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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with W BooksGenres
Tim WaggonerNew Books61f,h,s,t
Karl Edward Wagner42f,h
Michael WallaceNew Books47f,s
Jasmine WaltNew Books41f,r
Jo WaltonNew Books24f,s
J R WardNew Books45f,h,m,r
Christine WarrenNew Books31f,h,r
Angus WatsonNew Books6f
Jude Watson67f,m,s,t
Lawrence Watt-Evans68f,h,s
Holly WebbNew Books164f
David WeberNew Books86f,s
Brent WeeksNew Books13f
Margaret WeisNew Books122f
Dan Wells22f,h,m,s,t
Jaye Wells22f,h,r
Martha WellsNew Books28f,s
Chuck WendigNew Books30f,h,s
Michelle WestNew Books25f
Tracey WestNew Books118f,t
Scott WesterfeldNew Books38f,s,t
Jeri WestersonNew Books21f,m,r
Django WexlerNew Books17f
Jeff WheelerNew Books26f
Elle Katharine WhiteNew Books3f
Karen WhiteNew Books29f,m,r
Kiersten WhiteNew Books22f,h
T H White28f
Jack WhyteNew Books17f
Will Wight13f
James WildeNew Books8f
Kim WilkinsNew Books25f
Kerry WilkinsonNew Books35f,m,r
Eileen Wilks64f,h,m,r
Jen WilliamsNew Books12f
Tad WilliamsNew Books37f
Walter Jon WilliamsNew Books60f,s
Connie Willis38f,s
C L Wilson8f,r
F Paul WilsonNew Books93f,h,m,s,t
Robert Charles Wilson22f,s
Linda Winstead JonesNew Books83f,h,m,r
Jeanette WintersonNew Books31f,h
Gene Wolfe66f,s
Sarah WoodburyNew Books51f,m
Chris WoodingNew Books36f
Adrienne WoodsNew Books15f,r
Patricia C Wrede35f,s
Laura Wright71f,h,r
Janny WurtsNew Books24f,s

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