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Dan WaddellNew Books16m
Becky WadeNew Books13r
Raye WagnerNew Books14f,r
Lea WaitNew Books23m
Elizabeth Waite27
Martyn WaitesNew Books12m
Mark Walden12s,t
Fiona WalkerNew Books22r
Julie Ann WalkerNew Books17m,r
Kate WalkerNew Books123r
Martin WalkerNew Books26m
Robert W Walker104h,m,s
Wendy Walker4m
Auralee WallaceNew Books8m
Edgar Wallace136m,r,t
Michael WallaceNew Books47f,s
David WalliamsNew Books32
Jeannette Walls4
Courtney WalshNew Books13r
Dan WalshNew Books19r
Jill Paton Walsh50m
Michael WalshNew Books17t
Rosie WalshNew Books1m,r
T M E WalshNew Books5m
Jasmine WaltNew Books41f,r
Eric WaltersNew Books107r,s
Minette WaltersNew Books24m
Jo WaltonNew Books23f,s
Joseph Wambaugh23m
J R WardNew Books43f,h,m,r
Jesmyn WardNew Books6
Sarah WardNew Books4m
Ruth WareNew Books4m
Andrew WarehamNew Books49
Gertrude Chandler Warner172m
Kaki Warner12r
Christine WarrenNew Books31f,h,r
Susan May WarrenNew Books88m,r,t
Tracy Anne Warren21r
Livia J Washburn56m,r
Julie WassmerNew Books6m
Sarah Waters7
Roz WatkinsNew Books2m
Angus WatsonNew Books5f
Colin Watson14m
Jude Watson67f,m,s,t
Margaret Watson37r
S J Watson3m,t
Thomas A WatsonNew Books26h,s,t
Erin WattNew Books7r
Peter Watt18
Lawrence Watt-Evans68f,h,s
Kate WattersonNew Books13m
Andrew WattsNew Books12t
Peter WattsNew Books12s
Evelyn Waugh50
Wendy WaxNew Books16r
Camilla Way4m
Margaret WayNew Books209r
Joanna WayneNew Books89m,r,t
Ashley WeaverNew Books7m
David WeaverNew Books31
Pam WeaverNew Books16
Tim WeaverNew Books13m
Betty WebbNew Books16m
Catherine Webb8f,m
Debra WebbNew Books201m,r,t
Holly WebbNew Books160f
Katherine WebbNew Books9m
Nick Webb13s
Peggy WebbNew Books96m,r
Heather Webber16m,r
Carl WeberNew Books29r
David WeberNew Books85f,s
Joe WeberNew Books11t
Tawny WeberNew Books93r
Pamela WechslerNew Books3m
Brent WeeksNew Books11f
Lee Weeks10m
Raymond L WeilNew Books42s
Elizabeth WeinNew Books11s
Jennifer Weiner24r
Alison WeirNew Books40
Andy Weir2s
Margaret WeisNew Books121f
Lauren Weisberger12r
Kirsten WeissNew Books25m
Jenna Evans WelchNew Books2r
Fay WeldonNew Books61
Sue-Ellen WelfonderNew Books42r
David Wellington22h
Dan Wells22f,h,m,s,t
H G Wells159m,s
Jaye Wells22f,h,r
Martha WellsNew Books28f,s
Robison WellsNew Books11f,s,t
Irvine WelshNew Books34
Louise Welsh13h,m
C M WendelboeNew Books8m
Chuck WendigNew Books28f,h,s
Christine WengerNew Books27m,r
Patricia Wentworth68m
Sally Wentworth80r
Annie WestNew Books127r
Catherine WestNew Books6
Charles G WestNew Books50
Kasie WestNew Books12r
Michelle WestNew Books24f
Tracey WestNew Books117f,t
Scott WesterfeldNew Books39f,s,t
Jeri WestersonNew Books20f,m,r
Donald E Westlake90m
Django WexlerNew Books17f
Dennis Wheatley88h
Jeff WheelerNew Books24f
Richard S WheelerNew Books88
Iona WhishawNew Books5m
Alex WhiteNew Books4s
Beth WhiteNew Books7
Karen WhiteNew Books29f,m,r
Kate WhiteNew Books16m,r
Kiersten WhiteNew Books20f,h
Loreth Anne WhiteNew Books38m,r
Michael White18m,t
Neil WhiteNew Books14m
