Megan Stielstra

Megan Stielstra recommends
Any Man (2018)
Amber Tamblyn
"Any Man is a breathtaking gut-punch of a novel. Here is the cost of sexual violence: our bodies, our minds, our culture. Flipping the typical narrative of woman-as-victim, Tamblyn follows six different men, each of whom has been viciously attacked by a serial rapist named Maude. In a masterful exploration of literary form, we follow them through poetry, journals, talk shows, group therapy sessions, internet chat rooms, letters, voicemails, and an extended Twitter search so real and right now the page became a screen in my hands. From the first lightning-bolt sentence it felt impossible to put down. But I had to put it down. I had to breathe. I had to interrogate my own heart. Real talk: this subject matter is hard as hell. It hurts. It’s so much easier not to look, to pretend such violence doesn’t exist even when we know--we know. we know and know and know--that it does. Enough, Tamblyn is saying. It’s supposed to hurt. That’s how we heal."