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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with W BooksGenres
Tim WaggonerNew Books50f,h,s
Diana WagmanNew Books6f
Karl Edward Wagner42f,h
Wendy N WagnerNew Books3f
Mats Wahl1f,m
Rysa WalkerNew Books12f
Jason WallaceNew Books2f
James Wallis14f
Pat Walsh3f
Jasmine WaltNew Books14f
Ednah Walters17f,r
Jo WaltonNew Books21f
J R WardNew Books37f,h,r
James M Ward20f,t
Katie Ward1f
Rachel Ward5f
Joss Ware7f,r
Christine WarrenNew Books30f,h,r
Freda Warrington25f
Robin WassermanNew Books51f,s
Daniel Waters7f
Elisabeth WatersNew Books69f,s
T A Waters3f
Ian Watson63f,m,s
Lawrence Watt-Evans72f,h,s
Charles G Waugh115f,h,m,s
L A WeatherlyNew Books11f,r
Lee Weatherly16f
Holly WebbNew Books134f
Philip Webb2f,t
David WeberNew Books82f,s
Steven E WedelNew Books27f,r
Brent WeeksNew Books10f
Karen Wehrstein3f
Stanley G Weinbaum16f,s
Margaret WeisNew Books119f
Jordan Weisman8f
Bobbi J G Weiss26f,h,s
David Cody Weiss28f,h,m,s
Phaedra M WeldonNew Books45f,r,s
Dan WellsNew Books20f,h,m,s,t
Jaye WellsNew Books18f,h,r
Martha WellsNew Books27f,s
Robison Wells10f,t
K D Wentworth10f,h,s
Nancy WerlinNew Books14f,r
C L WernerNew Books31f,s
Jacqueline West6f
Michelle West23f
Tracey WestNew Books276f,s,t
Robert Westall58f,h
Scott WesterfeldNew Books38f,s,t
Robert Paul Weston6f,r,t
Django Wexler14f
Suzanne WeynNew Books125f,h,r,s,t
Ian WhatesNew Books46f,m,s
Jeff WheelerNew Books20f
Karen WhiddonNew Books77f,m,r
J A WhiteNew Books4f
Karen WhiteNew Books27f,m,r
Kiersten WhiteNew Books14f
Pat White19f,m,r
Ruth WhiteNew Books18f
Skyler WhiteNew Books6f
Sheri WhitefeatherNew Books88f,m,r,t
Tyler WhitesidesNew Books6f
Voronica Whitney-Robinson5f,s
Jack Whyte16f
Gina Wickwar1f
Stewart Wieck23f
Bethany WigginsNew Books4f
K J Wignall3f,r
Ysabeau Wilce5f
Fran WildeNew Books6f
Cherry Wilder11f
Kim Wilkins21f
Eliza Willard19f,r,t
Elizabeth Willey3f
Carol Lynch WilliamsNew Books31f
Jen WilliamsNew Books10f
Mazarkis Williams4f
Michael Williams14f
Philip Lee Williams21f
Richard WilliamsNew Books4f,s
Sean Williams45f,s
Suzanne WilliamsNew Books81f
Tad WilliamsNew Books37f
Teri Williams2f
Zoey Williams5f,r
Chet Williamson26f,h
Dan Willis6f
Chris Willrich4f
C L Wilson8f,r
David Niall WilsonNew Books75f,h,s
Geoffrey Wilson3f
Kai Ashante WilsonNew Books5f
N D WilsonNew Books16f
Norah Wilson32f,h,m,r
Rachel Wilson7f,r
Robert Charles WilsonNew Books22f,s
Terri Windling51f,h
David WingroveNew Books27f
Linda Winstead Jones62f,h,m,r
Jeanette WintersonNew Books27f,h
Linda Wisdom20f,r
Sam WittNew Books9f
Kristen Wolf1f
Parker De Wolf3f
Bronwyn Wolfe2f,r
Gene Wolfe64f,s
Robert Hewitt WolfeNew Books1f
Dave Wolverton22f,h,s
Maggie L Wood4f
Maryrose WoodNew Books14f,m,r
Sarah WoodburyNew Books43f,m
Chris WoodingNew Books33f
Lani Woodland12f,m,r
Christina Woods1f
Sierra Woods4f,r
Alex WoolfNew Books20f
Chris WraightNew Books28f,s
Patricia C Wrede35f,s
John C WrightNew Books26f,s
Laura WrightNew Books73f,h,r
William F Wu32f,s
Rich Wulf21f
Wendy Wunder2f,r
Janny WurtsNew Books21f
James Wyatt25f

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