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 All authors, surname starts with V BooksGenres
Andrew Vachss46m,s
Jason Vail9m
Rachel VailNew Books42r
Lani Lynn ValeNew Books41f,m,r
Catherynne M ValenteNew Books35f
Jenny Valentine13
Katherine Valentine9
Marquita ValentineNew Books43r
Ali ValiNew Books18m,r
Jonathan Valin11m
Diane VallereNew Books20m
Carl-Johan Vallgren5m
Helen Van Slyke12m
Bonnie VanakNew Books35f,h,m,r
Jack Vance133s
Lee Vance2m,t
Vivian Vande VeldeNew Books39f
Janwillem van de Wetering29m
Jeff VanderMeerNew Books56f,s
Wendelin Van DraanenNew Books35m
David VanDyke31s
Victoria VaneNew Books29r
Judith Van Gieson14
Robert van Gulik20m
Donna VanLiere20
David VannNew Books15
A E van Vogt69s
Laura Van Wormer17r
Robert E VardemanNew Books99f,s
Valerio Varesi4m
Fred VargasNew Books11m
John Varley25s
Radha VatsalNew Books2m
Elizabeth VaughanNew Books8f,r
Robert VaughanNew Books86t
Pip Vaughan-Hughes4
Carrie VaughnNew Books33f,h,s
Wendy VellaNew Books27r
Kathryn Le VequeNew Books92f,r
Jessica Verday7f,r
Angela VerdeniusNew Books29
John Verdon5m
Abraham Verghese5
Jules Verne83t
Gerald Verner75m
Magan VernonNew Books23
Ursula VernonNew Books24
Patricia Veryan38
Luca VesteNew Books10m
Erica VetschNew Books37r
Marco VichiNew Books6m
Frances VickNew Books2m
Salley Vickers14f
Cynthia Victor7
Gore Vidal71
Paul VidichNew Books2t
Lynn Viehl19f,h,r,s
S L Viehl16
Elaine VietsNew Books37m
Delphine de ViganNew Books4
Debbie ViguiéNew Books53f,h,m,r
Rachel VincentNew Books33h,r,s
Penny VincenziNew Books25r,t
Barbara Vine16m
Joan D Vinge28s
Vernor Vinge16s
Ned Vizzini7f
Cynthia VoigtNew Books40
Kurt Vonnegut Jr46s
Norb VonnegutNew Books5t
John Vornholt65f,h,s,t
Louise Voss16m
Susan Vreeland9
C E Vulliamy41
Dan Vyleta4f

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