew Books66
Lynsay SandsNew Books83
C J Sansom10
Ian Sansom12
Nisa SantiagoNew Books30
Andrzej SapkowskiNew Books15
John Saul42
Kate SaundersNew Books36
K L SavageNew Books25
Lee SavinoNew Books41
Kim Vogel SawyerNew Books62
Robert J Sawyer37
Cynthia SaxNew Books39
Elise SaxNew Books56
Diane SaxonNew Books9
Judith Saxton38
Dorothy L Sayers49
Steven SaylorNew Books25
John ScalziNew Books67
Patricia ScanlanNew Books34
Alex ScarrowNew Books26
Simon ScarrowNew Books53
Craig Schaefer28
Joanna SchaffhausenNew Books5
Katharine SchellmanNew Books2
Daniel SchinhofenNew Books30
Kurt SchlichterNew Books5
Esther E SchmidtNew Books78
V E SchwabNew Books13
Victoria SchwabNew Books14
Lucy ScoreNew Books29
Alicia Scott17
Amanda Scott69
Ann Marie ScottNew Books24
Bronwyn ScottNew Books109
Emma ScottNew Books24
J Todd Scott4
J S ScottNew Books63
Jasper T ScottNew Books40
Justin Scott29
Kylie ScottNew Books17
Laura ScottNew Books95
M J ScottNew Books13
Manda Scott15
Michael ScottNew Books83
Regina ScottNew Books82
Scarlett ScottNew Books56
Lisa ScottolineNew Books58
Robert ScraggNew Books5
Cat SebastianNew Books13
Laura SebastianNew Books4
Kate Sedley55
Lisa See12
Maggie Sefton27
Alex SeguraNew Books8
Adrian Selby3
Debra SennefelderNew Books9
Mark SennenNew Books13
Ruta SepetysNew Books6
Rebecca Serle6
Anya Seton12
Cora SetonNew Books44
Diane Setterfield4
Dr Seuss90
Tim Severin29
Nichole SevernNew Books41
Gerald SeymourNew Books38
Jeff ShaaraNew Books20
Jill ShalvisNew Books191
Terry Shames9
Darren Shan84
Samantha ShannonNew Books9
Ben Shapiro1
Irina ShapiroNew Books40
Cathy SharpNew Books15
Zoë SharpNew Books32
Tess SharpeNew Books8
Tom Sharpe18
A R ShawNew Books21
Alex ShawNew Books11
Chantelle ShawNew Books149
M B ShawNew Books2
Rebecca Shaw36
Vivian Shaw3
William ShawNew Books12
Melanie ShawnNew Books83
Kathryn ShayNew Books113
Maggie ShayneNew Books169
Brian SheaNew Books18
K M SheaNew Books48
Michael Shea12
Lisa Shearin18
Jack SheffieldNew Books14
Sidney Sheldon37
Connie SheltonNew Books49
Paige SheltonNew Books27
Jane Shemilt5
L J ShenNew Books23
Sara ShepardNew Books48
Joel ShepherdNew Books17
Mike Shepherd43
Laura Shepherd-Robinson2
Mia Sheridan21
Sara SheridanNew Books22
Mel SherrattNew Books17
Lydia Sherrer11
Will ShindlerNew Books3
Sharon Shinn37
Viola ShipmanNew Books7
John ShirleyNew Books71
Gena ShowalterNew Books123
Anita Shreve27
Joanna ShupeNew Books18
Neal ShüstermanNew Books62
Nevil Shute26
Anne Rivers Siddons25
Harry SidebottomNew Books19
Sheldon SiegelNew Books21
Jeffrey SigerNew Books12
Scott SiglerNew Books29
Yrsa SigurðardóttirNew Books14
Daniel SilvaNew Books26
Jordan SilverNew Books88
Josie Silver2
Samantha SilverNew Books70
Adam SilveraNew Books7
Robert SilverbergNew Books327
Shayne SilversNew Books46
Roger SilverwoodNew Books30
Randall SilvisNew Books27
Clifford D Simak77
Georges SimenonNew Books255
Dan Simmons38
Chris SimmsNew Books17
Clea SimonNew Books32
Naima SimoneNew Books37
Sierra SimoneNew Books22
Paullina Simons19
Helen Simonson2
Dorothy Simpson17
Rosemary SimpsonNew Books6
Susan Lantz SimpsonNew Books10
Graeme SimsionNew Books7
Cherise SinclairNew Books10
M SinclairNew Books45
Michele Sinclair12
Rob SinclairNew Books20
Nalini SinghNew Books92
Michael SisaNew Books9
Curtis SittenfeldNew Books12
Susan Sizemore69
Maj Sjöwall11
Douglas SkeltonNew Books24
C J SkuseNew Books10
Penelope SkyNew Books48
Calista SkyeNew Books36
Christina Skye50
Heather SladeNew Books42
Jack SlaterNew Books10
K L Slater14
Karin SlaughterNew Books38
Susan SleemanNew Books65
Harper Sloan11
Stefanie SloaneNew Books10
Marcus SlossNew Books26
Bertrice Small54
Michelle SmartNew Books123
Jane SmileyNew Books44
A J SmithNew Books7
Alex SmithNew Books9
Ali Smith37
Anna SmithNew Books16
Bryan SmithNew Books45
E E 'Doc' Smith33
Gavin SmithNew Books14
Guy N SmithNew Books102
Joan Smith147
Julie SmithNew Books62
Karen Rose SmithNew Books172
