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 All authors, surname starts with V BooksGenres
Andrew Vachss45m,s
Lani Lynn ValeNew Books63f,m,r
Maria ValeNew Books3f,r
Catherynne M ValenteNew Books40f,s
Serena ValentinoNew Books11f
Diane VallereNew Books28m
Fiona Valpy6
Bonnie VanakNew Books40f,h,m,r
Jack Vance134s
Vivian Vande VeldeNew Books41f
Jeff VanderMeer57f,s
David VanDykeNew Books33s
Donna VanLiereNew Books21
A E van Vogt69s
Valerio Varesi5m
Fred Vargas11m
John VarleyNew Books26s
Elizabeth Vaughan9f,r
Robert VaughanNew Books94s,t
Sarah Vaughan3m
Carrie VaughnNew Books37f,h,s
Kristin VaydenNew Books27r
Roxanne VeletzosNew Books1
Wendy VellaNew Books37r
Kathryn Le VequeNew Books112f,r
John VerdonNew Books6m
Jules Verne85t
Gerald Verner96m
P J VernonNew Books1m
Ursula VernonNew Books27
Luca Veste10m
Marco Vichi6m
Salley Vickers16f
James David VictorNew Books46
Lynn Viehl19f,h,r,s
S L Viehl16
Elaine Viets39m
Debbie Viguié55f,h,m,r
Rachel VincentNew Books37h,r,s
Penny Vincenzi25r,t
Barbara Vine16m
Vernor Vinge16s
Emma ViskicNew Books2m
Kurt Vonnegut Jr46s
Louise Voss18m

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