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Suzanne Tyrpak ran away from New York a long time ago to live in Colorado. She works for an airline which allows her to travel and do research for her books. When she's not writing, she enjoys riding her bike, swimming, skiing, and dancing. In her next life she would like to be a belly dancer or her cat.

Her novel, Rosy,is an urban story set 1970s New York City. Her historical novels, Vestal Virgin, and Hetaera, book one of the Agathon's Daughter trilogy, are best sellers on Amazon in several categories. Her (short) short story collections, Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) and Ghost Plane and Other Disturbing Tales are available on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.
Agathon's Daughter
1. Hetaera (2012)
Dating My Vibrator (2010)
Ghost Plane and Other Disturbing Tales (2011)
Indie Chicks (2011) (with Heather Marie Adkins, Anne R Allen, Dani Amore (Dan Ames), Prue Batten, Danielle Blanchard, M A Comley, Daniel Da Cruz, Christine DeMaio-Rice, Donna Fasano, Lizzy Ford, Melissa Foster, Sibel Hodge, Carol Davis Luce, Shéa MacLeod, Karen McQuestion, Katherine Owen, Cheryl Shireman, Barbara Silkstone, Linda Lee Welch and Sarah Woodbury)