Kathryn Smith22
Lauren SmithNew Books64
L J SmithNew Books63
Luanne G SmithNew Books3
Martin Cruz Smith29
Michael Farris SmithNew Books7
Nicholas Sansbury SmithNew Books44
Roland Smith50
S E SmithNew Books84
Sherwood Smith74
T L SmithNew Books55
Tom Rob Smith7
Wilbur SmithNew Books51
Anna Smith-Spark3
Ivy SmoakNew Books30
Dianna LoveNew Books43
Lauraine SnellingNew Books113
Lemony Snicket55
Jenika SnowNew Books103
Jennifer SnowNew Books35
Nicole SnowNew Books48
Sara SnowNew Books21
Maria V SnyderNew Books33
Wendy SolimanNew Books105
Rachel Lynn SolomonNew Books5
Avery SongNew Books45
Storm SongNew Books21
Jessica SorensenNew Books215
Karla SorensenNew Books21
S M SotoNew Books14
Charles SouleNew Books3
Sister SouljahNew Books8
Jo SpainNew Books11
Kerrelyn Sparks26
Nicholas SparksNew Books30
Terry SpearNew Books118
Jonathan SpencerNew Books2
Katherine SpencerNew Books26
LaVyrle Spencer38
M L SpencerNew Books10
Minerva SpencerNew Books9
Sally SpencerNew Books63
Wen Spencer16
Julia Spencer-Fleming12
Mickey SpillaneNew Books67
Erica Spindler44
Stephen SpotswoodNew Books2
Nancy SpringerNew Books87
Francis SpuffordNew Books7
Gunnar Staalesen12
Dana StabenowNew Books48
Shannon StaceyNew Books64
John Stack8
Cath StaincliffeNew Books30
Aaron Stander11
Michael Stanley15
Mary Jane Staples59
Richard Stark30
Isabella StarlingNew Books35
Melvin Starr13
Christopher Stasheff60
Wendy Corsi Staub64
Brian StaveleyNew Books8
Catherine SteadmanNew Books3
M L Stedman1
Danielle SteelNew Books176
Allen Steele46
CM SteeleNew Books117
L SteeleNew Books7
R A SteffanNew Books56
John Steinbeck42
Susie Steiner4
Olen Steinhauer19
Roger StelljesNew Books15
Camilla StenNew Books1
Viveca StenNew Books10
Anna StephensNew Books8
Susan StephensNew Books216
Neal StephensonNew Books25
Amanda Stevens93
Chevy StevensNew Books8
Dustin StevensNew Books57
Robin Stevens17
Taylor Stevens8
D E Stevenson53
Robert Louis StevensonNew Books50
Amy StewartNew Books9
Glynn StewartNew Books60
Kate StewartNew Books30
Mariah StewartNew Books51
Mary Stewart28
Trenton Lee Stewart11
Maggie StiefvaterNew Books26
Geronimo StiltonNew Books245
Thea StiltonNew Books73
R L StineNew Books611
Wayne StinnettNew Books30
Joss StirlingNew Books24
S M StirlingNew Books79
Kathryn Stockett1
Julian StockwinNew Books32
Susan StokerNew Books96
Juliana StoneNew Books48
Kyla StoneNew Books27
Leia StoneNew Books50
Lisa StoneNew Books5
Mary StoneNew Books33
Nic StoneNew Books10
Odette StoneNew Books9
Piper StoneNew Books75
Tana StoneNew Books25
Zara StoneleyNew Books18
Emma StonexNew Books1
Athena StormNew Books70
Melissa StormNew Books53
Riley StormNew Books41
Rex Stout88
Jeff StrandNew Books64
Vera StrangeNew Books5
Linda StratmannNew Books31
Peter Straub45
Lee StraussNew Books70
Jessica StrawserNew Books4
Noel Streatfeild114
Whitley Strieber56
Tricia StringerNew Books13
Anthony M StrongNew Books12
Charles StrossNew Books48
Carsten Stroud14
Jonathan StroudNew Books26
Elizabeth StroutNew Books10
Jan StryvantNew Books29
A M Stuart2
Anne Stuart130
Douglas Stuart1
C M StunichNew Books75
Daisy StylesNew Books8
Jennifer SucevicNew Books19
Maggie SullivanNew Books6
Mark SullivanNew Books25
Michael J SullivanNew Books30
Piper SullivanNew Books48
Courtney SummersNew Books10
Ella Summers34
Faith SummersNew Books18
Meredith SummersNew Books5
Sasha SummersNew Books47
Sarah SundinNew Books13
Tasha SuriNew Books3
Rosemary Sutcliff65
Tui T SutherlandNew Books49
C M SutterNew Books31
Connie Suttle67
Søren Sveistrup1
Heidi SwainNew Books13
James Swain26
James SwallowNew Books80
Karen SwanNew Books20
T L SwanNew Books19
Denise Grover SwankNew Books73
Denise SwansonNew Books45
Peter SwansonNew Books7
A D Swanston3
Andrew Swanston6
Michael Swanwick44
Leann Sweeney16
Shanna SwendsonNew Books26
David SwinsonNew Books5
Kiki SwinsonNew Books62
S D SykesNew Books5
Sam SykesNew Books13

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