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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with S BooksGenres
Fred Saberhagen81f,h,s
May SageNew Books52f,r,s
Lilith SaintcrowNew Books59f,h,m,r,s
Marcus Sakey17m,s,t
R A SalvatoreNew Books114f,s
Brandon SandersonNew Books64f,s
John SandfordNew Books63m,s,t
Jason SanfordNew Books5s
Steven SavileNew Books71f,h,m,s,t
Jamie SawyerNew Books7s
Robert J Sawyer31s
John ScalziNew Books61f,s
Alex Scarrow24f,s,t
Daniel SchinhofenNew Books13f,s
Jasper T ScottNew Books24s
Manda Scott14m,s,t
Michael Scott70f,h,s
Marcus SedgwickNew Books48f,h,m,s,t
Jason SegelNew Books6s
Darren Shan81f,h,m,s,t
William ShatnerNew Books48s
Robert Sheckley58s,t
Charles Sheffield53s
Joel Shepherd15s
Megan ShepherdNew Books9f,s
Mike Shepherd36s
Sara SheridanNew Books18m,r,s
Gena ShowalterNew Books114f,h,r,s
Neal ShüstermanNew Books57f,s
Robert SilverbergNew Books318f,m,s
Clifford D SimakNew Books64f,s
Dan SimmonsNew Books39f,h,m,s,t
Sam SisavathNew Books30h,s
Susan Sizemore69h,m,r,s
Jane SmileyNew Books40m,s
E E 'Doc' Smith33s
Gavin Smith11s
Nicholas Sansbury SmithNew Books32s,t
S E SmithNew Books74f,r,s
Sherwood SmithNew Books69f,h,s
J P Smythe10s
Thomas E Sniegoski56f,h,m,s,t
Maria V SnyderNew Books28f,h,s
Terry SpearNew Books101f,r,s
Meagan SpoonerNew Books11f,s
Brian StablefordNew Books176f,h,s
Michael A Stackpole90f,h,s
Jason StarrNew Books24h,m,s
Christopher Stasheff60f,s
Allen Steele43s
Neal StephensonNew Books21f,s,t
Glynn StewartNew Books34f,s
Paul StewartNew Books79f,s
Megan Stine76f,h,m,r,s,t
S M StirlingNew Books77f,s
Brad Strickland69f,h,m,s,t
Whitley Strieber54h,r,s,t
Charles StrossNew Books47f,s
Theodore Sturgeon52s
Daniel SuarezNew Books6s,t
J A Sutherland10s
Connie SuttleNew Books60f,s
James SwallowNew Books68f,s,t

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