Randy Wayne White55m
Robert WhiteNew Books9m,t
Roseanna M WhiteNew Books17r
Stephen White25m
Steve WhiteNew Books32s
T H White28f
Colson Whitehead8h
Lucie Whitehouse4
Stella WhitelawNew Books60m,r
Tyler WhitesidesNew Books10f
J A WhitingNew Books36m
Robert WhitlowNew Books21m
Phyllis A WhitneyNew Books82m
Stephanie Grace WhitsonNew Books35r
Jack WhyteNew Books17f
Lori Wick49
Madeleine Wickham12r
Lis WiehlNew Books21m
Susan WiggsNew Books98r
Kevin WignallNew Books15m,t
Linda Wiken3m
John Wilcox17
Darcie Wilde7m
James WildeNew Books8f
Lori WildeNew Books104m,r
Laura Ingalls Wilder18
Kate Wilhelm82m,s
Susan WilkinsNew Books4m
Annie Wilkinson7
Kerry WilkinsonNew Books32f,m,r
Eileen Wilks63f,h,m,r
Marcia WillettNew Books35r
Amanda Kyle Williams7m
Beatriz WilliamsNew Books14m,r
Cathy WilliamsNew Books239r
Dee Williams24
Jen WilliamsNew Books12f
Kate WilliamsNew Books10
Lacy Williams63r
Sean WilliamsNew Books48f,s
Tad WilliamsNew Books37f
Walter Jon WilliamsNew Books60f,s
Jack Williamson83s
Michael Z WilliamsonNew Books18s
Lauren WilligNew Books22m,r
Michelle WillinghamNew Books57r
Connie WillisNew Books37f,s
Tim WillocksNew Books9m,t
Andrew WilsonNew Books9m
Andrews & WilsonNew Books4t
C L Wilson8f,r
Daniel H Wilson15s
Edward Wilson7t
F Paul WilsonNew Books92f,h,m,s,t
Jacqueline WilsonNew Books162m
Laura Wilson15m
Patricia Wilson52m,r
Patricia Wilson2
Robert WilsonNew Books14m
Robert Charles Wilson22f,s
Susan Wilson10m
Mary WineNew Books26r
Lisa Wingate29r
Marty WingateNew Books11m
R D Wingfield6m
Don Winslow18m,t
Jacqueline WinspearNew Books23m
Violet Winspear73r
Linda Winstead JonesNew Books78f,h,m,r
A R WintersNew Books26m
Rebecca WintersNew Books321m,r
Jeanette WintersonNew Books30f,h
Tim Winton28
Beth WisemanNew Books74r
Ellen Marie Wiseman4m
David Wishart24m
Karen WitemeyerNew Books23r
P G Wodehouse136
Bree WolfNew Books27r
Dick Wolf4t
Joan Wolf58r
Kevin WolfNew Books3m
Gene Wolfe65f,s
Inger Ash Wolfe4m
Jennifer WolfeNew Books1m
Leslie WolfeNew Books12m
Tom Wolfe17
Meg WolitzerNew Books21r
David WoodNew Books55t
Joss WoodNew Books77r
Mary WoodNew Books12
Maryrose WoodNew Books14f,m,r
Michael WoodNew Books5m
Tom WoodNew Books10t
Val WoodNew Books12
Valerie Wood14
Sarah WoodburyNew Books50f,m
Katherine WoodfineNew Books7
Chris WoodingNew Books36f
Kathleen Woodiwiss15r
Cathy Woodman18r
Richard WoodmanNew Books72
Daniel Woodrell11
Adrienne Woods14f
Alisa WoodsNew Books29
Janet Woods40r
Karen WoodsNew Books19m
Sherryl WoodsNew Books227m,r
Stuart WoodsNew Books85m,t
Cindy WoodsmallNew Books27r
Virginia WoolfNew Books33
Cornell Woolrich43m
Sally Worboyes24
Jennifer Worth9
Lenora WorthNew Books125m,r
Reavis Z WorthamNew Books10m,t
Herman Wouk27
Patricia C Wrede35f,s
Bradley WrightNew Books7t
Cynthia WrightNew Books30r
Iain Rob WrightNew Books39h
Jaime Jo WrightNew Books5r
John C WrightNew Books38f,s
Laura WrightNew Books72f,h,r
Susan Wright11s
Janny Wurts22f,s
Tara WyattNew Books15m,r
Carol WyerNew Books16m
John Wyndham28s

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