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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with S BooksGenres
Fred Saberhagen81f,h,s
Michelle SagaraNew Books32f
Angie SageNew Books39f
May SageNew Books52f,r,s
Lilith SaintcrowNew Books59f,h,m,r,s
Lauren St JohnNew Books40f,m
Sharon SalaNew Books115f,m,r,t
R A SalvatoreNew Books114f,s
Jill SandersNew Books59f,m,r
Brandon SandersonNew Books64f,s
Kevin SandsNew Books5f
Lynsay SandsNew Books76f,h,m,r,t
Andrzej SapkowskiNew Books11f
Kate SaundersNew Books33f,m
Steven SavileNew Books71f,h,m,s,t
Meryl Sawyer25f,r
John ScalziNew Books61f,s
Alex Scarrow24f,s,t
Craig SchaeferNew Books22f,h
Daniel SchinhofenNew Books13f,s
Ellen Schreiber20f,r
V E SchwabNew Books9f
Victoria Schwab11f,h
M J ScottNew Books10f,r
Michael Scott70f,h,s
Laura SebastianNew Books2f
Marcus SedgwickNew Books48f,h,m,s,t
Adrian SelbyNew Books2f
Suzanne SelforsNew Books34f,r
Darren Shan81f,h,m,s,t
Samantha ShannonNew Books6f
Maggie ShayneNew Books153f,h,m,r
Lisa ShearinNew Books17f
Megan ShepherdNew Books9f,s
Sharon Shinn34f,r
Gena ShowalterNew Books114f,h,r,s
Neal ShüstermanNew Books57f,s
Robert SilverbergNew Books318f,m,s
Shayne SilversNew Books27f
Clifford D SimakNew Books64f,s
Dan SimmonsNew Books39f,h,m,s,t
Nalini SinghNew Books85f,h,m,r
Evelyn SkyeNew Books3f
Obert SkyeNew Books29f
Bertrice Small53f,r
A J SmithNew Books6f
Alexander Gordon Smith19f,h,t
Ali SmithNew Books36f
Deborah Smith56f,r
Jennifer E SmithNew Books10f,r
Lauren SmithNew Books42f,r
L J Smith63f,h,r
S E SmithNew Books74f,r,s
Sherwood SmithNew Books69f,h,s
Anna Smith-SparkNew Books3f
Dianna LoveNew Books32f,h,m,r
Lemony SnicketNew Books52f
Thomas E Sniegoski56f,h,m,s,t
Anna SnoekstraNew Books4f,m
Maria V SnyderNew Books28f,h,s
Alexandra SokoloffNew Books22f,m,r
Jessica SorensenNew Books136f,r
Kerrelyn Sparks24f,h,r
Terry SpearNew Books101f,r,s
Wen Spencer16f
Meagan SpoonerNew Books11f,s
Nancy Springer85f,m
Roxanne St ClaireNew Books81f,m,r
Dana StabenowNew Books44f,m,t
Brian StablefordNew Books176f,h,s
Michael A Stackpole90f,h,s
Christopher Stasheff60f,s
Wendy Corsi StaubNew Books63f,m,r
Brian StaveleyNew Books7f
Jeanne C Stein15f,h
Anna StephensNew Books3f
Neal StephensonNew Books21f,s,t
Amanda StevensNew Books78f,m,r,t
Robin StevensNew Books13f,m
Glynn StewartNew Books34f,s
Mary Stewart28f,m,r
Paul StewartNew Books79f,s
Maggie Stiefvater24f,r
Geronimo StiltonNew Books198f
Megan Stine76f,h,m,r,s,t
R L StineNew Books586f,h,m,r,t
S M StirlingNew Books77f,s
Margaret Stohl19f,r
Susan StokerNew Books65f,m,r
Leia StoneNew Books28f
Rex Stone38f
Peter Straub46f,h
Brad Strickland69f,h,m,s,t
Charles StrossNew Books47f,s
Jonathan Stroud24f
Jan StryvantNew Books14f
C M StunichNew Books43f,r
Michael J SullivanNew Books25f
Erin SummerillNew Books4f
Ella SummersNew Books28f
Tasha SuriNew Books2f
Tui T SutherlandNew Books43f
Connie SuttleNew Books60f,s
Emily SuvadaNew Books3f
James SwallowNew Books68f,s,t
Shanna Swendson21f
Sam SykesNew Books9f

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