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 Romance authors, surname starts with S BooksGenres
May SageNew Books53f,r,s
Brittney SahinNew Books20m,r
Lili St. Crow9h,r
Lilith SaintcrowNew Books60f,h,m,r,s
Sharon SalaNew Books115f,m,r,t
Jill SandersNew Books59f,m,r
Charlene SandsNew Books118r
Lynsay SandsNew Books76f,h,m,r,t
Marisa de los Santos8r
Kim Vogel SawyerNew Books57r
Meryl Sawyer25f,r
Elise SaxNew Books33m,r
Patricia ScanlanNew Books31r
Anna SchmidtNew Books48r
Ellen Schreiber20f,r
Alicia Scott17r
Amanda Scott69r
Bronwyn ScottNew Books91r
Jamie Lee ScottNew Books25m,r
Laura ScottNew Books54m,r
M J ScottNew Books10f,r
Scarlett ScottNew Books19r
Cat SebastianNew Books8r
Lisa SeeNew Books14r
Suzanne SelforsNew Books34f,r
Ruta SepetysNew Books5r,t
Jill ShalvisNew Books182m,r
Rebecca ShawNew Books38r
Melanie ShawnNew Books52r
Kathryn ShayNew Books91m,r,t
Maggie ShayneNew Books153f,h,m,r
Tara SheetsNew Books3r
Sidney Sheldon37m,r
Connie SheltonNew Books43m,r
L J ShenNew Books11r
Sara ShepardNew Books45m,r
Sara SheridanNew Books18m,r,s
Sharon Shinn34f,r
Gena ShowalterNew Books115f,h,r,s
Anita Shreve27r
Joanna ShupeNew Books13r
Anne Rivers Siddons26r
Eve SilverNew Books24h,r
Josie SilverNew Books2r
Adam SilveraNew Books4r
Misty SimonNew Books32m,r
Ni-Ni Simone16r
Paullina SimonsNew Books17r
Michele SinclairNew Books12r
Nalini SinghNew Books85f,h,m,r
Tara SivecNew Books20r
Susan Sizemore69h,m,r,s
Christina Skye50h,m,r
Susan SleemanNew Books48m,r
Stefanie Sloane8r
Holly SmaleNew Books12r
Bertrice Small53f,r
Michelle SmartNew Books86r
Deborah Smith56f,r
Jennifer E SmithNew Books10f,r
Joan Smith147m,r
Karen Rose SmithNew Books160m,r
Kathryn Smith22h,r
Lauren SmithNew Books42f,r
L J Smith63f,h,r
Maureen Smith31r
S E SmithNew Books74f,r,s
Dianna LoveNew Books32f,h,m,r
Lauraine SnellingNew Books110r
Tiffany Snow19m,r
Wendy SolimanNew Books75r
Natasha Solomons6r
Jessica SorensenNew Books136f,r
Sheri Cobb SouthNew Books29m,r
Kerrelyn Sparks24f,h,r
Nicholas SparksNew Books29r
Terry SpearNew Books101f,r,s
Katherine SpencerNew Books24r
LaVyrle Spencer38r
Minerva SpencerNew Books2r
Erica Spindler44m,r,t
Roxanne St ClaireNew Books81f,m,r
Shannon StaceyNew Books48r
Mary Jane Staples59r
Wendy Corsi StaubNew Books63f,m,r
Danielle SteelNew Books163r,t
Susan StephensNew Books188r
Amanda StevensNew Books78f,m,r,t
D E Stevenson48r
Mariah StewartNew Books52m,r
Mary Stewart28f,m,r
Maggie Stiefvater24f,r
Megan Stine76f,h,m,r,s,t
R L StineNew Books586f,h,m,r,t
Jessica Stirling44r
Margaret Stohl19f,r
Susan StokerNew Books65f,m,r
Ava StoneNew Books53r
Charlotte Stone0r
Juliana StoneNew Books33h,r
Zara StoneleyNew Books13r
Whitley Strieber54h,r,s,t
Anne Stuart130m,r
C M StunichNew Books40f,r
Essie Summers66r
Heidi SwainNew Books8r
Karen SwanNew Books16r
Denise Grover SwankNew Books55m,r
Denise SwansonNew Books41m,r
Kiki SwinsonNew Books55r,t

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